Doom Patrol Season 4: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Big companies like Marvel and DC release new projects every year, and while most hit the big screens and are highly anticipated, some tend to go under the radar, and one such series is Doom Patrol. This comedy-drama series has garnered a fan following of its own, but despite that, not a lot of people are aware of it, which is a shame because it truly is brilliant series and soon enough, Doom Patrol Season 4 will be available to stream. The superhero genre has taken over everything else, DC and Marvel have climbed to the top and are producing some great superheroes and supervillains for their fans, but Doom Patrol is different from the rest, and maybe that’s why it has slowly and steadily started to become more popular as time goes by.

Doom Patrol Season 4 is set to be one of a kind and is going to be better than the rest, or at least that’s why we’ve speculated so far. There’s plenty that going to happen this season, and we’re here to talk to you about it. So, here’s everything you need to know about Doom Patrol Season 4 ahead of its release, from the plot to the cast to the release date and much more:

What is the Plot of Doom Patrol Season 4?

The premise of Doom Patrol Season 4 is that the world is doomed, and the fate of the entire universe is dangling by a thread. The concept of time travel has been used time and again in science fiction movies and series, and this time around, it will be an important plot device in Doom Patrol Season 4. The gang will travel to the future and will face an unwelcoming surprise, how they handle it, while also trying to save the world, is something we will have to wait and see. Time travel in most shows and movies is always a fun concept, but it is going to be even more interesting to see how it impacts our favorite characters in Doom Patrol Season 4.

The Plot of Doom Patrol Season 4

Other than that, we expect Doom Patrol 4 to pick up after the end of Season 3 and deal with the aftermath, and then swiftly move on to an even crazier plot for the rest of the season. Doom Patrol has finally accepted their fate and officially become a superhero group, now how they navigate their tasks and challenges is something we will have to wait and watch, but we are guaranteed some laughs paired with great action. Lastly, Madam Rogue will play a huge part in Doom Patrol Season 4 and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her.

The Cast of Doom Patrol Season 4

Fans have grown incredibly fond of the cast over the last three seasons and everyone has kept their fingers crossed for the longest time, hoping that they all make a comeback for Doom Patrol Season 4. For those who were hoping for that, we have some good news! The entire cast of Doom Patrol is reprising their roles for the upcoming season and have renewed their contracts, we suppose they love this series just as much as the fans do! Here is a list of cast members who are returning for Doom Patrol Season 4, and we promise, Brendan Fraser is on top of the list!

The Cast of Doom Patrol Season 4
  • Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan as Robot-Man
  • April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl
  • Joivan Wade as Cyborg
  • Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane
  • Matt Bomer and Mattew Zuk as Negative Man
  • Michelle Gomez as Madame Rogue

These are the main cast members who will be reprising their roles for Doom Patrol Season 4. Timothy Dalton might not be returning for the upcoming season after the death of his character in season 3. However, his death really stopped anyone in Doom Patrol. So, you never know, Timothy Dalton might just make an appearance in Doom Patrol Season 4 too!

When and Where Can You Watch Doom Patrol Season 4?

Doom Patrol Season 4 was renewed over a year ago in October 2021, and it isn’t long until you will be able to stream the upcoming season. Part 1 of Doom Patrol Season 4 will release on the 8th of December, and the first two episodes will air together. After that, there will be weekly episodes until the first week of January. All episodes will air on HBO Max! Doom Patrol Season 4 will then go on a break and Part 2 of the series will release later in 2022, however, the date for the same hasn’t been confirmed yet. We will make sure we keep you posted with any updates!

Is There a Trailer for Doom Patrol Season 4?

The official trailer for Doom Patrol Season 4 will get you ready and excited for the upcoming season. The trailer boasts some impeccable comedic timing, which Doom Patrol is well known for, and hopefully, we will see more of that in the upcoming season. Doom Patrol Season 4 also showcases the character arcs of some of your favorites and what they are capable of and more.

The trailer is absolute madness and chaos, which sums up the essence of the series, and judging by the comments under the Doom Patrol Season 4 trailer, the fans have loved it just as much as we did. Each season gets crazier than the last and this trailer is only a glimpse into that fact!


Doom Patrol Season 4 is going to up and ante, making the other seasons look not-so-crazy. DC has some very interesting projects lined up and while Doom Patrol Season 4 is no Aquaman, it has still managed to garner a lot of attention from fans as well as critics. Do let us know in the comments which character you are looking forward to seeing the most!

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