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Ikimono-san: Release Date, Plot, and More

Ikimono-san: Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Don’t have time to watch episodes of 30 minutes? Then why don’t you try Ikimono-san anime which will be making its debut in July?

Yes, it’s an up-and-coming anime that has not been covered by many websites as most of the sites are focused on trending anime, here we will provide you insight into the underrated ones with some potential of making it big.

Ikimono-san: Release Date, Plot, and More
credits: anime news network

Ikimono-san Release Date

Ikimono-san is a fictional character who has gained popularity in recent years, particularly among fans of Japanese anime and manga. Created by a talented artist and storyteller, Ikimono-san is a captivating and enigmatic figure with a unique background and an intriguing personality.

The term “ikimono” itself translates to “creature” or “living being” in Japanese, and it serves as an apt description of this character. Ikimono-san is often depicted as a humanoid being with animalistic features, combining the attributes of various creatures to create a visually striking and otherworldly appearance.

The anime is said to fall in the comedy genre and the episodes will mostly be of 15 minutes which you can simply watch while waiting in traffic or subway station.

Ikimono-san has received the green light for anime adaptation and the studio has revealed its premiere date. Along with the official announcement they also have shared key visuals and a trailer which we will be sharing below. Ikimono-san will be released on 7 July 2023. In case of any delays, we will surely let you know.

Ikimono-san Plot & Expectations

The exact plot or sources of Ikimono-san anime is not known but you can read a small description of the anime which we have obtained from their official website.

“Hello hello, are you alive? “Ikimono-san” (original: game “My Exercise”) is directed by Jun Wada, who has won numerous awards including the Silver Bear Award in the short film category at the Berlin International Film Festival. The main characters are a boy with a shaved head “Igaguri” and his partner “Dog”, and various creatures appear each time.

Ikimono-san Plot & Expectations
credits: anime news network

A short animation depicting the daily life of “Igaguri” who wants to become a living creature and “Dog” who wants to make it come true. Welcome to the mysterious and pleasant world of “Ikimono-san”!”

Ikimono-san Cast & Staff

The whole cast & staff list has been revealed already, so we have also shared the same with you. Just in case you feel curious to know about the staff and cast then feel free to check out their comments as well.

Japanese staff

  • Director: Atsushi Wada
  • Script: Atsushi Wada
  • Music: Kouji Takahashi
  • Original creator: Atsushi Wada
  • Sound Director: Masumi Takino
  • Producer: Hiroshi Kamei, Shinji Takada
  • Color design: Misa Amako
  • Planning: Ittetsu Matsubara
  • Nobuaki Doi
  • Production: Nobuaki Doi
  • Theme Song Performance: Nekosen
  • Makoto as Igaguri
  • Norihiro Urai as Inu
Ikimono-san Cast & Staff
credits: Crunchyroll

Japanese companies

  • Animation Production: New Deer
  • Broadcaster: Mainichi Broadcasting System
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System
  • Distributor: Toei Animation
  • Production: Toei Animation

Ikimono-san Cast Comments

Makoto as Igaguri

“When I saw “Ikimono-san” for the first time, it became “What is this?” Isn’t it exciting, how to interact with Iguri’s creatures? Self-assertion It’s exciting and wonderful.

If you look at it, I think you will understand! So I want a lot of people to see it and enjoy interacting with Ikimono with Iguri!”

Norihiro Urai as Inu

“This time, I’m Urai, a male planco, I’m going to watch over Iguri gently with “Ikimono-san” and play a big role to play together. It’s my first time appearing in anime and playing a dog, so it’s very fresh.

I was confused at the beginning of the voiceover, but now I’m in myself little by little. I feel that the space for “dogs” is being created. Please have a nice combination of Igaguri and a dog!”

Where to Watch Ikimono-san?

The broadcast information has been revealed on their official website but delivery information is yet to be shared. We are expecting Crunchyroll to stream it.

The episodes will be aired every Friday around 1:50 midnight on MBS/TBS 28 station network in Japan.

Is there any Ikimono-san Trailer Revealed Yet?

Yes, a trailer was revealed on the day of the official announcement and you can check it out on youtube.

Ikimono-san | trailer official


As the release date approaches, anticipation continues to build, and fans eagerly await the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Ikimono-san.

It is sure to captivate audiences with its imaginative storytelling, breathtaking animation, and the endearing presence of the titular character.

Nadia Zabin
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