Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4: Review and Recap

If you are a big fan of K-dramas, then chances are you have already added Divorce Attorney Shin to your list because despite only having four episodes out, this series is quickly making its way straight to our hearts.

There is a lot to love about Divorce Attorney Shin and Episode 4 is yet another proof of that notion, which is why we are here to review and recap Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4.

For those of you who haven’t watched or heard of Divorce Attorney Shin until now, this series revolves around the life of a divorce lawyer, Shin Sung Han.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4

So, if you are looking for your next K-drama binge, then Divorce Attorney Shin is the series for you, and not just because of how attractive and charming the characters are, but because each episode is unique, funny, and packed with a great narrative.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 might just be our favorite episode so far, and this review and recap will explain exactly why, so make sure you stick around until the end.

This article might contain light spoilers about Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4, but we can assure you it won’t ruin your viewing experience in the slightest.

Emotions Are Running High in Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4

In the last three episodes, we have seen different sides of Shin Dung Han and we can’t help but fall in love with this character more and more as each episode progresses, especially when he defends his clients with utmost passion.

If you have already fallen in love with Shin Sung Han, then Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 is only going to reaffirm your love for this character and make you understand just how vital he is for the success of this series.

The episode begins with Shin Sung Han entering his office, only to see Lee Seo Jin already there. As much as we love scenes with Shin Sung Han in them, they become a lot better when Lee Seo Jin is a part of them because the underlying chemistry between these two characters is definitely brewing.

Seo Jin apologizes for her behavior but also makes it clear that she actually does want a job at Shin’s office.

Emotions Are Running High in Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4

Seo Jin is looking for a fresh start, and so far, the only person who treats her normally and sees past everything that’s going on in her life is Shin. So takes makes sense for her to be around that kind of normalcy, and frankly, Shin could use the help too. Seo Jin claims she is good at everything, and Shin barely has the time to gather his thoughts when he sees a surplus of clients waiting outside his office.

He doesn’t want to hire more lawyers, which is why hiring Seo Jin doesn’t take much thought. To be honest, Seo Jin working at Shin’s office might just be the best thing that has happened in Divorce Attorney Shin, and we are looking forward to seeing how this shapes up the rest of the episodes.

Of course, we are also thrilled about Shin and Seo Jin getting more screen time together!

Shin and Seo Jin

While there are a few subplots in this episode, they are merely side quests, because the focus is on Park Ae-ran and her case, which truly brings about the emotional kick in Divorce Attorney Shin, making this episode a tearjerker.

Park Ae-ran is going through an emotional turmoil because of her husband and mother-in-law, While nothing about this case is extraordinary, it does shed light on a lot of marriages that struggle because of mother-in-law’ who heavily influence their sons, and that seems to be the case here too. Our heart goes out to Park Ae-ran, but having Shin by her side puts our minds at ease.

Park Ae-ran

Meanwhile, Keumhwa Law Firm gets involved in this case as the acting attorney for Park Ae-ran’s husband. This entire case plays out beautifully with a lot of raw emotion showcased by all the characters involved in the case.

Park Ae-ran’s mother-in-law eventually realizes the emotional trauma that she put Park Ae-ran through, and they reach a middle ground of sorts, keeping the marriage intact. We are hoping this isn’t the last we see of Park Ae-ran because she has made a place for herself in everyone’s hearts.

Keumhwa Law Firm

Once again, it is proved that Shin Sung Han is a brilliant lawyer, who might have different methods and ways of dealing with emotion, but at the end of the day, all he truly wants is what’s best for his clients, his co-workers, and those around him.

Speaking of co-workers and friends, Hyeong-geun receives some devasting news, and as the tears flow down his cheeks, Shin is determined to be there for his friend, no matter what.

Even though Shin has a playful and casual attitude towards most things in life, he has a deeper and emotional side to him, which is finally coming to light as the series progresses, and we are hoping to see more of that in the coming episodes.

Hyeong-geun looks like he might have hit rock bottom this episode, but things are bound to turn around for him in the next episode or so, but we are certain this will be an ongoing subplot of the narrative.

Shin Sung Han

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 ends with Choi-jun, Park Ae-ran’s opposition lawyer, quitting his job at Keumhwa Law Firm, and making his way to Shin’s office where he makes a statement instead of a request, hoping Shin would hire him as a lawyer.

Shin is adamant about not hiring any more lawyers, but Choi-jun uses the best weapon he has at his disposal, his YouTube channel with Shin’s video. Shin is beyond livid when sees this, and that’s where the episode ends.

Even though the run time of this episode was over an hour, we couldn’t help but want more, that’s just how good it was, and as we said in the beginning, there is a lot to love about Divorce Attorney Shin.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4

Things are definitely moving in the right direction when it comes to Divorce Attorney Shin, and we are learning more about the characters with every single episode, and the writers must get all credit for creating such complex characters whose narratives have been laid out beautifully time and again.

We can’t wait to see what Divorce Attorney Shin has in store for us next. We are thrilled about the closure we received on Park Ae-ran’s situation, which has us hopeful that Divorce Attorney Shin won’t leave us hanging without tying any loose ends!

If you aren’t a fan of K-dramas or courtroom drama, Divorce Attorney Shin will change your mind. There’s still plenty of time to catch up, so we highly recommend doing so while you can.


Divorce Attorney Shin needs to be on your watchlist right away, and if it already is and you are all caught up like we are, we would love to know in the comments below what you thought about Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4, and what you are looking forward to the most in the coming episodes!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4

Director: Lee Jae-Hoon

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