Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Good Trouble is a drama generic series. It is a spin off of the series The Fosters of Freeform’s television network. The creators of the show include Joanna, Bradley and Peter Paige. The season one of Good Trouble released on 8 January 2019 which had 13 episodes.

The second season of the Good Trouble released on 18 June, 2019 with 18 episodes. The third season of the show released on February 17, 2021 which had 19 episodes and the latest season of the show released on 9 March, 2022 with 18 episodes.

Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date

good trouble season 5

The official news about Good Trouble’s Season 5 is still to be out. It is being said that the makers recently announced the show on March 16, 2023.

Good Trouble Season 5 Cast

They updated the cast of this series recently. Based on earlier seasons, it is expected that some of the characters will return and stay in the series.

Good Trouble Season 5 Cast
  • Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster
  • Zuri Adele as Malika Williams
  • Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan
  • Bryan Craig as Joaquin Peréz
  • Emma Hunton as Davia Moss
  • Tommy Martinez as Gael Martinez
  • Josh Pence as Dennis Cooper
  • Priscilla Quintana as Isabella Tavez

Good Trouble Season 5 Trailer

The trailer of Good Trouble season 5 is not out yet. There is no official news about the trailer either. The makers might confirm something at the end of February 2023. Until that, fans and followers can choose to watch the earlier trailers and seasons.

Good Trouble Season 5 Renewal Date

Good Trouble was renewed in August 2022 by Freeform and Onyx Collective’s President Tara Duncan network.

Good Trouble Season 5 Renewal Date

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The above article elaborates upon the show Good Trouble and its latest season’s details like plot, cast, trailer, renewal date and more.

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