Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5: Review and Recap

If you are a fan of comedy and courtroom drama, then Divorce Attorney Shin is the latest k-drama that we would recommend you watch right away, especially since only a handful of episodes are out, which gives you plenty of time to catch up.

We’re here to talk about the most recent episode, Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 which was equal parts funny, dramatic, and with a hint of romance, resulting in yet another brilliant episode.

The courtroom drama isn’t a new subgenre, in fact, it has been around for a while now, but there’s something so simple yet unique about Divorce Attorney Shin, that we can’t help but praise it.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5
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With five episodes now released, Divorce Attorney Shin keeps getting better and better as it progresses, and we’re here to recap and review Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5.

We do recommend watching the previous episodes before you dive into this episode, for a better understanding of the characters and narrative.

This recap and review will contain light spoilers of Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5, so proceed with caution.

The Different Colours of Attorney Shin

One of the main reasons we loved Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 was because of how brilliantly the character of Shin Sung-han has been written. Initially, you would think he is a goofy man who likes to joke around his friends, be grumpy from time to time, and focus a lot of his energy on his work.

While all that might be true, there’s a lot more to attorney Shin, and we are seeing more sides to him as the series progresses. In Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5, we see Shin be a great friend, an even better lawyer, and most importantly, the sweetest uncle one could ever have.

One of our favorite moments of Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 was when Shin got to spend time with his nephew. Shin made sure all the snacks and games were ready on his nephew’s arrival and we saw Shin’s heart break a little when his nephew left.

This paired with a flashback to his sister’s wedding reaffirms that Shin is a family man, and frankly, we can’t wait to see if he has a family of his own in store for him in the future, because he surely deserves it.

The Different Colours of Attorney Shin
Credit: Netflix

We apologize for getting a little carried away by Uncle Shin, but it truly was the highlight of Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5, and if you have watched the episode, you will definitely agree with us as well.

Speaking of Episode 5, this episode begins where we left off in episode 4, where Choi was trying to convince Shin to hire him as an attorney and also reveals that he was the one who uploaded the video of Shin playing the piano on the internet.

In the last episode, we saw an incredibly angry Shin, ready to pounce on Choi, and that’s exactly what happens at the beginning of Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5. We start off on a hilarious note, which makes us wonder if the rest of the episode might take a more serious turn, and we might just have been correct.

In Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5, Shin is presented with an unusual case, one that he hasn’t experienced in his career, and he spends the entire episode debating whether or not he should take on this case, because ultimately, it could mean losing the case and not being able to truly help his clients, and those are two things that Shin absolutely cannot handle.

We do understand his conflict, and at the end of the day, Lee Seo-jin is the one who convinces him to take the case, along with the client’s son, whose emotions are incredibly impactful in this episode.

We are certain that the next episode will cover this case, which is why we don’t want to go into too many details about it right away, but at least we know that Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 is going to be an interesting one, so we have something to look forward to.

Choi was trying to convince Shin
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Hyeong-geun is also an important part of Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 because he serves as a mediator between attorney Shin and Choi, not once but twice in this episode, and let’s just say, if it weren’t for Hyeong-geun, Choi would have truly faced the wrath of Shin, and while that would have made for some great comedy, we don’t think the creators want to waste a pretty face right away.

Attorney Choi is hired to work at the firm, and frankly, he has exceeded our expectations as a recurring character in Divorce Attorney Shin. He brings the looks, nervous comedy, and an energy that everyone in the office could use, maybe not Shin right away, but we are sure they will warm up to each other in no time.

A lot is happening in Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5, and rightfully so since the episode is longer than an hour, but at no point during the episode will you feel overwhelmed or find it difficult to keep up with the narrative.

Divorce Attorney Shin’s narrative style has been absolutely flawless so far, with a story that has multiple subplots, but each and every one of them is easy to fall and important to the overall story, all of which makes for a great series.

The one thing we have all been looking forward to is Shin and Seo-jin spending more time together, and you will be thrilled to know that definitely happens in Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5, and by the looks of it, will continue happening in future episodes as well.

Shin and Choi
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Five episodes in and we are hooked to Divorce Attorney Shin, which is why we highly recommend this legal drama-comedy because it is the perfect watch when you’ve had a long day and want an easy watch.

We will be back again to talk about Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 when it releases because we are just as excited about it as you are!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5

Director: Lee Jae-hoon

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