Enola Holmes 2: Post-Credit Scene and Ending Explained

The Enola Holmes movies are a loose adaptation of Nancy Springer’s six-book series of the same name. The first movie was a raging success and fans were thrilled to learn more about Enola Holmes 2. As the trailer dropped, and eventually the movie, everyone couldn’t stop talking about two things in particular: the ending and the post-credit scene. Fans are hopeful for a third movie that will possibly answer some questions, but as of now, we must divert our focus to Enola Holmes 2.

Enola Holmes 2 has been a success so far and secured a place for itself in the top 10 list of Netflix since its release. As people watch the movie, the excitement grows and they want to know more about the ending and what the future holds for this mystery franchise. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Enola Holmes 2 and the post-credit scene which has caused an uproar amongst the fans:

Enola Holmes 2: The Ending

Throughout the film, we believe that Enola and Sherlock are investigating two separate cases, the deaths and disappearances of the matchstick girls and embezzlement of funds from government offices, respectively. However, both Enola and her big brother find themselves at the Lyon’s match factory. After decoding a ciphered trail of bank transfers, Sherlock is led to the factory, and he and his sister find the body of William Lyon, the son of factory-owner Henry Lyon. Sherlock also discovers that the original bank account number he investigated translates to “Moriarty,” an anagram of Mira Troy, the name of Lord McIntyre’s private secretary.

Enola Holmes 2: The Ending

This is important because Sherlock was also hired to find a document that was taken from McIntyre’s office. The document turns out to be a contract between Henry Lyon and Lord McIntyre were working together and profiting off of a switch to white phosphorus, a less expensive material for the match formula that was the true cause of the deaths of the matchstick girls, rather than the typhus outbreak they’d led people to believe. Mira Troy had hired Superintendent Grail to track down the document, as well, because she was blackmailing Lyon and McIntyre. She was also responsible for the deaths of Mae and William Lyon, as their knowledge of the dangerous phosphorus could have unraveled her scheme.

Enola Holmes 2: Post Credit Scene

Movies that have a post credit scene often tend to be very popular amongst the audiences, much like the Marvel movies. Fans were thrilled to find out that Enola Holmes 2 had a post credit scene as well, which could hopefully lead to a third movie in this franchise. Toward the end of the film, Sherlock asks his sister to start a detective agency with him called “Holmes and Holmes,” but Enola declines, and they agree that Sherlock will handle cases having to do with the upper class while Enola will deal with cases on the streets. She agrees to meet with him on Thursday at 4 PM, telling him, “A friend would do you well.”

The post-credit scene cuts to Thursday at 4 PM, with a knock on the door at 221B Baker Street. We assume that it is Enola arriving for her previously planned visit, but Sherlock opens the door to find a stranger who says he came because Sherlock is “looking for a flatmate”. After a brief discussion, Sherlock realizes that Enola must have planned this and invites the man inside after he introduces himself as “Doctor Watson, John Watson”.

Now that Sherlock’s canonical partner finally has made his debut, we can be sure that there are more Enola Holmes films to come, or maybe even a spin-off! Dr. Watson is played by British actor Himesh Patel, best known for his roles in the long-running soap opera EastEnders and the Beatles-inspired film Yesterday.

Enola Holmes 2: Post Credit Scene


So far, it seems the films have veered far from the stories originally written by Springer, but the introduction of Dr. Watson leads us to believe that, if a third film is made, it will be somewhat based on the third installment of the book series, The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets. Despite the liberties the movies have taken with the stories, it seems as though at least one more movie must be in the works if a new, central character was introduced.

Enola Holmes 2 reminded us of the historical events that could be explored in these films, just like the Matchgirls’ Strike of 1888 which inspired this sequel. No matter which way it goes, we’re excited by the possibility of Enola Holmes 3!

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