Emily in Paris Season 3 Review: From Friendships to Fabulous Outfits

It is officially that time of the year that you have all been waiting for, and no, we aren’t talking about Christmas just yet. We’re talking about Emily in Paris Season 3 which has been one of the most awaited seasons ever since it was announced. Some call it a guilty pleasure, and some call it their favorite show. Some watch it for chic outfits, some watch it for the French. It doesn’t matter how or why you watch Emily in Paris, because we know that it has weaseled its way into everyone’s heart, leading us to Emily in Paris Season 3.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Review

Emily in Paris Season 3 just dropped and everyone has been watching it. The latest season is already on the top 10 list on Netflix in several countries all across the world, which means that so far, it’s been a success, and we know exactly why. After watching Emily in Paris Season 3, we have far too many thoughts and feelings, which means a necessary breakdown and review of this sweet yet dramatic season. Keep reading to find out why Emily in Paris Season 3 needs to be on everyone’s watchlist this December. However, there might be some spoilers ahead, so move with caution, unlike Emily when she first came to Paris. 

Emily in Paris Season 3: Alfie versus Gabriel

We know this is a hot topic and the question that has been on everyone’s mind since the second season of Emily in Paris. However, Emily in Paris Season 3 was full of surprises when it came to Alfie and Gabriel. Whether or not Emily was a part of the equation, the two men became great friends this season and formed an unexpected bond, where Alfie even helped Gabriel accomplish some of his biggest dreams. So it was a win for male friendships which are often underrepresented in movies and tv shows. Although let’s bring Emily back into the equation because at the end of the day, this was Emily in Paris Season 3.

Emily in Paris Season 3: Alfie versus Gabriel

Emily and Alfie had a rocky start at the beginning of the season, however, once Alfie moves back to Paris for good, things start looking up for the couple. In fact, things are almost too good, but there are certain hints where we know that this might eventually blow up in Alfie’s face. Emily was upset when she found out Alfie never spoke about her to his family, and she reassured him that she was in for the long haul. Alfie has been heartbroken in the past, so we could understand his reservations. The second Alfie got comfortable with the idea of telling his family about Emily, the rug got pulled from under. 

Gabriel and Emily were good friends for most of the season until on a drunken night Gabriel confessed that he loved Emily…and Camille. On the other end, Emily was keeping secrets of her own…and Camille’s as well. While Emily didn’t admit to this until the very end of Season 3, viewers knew that Emily still had feelings for Gabriel, from the first season. Feelings of that intensity don’t just go away, even when you have a very attractive British man wanting to be with you. There might be no future for Alfie and Emily, and things between Emily and Gabriel are only about to get more complicated in the future. Maybe Emily should find a different man if there’s another season and Gabriel and Alfie can go back to being best mates! 

Gabriel and Emily

What We Loved the Most About Emily in Paris Season 3: The Friendships

Yes, Paris is the city of love, and we got to see plenty of that in Emily in Paris Season 3, however, the friendships this season stood out, and there were so many of them! Let’s start from the very beginning, Madeleine, and Emily. We were surprised to see Madeline have a significant role in the earlier episodes of Emily in Paris Season 3, and although Emily and she went through a rough patch, Emily stood by her the whole time, while briefly two-timing her, but at least she didn’t leave a very pregnant and then with child Madeline to fend for herself. Ultimately, Madeleine left for Chicago, and as Emily turned down that opportunity, we didn’t expect Madeleine to understand as well as she did, but that’s what good friends do.

What We Loved the Most About Emily in Paris Season 3: The Friendships

Moving along to one of the most refreshing groups of friends which include Sylvie, Julien, Luc, and after a little while Emily. Everything started off well, but soon enough, it spiraled into a direction that Emily would never have imagined after Sylvie fired her. However, this decision didn’t even last for half the season, and we saw the power team reconnect again and work on making Savoir great again. The four of them face some major disasters while working together, but have always figured a way out. This friendship is very underrated in the series, however, to the fans, it is a very important bond that everyone hopes to see in future seasons. Special mentions to Luc and Emily’s friendship, especially when Luc was the only one who stayed in touch with Emily after she was fired, it was heartwarming, and Luc has become a fan favorite by the end of Emily in Paris Season 3. The next season of Emily in Paris will definitely see a conflict between Emily and Julien. Could Julien possibly quit Savoir because of Emily? We will have to wait to find out.

Emily and Julien

We can’t end this section without mentioning our favorite friendship from season 1 to season 3, and yes, you’ve guessed it right, it is Mindy and Emily. The two of them aren’t just roommates but practically soulmates in the form of best friends. Mindy has been a character whose story arc has been paid attention to, despite being a secondary character. This season, Mindy was on an all-time high with her career, however, her relationship with Benoit ended because of jealousy and insecurities. Mindy was quick to move on to Nicolas, who played a pivotal role this season and almost became the wedge between Mindy and Emily’s friendship. However, that friendship is far too strong to let a man ruin it. The two leading ladies have set a great example for women everywhere, but we certainly can’t say the same about Camillie and Emily.

 Mindy and Emily’

Was There a Villain in Emily in Paris Season 3?

We know this series is a romantic comedy and there is no villain per se, however, we can all agree that Camille wasn’t in anyone’s good books this season. In the end, she did the right thing, but it took her the entire season to do that. From breaking a pact to cheating on Gabriel, Camille really did it all in Emily in Paris Season 3. However, maybe the bigger villain was her mother all along. Camille’s mother had clearly forced ideas into her daughter’s mind and convinced her that snatching up Gabriel from Emily would be the right thing, and would set her whole life in motion.

Was There a Villain in Emily in Paris Season 3?

While that worked for a while, it was a disaster in the end. It might be a little mean to label Camille as the villain of Emily in Paris Season 3, however, if we had to pick someone, it would have to be her. Hopefully, in the next season of Emily in Paris, we see a better redemption arc for Camille, and she follows her heart, even if that means leaving Paris for Greece.


Was Emily in Paris Season 3 Better Than Seasons 1 & 2?

Ultimately, this decision is yours to make after you’ve finished watching Emily in Paris Season 3, however, according to us, Emily in Paris Season 3 had lesser drama compared to the previous seasons, or at least a different kind of drama. Nevertheless, this season had everything that the fans wanted. Brilliant outfits, Sylvie and the team back at Savoir, a ray of hope for Emily and Gabriel, and Mindy finally hitting the jackpot with her singing career. So all in all, we’d say Emily in Paris Season 3 was pretty amazing and way better than anyone expected. The ending of this season has set us up for another season, and we’ll keep you posted very soon since Seasons 3 and 4 were renewed at the same time, so we will definitely be seeing more of Emily, and all our other favorites from this season. 

Was Emily in Paris Season 3 Better Than Seasons 1 & 2?


Emily in Paris started off with the story of an American girl who made her way to Paris for a job, and by Season 3, Emily has become a part of Paris, and her French is getting better too if we disregard the mishap at Gabriel’s restaurant when Emily tried waiting tables because she couldn’t stand being unemployed. There were too many brilliant moments in Emily in Paris Season 3, and we would highly recommend watching it. Once you do watch it, head over to the comments section to let us know your thoughts about this season.

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