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Drops Of God Apple TV+: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Given that Apple TV offers a large range of material over time, there is great news for users. With the release of the new TV series Drops of God, it recently gained momentum. There is a wide range of TV shows available on Apple TV+, including comedies, dramas, and motivational documentaries on the greatest mysteries in the world.

As Netflix has done for years, it has just recently started to focus on more shows. The previous year has also witnessed a plethora of new releases, including Slow Horses, Severance, Mythic Quest, and many others. An eight-part television series called Drops of God is based on a Tadashi Agi manga.

Given that it is based on a manga that mainly emphasises French culture, the series will be released in a variety of languages, including English, French, and Japanese. Having said that, here is all we know about Drops of God, one of the most eagerly awaited Apple TV+ shows this year.

What Will Be The Plot Of Drops Of God?

Drops of God for Apple TV+ digs into an unexplored realm of psychological tricks. It has never previously covered this subject. Apple TV+ has offered a quick synopsis of the series even though there isn’t currently an official trailer. It serves as a preview of things to come for the audience. One of the best in the world, Alexandre Leger is credited with creating the renowned Leger Wine Guide.

At the age of 60, he passed away in his Tokyo home. However, he does have a daughter by the name of Camile. Due to their parents’ separation when she was nine years old, she left him and moved to Paris. Camile learns that her father left the largest wine collection in the world in his will as she arrives in Tokyo for her father’s burial service. Camile is not the only one who has succeeded in it, though.

What Will Be The Plot Of Drops Of God?

A well-known wine critic named Issei Tomine was adopted by her father. The favoured son and biological daughter square off, and the winner walks away with all the glory and wealth. Camile, though, is in a bad situation. She has never tried the wine and does not know of it. Issei Tomine is the most likely candidate to inherit her father’s property; can she handle him?

Although the series is based on manga, there are some key differences between it and the source material. Shizuku Kanzaki, a male who is a bit of an expert in beverages but is a novice when it comes to assessing the flavours of wines, was Camile’s character in the original novel. However, it’s interesting to see how they changed one of the main characters to be a woman. The emotional connection between a father and his daughter is increased as a result.

The Cast Of Drops Of God

Camille Leger will be portrayed by renowned French actress Fleur Geffrier. She is one of the key characters in the show. She is most known for her performances as Ana Galmont in Inside and Margot Bostal in the critically acclaimed German television series Das Boot. Her other credits include Elle, Je Suis Karl, Mr. & Mrs Adelman, Goliath, The Traveller, and Rogue.

Issei Tomine, the adopted son of Alexandre Leger, will be portrayed by Tomohisa Yamashita. Tomohisa is a well-known actor, director, and musician from Japan. He is well recognised for his performances as Jim Muto in Terra Formars, Joe Yabuki in Tomorrow’s Joe, and Ginji Kyuma in Alice in Borderland. His romantic plays Operation Proposal, I’m Your Destiny, and From Five to Nine are very well known in Japan.

The Cast Of Drops Of God

The role of Alexandre Leger will be played by Stanley Weber, who has already been in Pilgrimage, Britannia, Outlander, and Borgia. There is a talented supporting cast as well, even though the primary cast will get most of the screen time. It features Luca Terracciano, Azusa Okamoto, Tom Wozniczka, Antoine Chappey, Makiko Watanabe, Satoshi Nikaido, and Satoshi Nikaido. Diego Ribon, Gustave Kervern, Cecile Bois, and Kyoko Takenaka are also featured.

The series is directed by Israeli filmmaker Oded Ruskin, who is most known for his works on Absentia, No Man’s Land, Kfulim, and The Battle of Tel Hai. It is commonly known that Tadashi Agi’s manga served as the inspiration for Drops of God. The plot was improvised by Quoc Dang Tran, Clemence Madeleine-Perdrillat, and Alice Vilal to be appropriate for all audiences throughout the world.

When And Where To Watch Drops Of God?

When And Where To Watch Drops Of God?

Drops of God, the upcoming series based on a Japanese manga, will premiere on Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023.

Is There A Trailer For Drops Of God?

The new series Drops of God recently released its trailer. On Apple TV+, the eight-episode season will begin on April 21 with two episodes, then air once a week on Fridays through June 2, 2023. The television show is produced in English, French, and Japanese. Tomohisa Yamashita and Fleur Geffrier are its stars.

Drops of God — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The story is situated in the realm of luxury wines and cuisine, according to the teaser. After the passing of the well-known Leger Wine Guide, Alexandre Leger faces off against his bright student’s daughter Camille, who hasn’t seen him in eleven years. They do it to get their hands on his magnificent wine collection as an inheritance.


The original manga had a significant impact on the wine industry. It is where the actual wines mentioned in the comics rose to fame. You will be an expert on wine once you have finished reading the manga series. It will discuss its origins, production methods, and flavor variations.

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