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Too much intimacy is hazardous: Fans give cryptic reaction to 'Let's Talk About Chu'

Too much intimacy is hazardous: Fans give cryptic reaction to ‘Let’s Talk About Chu’

Netflix’s steamy and dreamy Taiwanese series ‘Let’s Talk About Chu’ has gripped fans with its over-the-top theme of sexual intimacy. As the series has given light upon various instances of LGBTQ+ and sexual health; it also talks about love that is missing from relationships.

Talk About Chu
PIC credits: Let’s talk about Chu

On one side validation for intimacy is necessary but on the other hand, it’s too much hyped about that the real meaning of intimacy is lost in sexual tension.

Let’s Talk About Chu: What We Know So Far

The series is divided into three folds; one is GenZ and social media love, one is stale marriage, and the other is too much sexual tension. Ai who works as a beautician and a part-time vlogger tries to get viewers’ attention by talking about intercourse and its healthier benefits. She has an admirer who is her all-time one-timer but things change when he starts falling for her.

Let's Talk About Chu: What We Know So Far
PIC credits: Let’s talk about Chu

Ai’s sister Wei is having trouble in her marriage as her husband never lets her satisfy her sexual desire and works day and night. She thinks that she is unable to entice him, so she tries everything to make him charged up but he has lost interest is he having an affair?

Ai's sister
PIC credits: Let’s talk about Chu

Ai’s brother has also lost interest in his partner and for the first time is coming out and confining companionship over intimacy.

Fans have given mixed reactions to the series

Since the series has checked in all the boxes it looks like fans seem not much interested in the series.

A fan wrote,’Drawing on her experiences, Remii wants the mini-series to initiate conversations about sex, a topic often avoided in Asian cultures. Happy viewing!.’ A fan commented,’ I tried let’s talk about chu but it didn’t work, sadness.’ Another fan commented,’Idk what I was expecting from Let’s Talk About Chu but 4 minutes in it’s ALOT.’

The series is worth watching. From navigating your desires to finding happiness in what you want, bridges the series to the audience.

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