Hello Tomorrow! Apple TV: Recap and Review

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is the excitement everyone shared when Hello Tomorrow! was first announced by Apple TV. Hello Tomorrow! was meant to be one of the most promising series on Apple TV with a retro-futuristic setting that revolved around a salesman and his team, pushing to sell timeshares all the way on the moon, because who wouldn’t want to live on the moon?

Hello Tomorrow! has a promising cast, a unique concept, and plenty going on for it, but that’s what has us curious about whether or not it is making the most of these resources.

Hello Tomorrow! Review

Hello Tomorrow! falls under the comedy-drama genre, and while there has been plenty of drama here and there in the first five episodes, the one thing that the series is lacking is comedy itself.

Some things have worked in the favor of the success of Hello Tomorrow!, while others simply didn’t, and we’re here to discuss all of it while also telling you what has happened in the series so far, so you have something to look forward to when it comes to Hello Tomorrow!. There will be some spoilers in this recap and review, and you have been warned!

Would You Like to Live on the Moon?

2023 is going to see a lot of series with different concepts, some old, and some new, but Hello Tomorrow! swoops in with a very promising and unique premise that had all of us excited for what might happen in this series.

With a concept this strong, it would definitely take a great cast and writing to pull it off, and despite some of these existing, the series wasn’t as charming as we had expected it to be, leaving us a little disappointed, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it.

Just not as much as we expected it to. Now, some people are saying that because Apple TV has some great releases already this year, Hello Tomorrow! felt a little stale in comparison, but that wasn’t the issue for us with this series.

Would You Like to Live on the Moon?

Now, here’s what we had expected with Hello Tomorrow!. The salesmen and women in the series promise the residents a timeshare on the moon, promising them a better tomorrow. When the trailer and plot of Hello Tomorrow! were released, we knew that there was something fishy about the entire “pack your bags and move to the moon” promise, and by the end of the fifth episode, that has been confirmed.

So, while we knew we weren’t really going to the moon, and this futuristic series would eventually unfold with a lot of drama and angry customers, by the looks of it initially, there was still a lot more room for different subplots and concepts that could have explored, but never were.

The salesmen and women

So far, there have been five episodes of Hello Tomorrow!, and all we have learned from these episodes is the fact that Jack Billings is a brilliant salesman, and frankly, if he asked us to buy a timeshare on the moon, we probably would have too, he’s just that good. Of course, these episodes also focus on Jack’s relationship with Joey, his son, who has no idea that he is Jack’s son.

We figured this might have been an interesting subplot to look forward to in Hello Tomorrow!, but turns out, it is more or less the main focus of the show. Billy Crudupand Nicholas Podany have done a great job playing the roles of Jack and Joey, and we love seeing them on our screens, but we also feel a little mislead.

Hello Tomorrow! was supposed to be a comedy-drama about trying to send people to the moon, not an incomplete father-son relationship.

Jack Billings

Speaking of comedy, there has been next to none so far in Hello Tomorrow!, and we are five episodes in, and if that doesn’t ring alarm bells, we don’t know what will.

We weren’t expecting to double down with laughter while watching Hello Tomorrow!, but given the brilliant cast and team of writers, we were at least expecting a few laughs along the way, but that hasn’t happened, not yet at least.

We still have some hope for the future episodes of Hello Tomorrow! since the drama has properly begun to unfold, but the comedy train has left the station, and we don’t think that will be returning for this season at least.

episodes of Hello Tomorrow!

Hello Tomorrow! has a total of ten episodes, which means we are halfway there already, and not very impressed. However, we are hopeful that the series turns around in the second half and picks up its pace, giving the viewers something a little more interesting, which will actually make them yearn for a new episode every week.

The underlying plot of Hello Tomorrow! revolves around scams and deceits, and we have a strong feeling that Jack is hiding a lot more than we know, so it will be interesting to see all of that unravel in the coming episodes.

Hello Tomorrow! has a total of ten episodes

Now that Hello Tomorrow! has put Jack and Joey’s relationship under focus, we are curious to learn a little more about what lies ahead in this father-son relationship, and maybe a little backstory about Jack would be helpful and interesting too.

Now that the scam is finally coming to light, Jack’s world is going to start to fall apart, one piece at a time, but it will be interesting to see if his son sticks by his time during what’s surely going to be a difficult time.

We would love to know in the second half of the series about how the entire scam began and how deeply Jack is involved in this.

Jack and Joey’

Hello Tomorrow! presents itself as a light-hearted series with all the colour tones and a robot serving drinks, but in reality, the underlying theme is a lot darker, and that’s probably the one thing we like about Hello Tomorrow!.

we are keeping our expectations at bay for the second half of Hello Tomorrow!, but if this series manages to turn around completely, it will do wonders for the ratings and viewership.

You can now stream the first five episodes of Hello Tomorrow! on Apple TV and hope for a better second half because let’s not forget just how unique the concept is, maybe it is just taking time to pick up the pace. We can only hope for a better tomorrow, just not on the moon!

Hello Tomorrow! on Apple TV


If you have already watched Hello Tomorrow!, we would love to know your thoughts about this series and see whether you agree or disagree with our review, so do let us know in the comments below!

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