How To Get Rich: Release Date, Plot, Trailer And More

How To Get Rich: Release Date, Plot, Trailer And More

In light of the state of the world’s banks and inflation, Netflix wants to assist its viewers a little with financial issues. The massive streaming service has announced a new series titled “How To Get Rich.” Ramit Sethi, an author, and financial counselor, will be seen assisting individuals with their finances while traveling around the country.

We can satisfy our basic requirements thanks to money. It enables us to pay for healthcare, shelter, and sustenance. We must meet these needs; otherwise, both our well-being and the well-being of society as a whole suffer greatly.

What is known so far about the forthcoming Netflix series How To Get Rich is listed below.

What Is How To Get Rich All About?

Nowadays, almost everyone is thinking about money. Along with this, there are rising interest rates, collapsing banks, a crypto winter, and a stock market that appears to swing back and forth between bullish and bearish trends every day.

Enter Netflix, which will debut a brand-new reality series next month that seems to have been created just for this moment.

It approaches money in a Marie Kondo manner. The title of the series is How to Get Rich. Ramit Sethi, a financial adviser, and author will also tour the nation in the series to assist people in managing their money.

In April, Netflix will release the first eight episodes of the series. Yes, that is the Tax Day in the United States.

What Is How To Get Rich All About?

Money will probably be on many people’s minds on this day. I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Sethi’s 2009 novel, is the basis for the series How To Get Rich. It comes from Studio Lambert, the company behind The Circle and Undercover Boss. Traditional financial guidance emphasizes saying “no” to things like lattes, vacations, and fun.

According to him, having money is all about accepting a rich life. In addition, Sethi expressed his excitement about the upcoming Netflix release of How to Get Rich.

It is to share with a larger audience his strategy for saving more, investing more, and spending more on the things you enjoy.

When And Where To Watch How To Get Rich?

According to reports, the eight episodes of the show will premiere on April 18, which is Tax Day in the United States.

Is There A Trailer For How To Get Rich?

Is There A Trailer For How To Get Rich?

The How To Get Rich trailer was recently made available on Netflix. The adage “Money can’t buy happiness” doesn’t seem to be accurate. According to well-known research from 2010, life satisfaction rises with income.

Many people only consider the tangible things money can buy, but they can also be used to purchase intangible instances.

How to Get Rich | Official Trailer | Netflix

Family trips taken each summer or during the holidays are frequently remembered with nostalgia. Money was the only thing that made those travels feasible. Since it enables you to do more activities, money is associated with life satisfaction and happiness.

Everything Else That We Know About How To Get Rich

Do you dislike having no money left over each month? Are you sick of worrying about money all the time and wondering if you’ll ever be able to take the vacation of your dreams?

Fear not, my buddy who struggles with money, because Netflix has you covered with their most recent docuseries, How To Get Rich. Most individuals mention increasing their income.

However, not many people discuss how to successfully handle it and become wealthy. While accumulating wealth is vital, it’s also crucial to use it wisely.

Your hard-earned money should be invested carefully and used in a planned way. To guarantee long-term security, that is. Effective money administration techniques can be used to achieve this.

Everything Else That We Know About How To Get Rich

In the meantime, Ramit is on hand to save the day by aiding these individuals in paying off their credit card debt, purchasing a home, and making retirement plans.

Furthermore, let’s face it, we have all been seduced by a friend’s pyramid scheme’s guarantee of quick money. Ramit will provide the tools people need to change the way they think about money throughout the series.

A lot of us have some seriously flawed views on money. Ramit is here to dispel any misconceptions we may have, such as the idea that money is bad or the worry that we can’t effectively manage our funds.


Even though Netflix isn’t quite CNBC, it isn’t unfamiliar with the realm of finance programming either. After looking at documentaries on platforms like Dirty Money, we make this statement.

With Marie Kondo, several house improvement shows, and a variety of meditative fare on its website, it is also no stranger to self-improvement programming.

Therefore, watch “How to Get Rich” on Netflix if you’re eager to gain financial control and begin living a rich life. Who knows, you might be able to finance that vacation after all one day.

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