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Ed O'Neill of 'Modern Family' Almost Said 'Yes' to a Mob Offer

Ed O’Neill of ‘Modern Family’ Almost Said ‘Yes’ to a Mob Offer

Was Ed O’Neill offered to work for criminal groups?

‘Modern Family’ has given fans lots of laughter and has set goals for parenting. It is the story of a too-modern family living in Los Angeles juggling their lives with parenting kids, finding love, dealing with personal goals, and most of all standing for each other.

What if you come to know that the actor Ed O’Neill aka Jay Prichett was almost going into a mob business? Wanna know more; let’s dive in.

Modern Family
PIC credits: Modern Family, ABC

Ed O’Neill ALMOST agreed to work for some mob

The television and movie actor Ed O’Neill recently opened up about an interesting fact about his life. The actor revealed that before entering into movies, the actor was offered to do a nasty job that could have been a mob. In a podcast Dinner’s On Me Podcast, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who worked with Ed as his gay son, Michelle), the actor said that he was looking for a job in 1969 when his friend took him on a drive. The friend took O’Neil to a bar and asked the bartender for a guy.

He secretly handed him over 20 bucks and told him to give him a call when the boy came. Ed’s friend offered him a job where he was supposed to drop off some stuff here and there and this could get him good money. Ed said to his friend that he might opt to go to New York to do acting.

Ed O'Neill ALMOST agreed to work for some mob
PIC credits: Modern Family, ABC

Later that day, Ed O’Neill consulted his father and he advised him not to take this job else his life would revolve around jail. He later called his friend and said he was obliged to be offered that job but didn’t wanna do it. His friend agreed. He said,

I’m going to New York. Yeah. I’m going to try this, this other thing.

The rest is history. O’Neill voiced for Finding Dory, Wreck-It Ralph, and many other animations. His role as John Prechitt in Modern Family became popular and is still remembered to date. Modern Family is available on Disney+

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