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Harlem Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Review Black Joy, Motherhood and Drama

Harlem Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Review: Black Joy, Motherhood and Drama

It is the moment you have all been waiting for, the next two episodes of Harlem Season 2 are out, and we are here to talk all about them. Prime Video recently dropped episodes 7 and 8 of Harlem Season 2, which means we are nearing the end of the season, so it most definitely is a bittersweet feeling, especially since this season has been a rollercoaster ride.

But, it leaves us hopeful for the future of the show and we can’t wait to see what the creators have in store for the viewers moving forward. Albeit, before we think about the future, we should focus on the present, which is Harlem Season 2 episodes 7 and 8 which were a little different from what we expected.

Harlem Season 2 Episodes 7

If you have been watching Harlem Season 2 with us, you might have some inclination as to what might happen in these episodes, and your guesses might be slightly wrong, but you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Those of you who haven’t watched Harlem yet, you need to go ahead and stream this series on Prime Video, because you are missing out if you don’t. Black History Month continues, which only makes these episodes more heartwarming.

So, keep reading this review for a little recap about what happened in these episodes and our thoughts about it.

Old Boyfriends, New Flings, and a Whole Lot of Drama

We have to address the elephant in the room, and that is the much-awaited girls’ trip that we have all been looking forward to since Harlem Season 2 was first announced. A girls’ trip was bound to happen in this series considering the writer of the 2017 movie Girls Trip, Tracy Oliver, is also the creator of Harlem.

So everyone was looking forward to a little glimpse of the very popular movie in the series as well. It took Harlem six episodes to get to the girls’ trip, but it has finally happened and it was a lot crazier than we expected but in a good way.

If you are hoping for sex, drugs, and rock n roll on this trip, then we’re going to have to lower your expectations, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love what is in store for you.

Old Boyfriends, New Flings, and a Whole Lot of Drama

The girls make their way to Puerto Rico, hoping to unleash their old selves and relive their college days, but as the trip progresses they all realize that they have grown up in different ways and this trip isn’t going to be how it once was. For starters, Quinn runs into her old boyfriend from college, and sparks fly almost instantly.

Quinn had been waiting for prince or princess charming to walk through the door and sweep her off her feet for the longest time now, especially after her breakdown in the last few episodes, so maybe this was her happily ever after.

The trip is more than just running into her ex for Quinn because her mother also shows up in Puerto Rico after a phone call from Angie which let her know that her daughter wasn’t doing so great. Now, this part might just be the highlight of the entire season for us so far, and here’s why.

Puerto Rico

Quinn and her mother have always had a difficult relationship and it has been one of the reasons Quinn had several issues with herself. So, her mother showing up in Puerto Rico was definitely a heartwarming moment, even if it was for a little conversation. This conversation also talks about depression and how it can be genetic because Quinn’s father has always suffered from it.

Her mother calmly explains to her that there is no shame in taking medicines because they help even you out from time to time. This was a very important conversation that resonated with anyone and everyone watching the series.

This is the topic that is often brushed under the carpet and in the movies or series, people are either shown popping too many Xanax pills or not taking pills at all. Quinn and her mother’s conversation focused more on how the medication shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about, and we can only hope that they work out for Quinn more than men or relationships do.


Moving along to Tye who has had a difficult season so far in terms of almost giving half of her earnings to her ex-husband and trying to find something more meaningful in life. Well, at the girls’ trip, Tye was all about trying to relive her young and crazy days only for her to realize that she is actually getting older and maybe settling down wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

That’s where Aimee comes in the pictures, yes, the plant lady that we all wanted to see Tye with. Things begin moving forward between Tye and Aimee, a cute date and doing nothing together, and it was sweet to see this side of Tye.

But she can’t have it all, can she? Tye runs into Aimee’s daughter in her apartment, sadly, Harlem is smaller than you expected, and a lot of people have slept with a lot of people, so if you catch our drift, well and good, otherwise, you need to go ahead and watch Harlem Season episodes 7 and 8 as soon as possible to understand just what we’re talking about.

We believe this might be the end of Tye and Aimee, but if they can see past this, then they might just have to get married eventually. The last two episodes will definitely address this couple and what the future holds for them. Nevertheless, it will make for a great subplot!

Tye and Aimee

The one character that we love watching as much as we love writing about is Angie. She is definitely our favorite girl, and she has grown a lot since the last season. Angie’s character arc has been the most prominent and impressive. In fact, on the girls’ trip, instead of cheating on her boyfriend, she face-timed him because she missed him a lot. If you haven’t watched Harlem, this might seem a little alien to you, but if you have, then you how big of a deal this is for Angie.

She does go through some ups and down in these episodes, one of which also leads her to her breakup with Mike, but lucky for her, and thanks to Quinn, that breakup doesn’t last for very long.

We are left with a crazy cliffhanger that involves a marriage proposal. Angie might have grown up a lot this season, but is she ready for a commitment that big? Or will this be the definite end of Mike and her relationship? Nevertheless, we would love a wedding and it would be even more special and unique if Angie is the first one to get married amongst the four girls.


This time around, we left Camille for the very end, which might be a shocker but again, if you have watched these episodes, you will understand why. The last two episodes had us convinced that Camille cheated on Ian, but that wasn’t the case unless you consider power napping as cheating.

Nevertheless, we said this at the start of the season, but we truly never believed that Camille and Ian were meant to be together, and these episodes proved just why. Both of them are on very different paths in their lives and want different things in the end. It simply doesn’t work, and while it was emotional, it was probably for the best that they decided to part ways.

Camille wasn’t our favorite these last few episodes, but after episodes 7 and 8, we are falling in love with her all over again. She taught us a thing or two about Black joy and it was a beautiful addition to Harlem as a whole. Just when you think the series can’t get any better, it goes ahead and does just that.

Camille and Ian

There is a lot to look forward to in the last few episodes of Harlem Season 2. For example, Quinn has finally chosen to love herself and work on herself before she dives into another relationship. We are looking forward to her journey of self-love and the progress she makes.

Moving on to Angie, is she going to say yes to Mike’s proposal? That has to be one of the biggest cliffhangers Harlem has dropped our way. Of course, Aimee and Tye have a lot to work on unless Aimee simply kicks Tye out. And of course, one of the girls is pregnant, and hopefully, the season finale reveals who it is and what’s going to happen next.

 Harlem Season 2


We are incredibly excited for the last two episodes of Harlem Season 2 because there is a lot to look forward to. We are also sad that the season is ending, but we are hoping that means a new season or two might be on the radar.

We will make sure that you are updated with any news about Harlem! Do let us know in the comments what you think about Harlem Season 2 so far!

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