Iliza Shlesinger Net Worth, Husband, Tour, Age and More

Iliza Shlesinger Net Worth, Husband, Tour, Age and More

Iliza Shlesinger is a versatile personality with occupations like comedian, actress and an enthusiastic television host. Winner of Last Comic Standing by NBC in 2008, Iliza Shlesinger was born in New York City, United States. The 2021 Nominee for the best actress in an action movie titled Spenser Confidential, Iliza has been more than amazing as a personality. 

Iliza Shlesinger Early Life

Born on 22nd of February 1983, the 39 year old Iliza Shlesinger was raised in the Dallas town of Texas. In terms of family, she belongs to jewish parents and has one younger brother, one half brother and one half sister named Ben, Brad and Emily respectively. She completed her education from the Greenhill school of Texas which is a private school. Later, she went ahead to study at the University of Kansas for her freshman year. This was followed by her studying in Emerson College in Boston town. Her field of major include film where she worked upon her writing as well as editing skills and immediately became a member of comedy sketch group of the campus. 

Iliza Shlesinger Career

After the completion of her graduation, Iliza Shlesinger shifted to Los Angeles in order to pursue Stand up comedy. Comedy always had her attention and she dreamt of being a comedian ever since her college days. Making people laugh became her favourite hobby and cracking jokes made her happy. In fact, not a lot of people know but Iliza Shlesinger has been a very famous member of the Whiteboy Comedy group of renowned stand up comedians in Los Angeles. This step in her career made her move ahead with The Improv in Hollywood. It is a franchise of a comedy club present in New York City. After this venture, there was no looking back for Iliza Shlesinger as she went to grab several awards, tags and nominations out of which her Television credits consists the following:

  • E! Network’s Forbes Celebrity 100
  • TV Guide’s America’s Next Top Producer
  • Comedy Central Presents Season 14 Episode 18
  • John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show
  • Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed
  • History Channel’s History of a Joke. 

More than that, she has also written for a news aggregation platform called and later had a venture of having her own show on GOTV’s mobile network. All of this took place in the year 2007.

In 2008, Iliza Shlesinger had the honour of being the first and the youngest female to win NBC’s Last Comic Standing for the sixth season of the particular series. She also made an appearance in The Last Comic Standing Tour. 

In 2009, she received an opportunity to narrate a documentary titled Imagine It! In 2010, a release of comedy videos titled Man Up and Act Like A Lady was made by her followed by a comedy album as well which was called Iliza Live. Iliza Live took place on her own website named The Connextion. Lastly, she ended her year with a business appearance for the Slate. The Slate is a digital magazine that has topics like news, politics, culture and more of the United States. 

Her comedy specials in the years 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 were titled War Paint, Freezing Hot, Confirmed Kills, Elder Millennial and Unveiled respectively, of which all the distributors were the Netflix platform. She has been a part of series like Girlboss (2017), The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (2020), Crank Yankers (2020), Robot Chicken (2020), Bosch (2021) and Doll Face (2022). She has also been a part of films like Paradise (2013), Instant Family (2018), Iliza Shlesinger: Over and Over (2019), Spenser Confidential (2020), Pieces of a Woman (2020), The Opening Act (2020), The Right One (2021), Hysterical (2021), Good on Paper (2021) and Supercool (2021). Her roles were Carol, October, Self, Cissy, Anita Weiss, Val, Kelly, Herself, Andrea Singer and Victoria respectively.

Relationships, Dating, Marriage

Iliza Shlesinger’s personal life has been very straight and clean unlike several celebrities today. She fell in love with a popular chef Noah Galuten and decided to marry him on May 12, 2018 in Los Angeles with all the rights and rituals. Apart from being a chef, Noah Galuten is also a food critic and author. He is the son of a great music producer, composer and musician named Albhy Galuten. Both of them first met on a dating app.

Iliza Shlesinger Height

Iliza Shlesinger is 5’5 which is 1.65 metres.

Iliza Shlesinger Weight

Iliza weighs 55 kgs. 

Iliza Shlesinger Trivia

Iliza Shlesinger Trivia
  • Iliza Shlesinger loves to drink alcohol. 
  • Iliza is against smoking.
  • Iliza is an aquarius by the zodiac.
  • Travelling is her favourite hobby.
  • Her favourite work ventures include working with Lewis Black for a humorous show titled Surviving the Holidays. 
  • She studied in a Mandarin and Spanish school. 
  • Her pet dog’s name is Blanche. 
  • She is an animal lover.
  • She has her own podcast where she shares her perspectives and views towards life.


The above content elaborates upon details of Iliza Shlesinger, a popular comedian, actor, writer, producer and author. Details of her birthdate, birthplace and family have been stated above along with her details of sibling and half siblings. Her height, weight, age and career life along with her childhood and early life has also been discussed. Awards, nominations and tags have also been stated. Iliza Shlesinger’s passion and zest towards her work and field brought her a huge height of success and accomplishments. 

Her love life with Noah, a renowned chef has been stated with details along with some fun facts including her likes, dislikes, favourite career venture, opportunity, pet dog and more. Lastly, Iliza Shlesinger has inspired millions to dream, come forward, choose comedy, writing, or any other thing that they are personally passionate about and keeps inspiring further. Iliza Shlesinger has been a special personality who has reached heights of massive success in a short span of time. Her fans and followers have only grown and she seems to have big dreams and goals further ahead. Hopefully, Iliza Shlesinger will again come up with a surprising humorous show soon.  

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