Ghosted Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot And More

The Ghosted initial trailer has been released publicly. Chris Evans is portrayed as Ana de Armas, a damsel in need. Additionally, Dexter Fletcher directed Ghosted, with a script by Chris McKenna, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick. Moreover, based on how it appears, the Dexter Fletcher-directed film will feature a good amount of action, humor, and romance.

A common online term, “ghosted,” describes the idea of a partner breaking ties with their significant other. When one partner decides to end things completely, the other tries to reach out for closure and an explanation, but the other partner refuses to reply or react.

Ghosted Movie

The Cast Of Ghosted

The lead characters are Chris Evans and Ana de Armas as Cole and Sadie respectively. Evans’ role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also his most well-known performance.

However, Avengers: Endgame from 2019 marked his final MCU appearance. He has since appeared in films like Knives Out, Defending Jacob, Lightyear, and The Gray Man, among others. Evans also made a noteworthy cameo in the film Free Guy.

The Cast Of Ghosted

Ana de Armas received her first Oscar nomination for her most recent performance as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. She has also appeared in Deep Water, No Time to Die, Sergio, Blade Runner 2049, and War Dogs, among other films. Knives Out and The Gray Man are just two examples of the many projects Evans and de Armas have collaborated on.

The remaining members of the Ghosted cast also feature Amy Sedaris, Adrien Brody, Tim Blake Nelson, Tate Donovan, and Mike Moh.

What Is The Plot Of Ghosted?

The romantic comedy Ghosted tells the unique story of two people. As one begins to feel attracted to the other, a startling turn of events completely transforms their lives. However, the story also emphasizes the need to respect others’ boundaries and give them room if they don’t answer calls or messages.

What Is The Plot Of Ghosted?

Salt-of-the-earth Cole is crazy in love with the mysterious Sadie. He later learns, to his astonishment, that she is a secret agent. Cole and Sadie have been whisked away on a global quest to save the world before they can settle on a second date. Early reports of the movie also compared Romancing the Stone from the 1980s to Ghosted.

After traveling abroad, Evans discovers that his dream girl’s life is trickier than he initially imagined. She also confesses to working for the CIA after being kidnapped and later saved by de Armas. The pair is seen jumping out of the aircraft, navigating what appears to be a deserted island, and dodging bullets as chaos breaks out.

If successfully executed, Ghosted would be an intriguing and enjoyable parody of action movies like Tom Cruise’s Knight and Day. In that, the female lead is an innocent person who is taken for a ride, and the male lead is the spy.

Is There A Trailer For Ghosted?

The first video for Ghosted was recently made available on Apple TV+. It alludes to an exhilarating, romantic, and hilarious adventure involving de Armas’ super spy and Evans’ unassuming country boy. The first few moments of the video might give the impression that Ghosted is a pretty standard romantic comedy.

However, it soon becomes clear that it’s not the case. Evans’ character is drawn into a world of international espionage that features some intense action set pieces after De Armas reveals herself to be a CIA agent.

De Armas established herself as a truly impressive action star with her short but memorable part in No Time To Die, showcasing quite the talent for fight choreography. Ballerina, a John Wick spinoff film, will feature the actress once more showcasing her fighting prowess, but Ghosted looks to have much lighter and funnier action. After all, Ghosted seems to be an action/adventure story set in the world of a romantic comedy.

Is There A Trailer For Ghosted?

After Sadie, played by de Armas, stops responding to his texts, Evans’ character, who is from a rural area of the U.S., decides to follow her to London. While there, Evans learns the truth about Sadie and quickly finds himself in over his head as he is drawn into a much larger espionage plot. However, the Captain America actor eventually gets to embrace his own action-hero roots when Evans and de Armas band together to save the world, as the trailer makes clear.

The secondary cast of Ghosted, including Brody’s villain, is briefly introduced in the trailer. The antagonist, who demands to be taken in alive, gives the impression that Sadie and Brody’s antagonist may even have a history.


Sadly, the majority of us have undoubtedly ghosted someone or been ghosted ourselves. When you’re the victim of ghosting, you frequently question how a positive date with someone could result in zero follow-ups.

Whether you agree with Chris Evans’ Cole that making the journey to London is a romantic gesture or not, the chaos that ensues seems like a lot of fun.

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