Hell's Paradise Episode 1 Review: Gabimaru Gets Another Chance

Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 Review: Gabimaru Gets Another Chance

Hells Paradise is the top popular anime this season and it was among the top even before it was released. Now Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 has been aired on April 1, 2023, and after watching the first episode I have some mixed feelings about the first episode, to know more in detail. Let’s get into the review.

Hell's Paradise Episode 1
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Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 Review

Another Day Another Torture

The anime starts on a dark note as we witness the execution of the main protagonist Gabimaru. The execution was done by a samurai who was trying to behead Gabimaru with a katana and no matter how much he tries the bade didn’t even scratch the skin, and with the final blow the katana broke.

The following night we see a lady recording the details about the incidents and the backstory of Gabimaru. Gabimaru was the best shinobi of Iwagukure village and on his last mission he was betrayed by the chief and the samurais caught him. The night ended with an unanswered question that why Gabimaru tried to leave the village in the first place.

Another Day Another Torture

Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 moves on with a series of execution and the next method are burning alive after ripping apart the body with bulls Gabimaru stands victorious but here we see a clue that Gabimaru is trying to resist the execution.

Gabimaru’s Love Story

Throughout the journey, Gabimaru tells the whole story. Gabimaru was best in the village so the daughter of the village chief married Gabimaru. According to him, the daughter was naive and carefree. We were shown instances that support that. She used to order Gabimaru to leave his shoes outside, pray once every day, and be grateful for the food.

Gabimaru's Love Story

On the last day, the samurai tried to kill him by boiling Gabimaru in oil but that failed too this time the lady who was recording the incidents told the leader of the samurais that the preparation are done.

The Lady’s Identity is Revealed

The same night Gabimaru is taken to an underground room where the lady with records becomes the lady with the sword. Here the real identity of the lady is revealed. The lady is Sagiri who is a sword tester from Asaemon Clan who has been serving the Shogun and executing criminals like Gabimaru. Looking at the death in front of himself Gabimaru instantly dodges his sword of Sagiri.

The Lady's Identity is Revealed

The fight continues and Sagiri tells Gabimaru that he was lying to himself all the time and the reason he was resisting is that he loves his wife. After getting enlightenment we see a flashback where Gabimaru enjoyed being with his wife and might have started loving his wife.

Gabimaru’s Other Option

At this point, Sagiri gives Gabimaru the option to go to a mysterious island that has the Elixir of Life which Shogun wants so that he can be immortal and Gabimaru will get protection from the law and the shinobis. Gabimaru accepts the offer and here Gabimaru showcases his ninjutsu it’s so so amazing to see all those blazing effects on the screen. Great job MAPPA!

Gabimaru's Other Option

Now back to what I felt after watching episode 1. Starting with the good things first, I love the way the story was stacked like execution and then some backstory. Then the mix of love, betrayal, and all those emotions was demonstrated pretty accurately. The animation did a good job adapting from the manga as all the information was covered.

Where to Watch Hell’s Paradise?

You can watch Hell’s Paradise on Crunchyroll and people in Japan can watch on Tokyo-MX, Osaka TV, etc.


I had fun writing Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 the most hyped anime of the season. Coming to not-so-good things, I didn’t like the pace of the story I felt like it was dragged a little going for all that backstory, I was hoping that at the end of episode 1, we will see all the criminals and sword tester going on an expedition.

The second part is where ninjutsu was used, I understand that it was for hype but it was for a very small moment I was hoping that I will see Gabimaru do a few kicks and flips but it was over just in an instant.

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