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'Kudos to the VFX people': Fan applauds the graphics team of Godzilla- Minus One

‘Kudos to the VFX people’: Fan applauds the graphics team of Godzilla-Minus One

Godzilla lovers!! With Godzilla-Minus One, Gojira is back to his kingdom.

Godzilla-Minus One has marked another milestone with epic graphics and VFX. The 33rd Gozilla movie under Toho production has hyped up the fans with an epic evolution in movie making. The movie has some of the best visual treats that fans are impatient to see the film.

Godzilla-Minus One
PIC credits: Toho Studios

The OTT release of the Goji adaptation has kept fans off the edge. Viewers are ready to see the magic on screen when the titan unleashes the blue fire breath and destroys everything at once.

Godzilla-Minus One completed by 35 VFX and graphic artists

The movie has hit all the right points to make its way into the Oscars. The team of Minus One revealed that the budget of the feature was, quite constrained. With 35 VFX and graphic artists, more than 600 graphic shots were completed.

Godzilla-Minus One completed by 35 VFX and graphic artists
PIC credits: Toho Studios

Talking about the plot, the movie starts after the vents of WWII. Japan in the 1940s was recovering from the war, and suddenly some tectonic movement from the seas, alarms the city. A creature half-lizard and half-dragon wakes up from his sleep and terrorizes Tokyo. Action against Goji by the authorities makes things worse and he is back to take his land.

PIC credits: Toho Studios

Fans challenge Marvel to seek help from Goji makers

With Godzilla-Minus One fans are already mesmerized by the special effects. they have challenged Marvel to seek help post seeing the movie.

A fan wrote, ‘The enthusiasm with which this film ignites us every day is incredible.’ Another fan wrote,’ Marvel’s on suicide watch after reading this.’ A user wrote,’ This actually felt like a FILM and not a graphic/action movie. There was actual ACTING and STORYTELLING. It was extremely refreshing. Shout out to Toho Studios…. Kinda tired of these hollybums.’ Another fan commented,’ This project is increasingly proving to be a contemporary masterpiece.’ Another wrote,’ Just give them the Oscar!’

Get ready for an epic tale featuring the iconic star, Gojira, poised to captivate you with thrills and action! Brace yourselves to be swept away in an adrenaline-fueled adventure!

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