Haunted Mansion: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And More

An upcoming American supernatural horror comedy movie is titled Haunted Mansion. From a screenplay by Katie Dippold, Justin Simien oversees directing. Walt Disney Studios and Rideback are producers. The Haunted Mansion, a theme park feature created by Walt Disney, has received two theatrical film adaptations. The first one was the same-named 2003 movie.

Plans for The Haunted Mansion reboot version started in July 2010. Guillermo del Toro planned to write and produce at that time. He also said that rather than taking place in the actual world, the project would take place in a heightened reality.

After years of development hell, Disney also officially announced Haunted Mansion in August 2020. Dippold agreed to write a new script for the movie.

Simien agreed to take on the role of director by April 2021, and three months later, the formal confirmation came through. The following year, the ensemble was also officially announced.

A new teaser trailer for this summer’s “Haunted Mansion” movie brings a vintage Disney theme park feature to life. It also seems to have some eerie thrills in store.

What Is The Plot Of Haunted Mansion?

The trailer could have explained further the main plot, and plot specifics are scarce. An official synopsis provided some additional context for the movie’s plot. To exorcise their newly bought mansion, a single mother named Gabbie employs a tour guide, a psychic, a priest, and a historian. After learning that ghosts occupy it, she takes this action.

What Is The Plot Of Haunted Mansion?

The bride, a figure with a complicated history, will also appear in the movie. The bulk of the “joyful haunts” in the Haunted Mansion are cheerful. They aren’t evil or vicious, except the bride. However, they are occasionally frightful. 

It is highly implied that she killed her husband because she was initially referred to as Constance Hatchaway. She is currently prowling the mansion in quest of her next victim. These well-known spirits would gain a lot from having a main antagonist who is a villain.

The Cast Of Haunted Mansion

This horror-comedy film has Rosario Dawson as one of the significant characters, Gabbie. Gabbie is a single parent to a nine-year-old kid. In the trailer, Rosario Dawson comes across as quite remarkable. She also does an excellent job of effectively capturing all of the details of her character without going overboard. Fans can anticipate an incredible performance from the star as well.

For her roles in several other popular and recognized shows and films, Dawson is also well-known. To mention a few, there are 25th Hour, The Mandalorian, and Dopesick. The following central character is Travis, who Chase W. Dillon portrays. He is Gabbie’s nine-year-old son, and after the two of them relocate into the mansion, he struggles to make friends at his new school.

The Cast Of Haunted Mansion

Ben is also a widowed scientist-turned-failed paranormal expert. The priest asks him to assist Gabbie and Travis in ridding the house of evil spirits. LaKeith Stanfield portrays Ben in the film. The next character is Harriet, a psychic in the French Quarter of New Orleans who Father Kent employs. In addition, Tiffany Haddish plays this part.

Moving on, Owen Wilson portrays the role of Father Kent, a priest. To help Gabbie and Travis escape the evil spirits, he enlists the help of a scientist, a psychic, and a historian. Next, a cranky Tulane University professor, Bruce Davis, is also present. He is an expert on abandoned houses in Louisiana. The actor Danny DeVito, who is also helping the priest, plays this role.

A mysterious image of Madame Leota’s face can be seen in a crystal ball. She is an old psychic. Jamie Lee Curtis plays her in the movie. Additionally, the Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto will portray The Hatbox Ghost. Besides that, Winona Ryder and Dan Levy are also present in the film.

Is There A Trailer For Haunted Mansion?

The spooky teaser trailer for Haunted Mansion was unveiled on March 2nd. It gives fans of the historic attraction a chance to see it for the first time in public. The opening scene shows Gabbie and her young son Travis walking into their new house. It is, of course, the Haunted Mansion itself. However, they quickly realize that restless ghosts inhabit the house.

They then get in touch with an ambitious priest, a down-on-his-luck tour guide, and a wise medium to solve the riddle of the haunted house. Some familiar ghosts from the ride can also be seen in the trailer.

The Black Widow Bride and the Hat Box Ghost are part of it. When Justin Simien took the stage at the Disney & Pixar Studio Showcase at D23, we also received a more thorough look at the movie.

He unveiled an expanded trailer that introduced the cast and setting of this new Haunted Mansion. However, the video was only shown to the panel and was not available online.

Hence, it is unfortunate for those who could not attend the showcase. In a nutshell, the trailer begins by outlining the roles of Ben, Kent, Gabbie, and Harriet.

A room resembling Madame Leotta’s residence is ultimately discovered as they explore the mysterious mansion. It is also referred to as the head of the sorceress imprisoned inside a crystal ball.

The remainder of the trailer shows more unsettling, ghostlike imagery. Additionally, it presents even wackier characters, like an unusual college professor.

When Will The Movie Be Out?

On July 28, 2023, the spirits of the Haunted Mansion are expected to appear on the screen. The initial release date for the film was March 10, 2023.

However, the date was later changed to August 11, 2023, and it was ultimately brought up to the present. Hopefully, that’s the last time the release date for the eagerly anticipated movie will change.


The mansion itself is incredible, and the script seems intriguing. In addition, based on the trailer, the cast turns into standout performances. The amount they manage to fit into the runtime is astounding, and the pace is quick and enjoyable. The Walt Disney Company has a history of turning its unique attractions into full-length motion pictures.

The Pirates of the Caribbean film series is the most well-known and influential illustration. Additionally, it produced five movies, and Captain Jack Sparrow gave rise to a contemporary pop culture figure.

Since then, Disney has sought to adapt its amusement park attractions into full-length movies. The Haunted Mansion is another attraction at Walt Disney World locations that should be simple to adjust.

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