In The Dark Season 5

Will There Be In The Dark Season 5 Or Not? Everything We Know

The CW gave the show a pilot order on January 30, 2018, and Michael Showalter was tapped to helm. Now, In The Dark Season 5 news is eagerly anticipated by the audience. The show obtained a series order in May 2018, and on April 4, 2019, it made its debut. The show received a second season renewal in April 2019, and it debuted on April 16, 2020.

The CW renewed it for a third season in January 2020, and it will air on June 23, 2021. In The Dark received a fourth season renewal in February 2021, and it debuted on June 6, 2022. It was revealed that the fourth season will be the final one in May 2022. The show’s run came to an end on September 5, 2022.

In The Dark Season 5

Is In The Dark Season 5 Renewed?

The CW, the show’s original network, has formally canceled In The Dark Season 5. This is a result of Warner Bros. and Discovery merging. However, several other shows were also canceled concurrently with the Warner Bros. merger, not simply In The Dark. Fans and spectators should not anticipate In The Dark Season 5 being renewed.

Since hearing the news that In The Dark Season 5 would not be returning, fans and watchers have felt let down. Well, nothing extra can be done because the fourth season was the series’ final season.

We’ll update this and let you know if anything changes. If viewership for the fourth season were to mysteriously increase, some people might still be interested in the possibility of renewal.

Is In The Dark Season 5 Renewed?

Fans may also be hoping for another important popularity metric, like social media traction, to show that the fan base is still fervent. However, no such luck, and we believe it’s quite safe to say that this is the last we’ll hear of this one.

If you saw the In the Dark season finale and weren’t content with how it ended, you’re undoubtedly wondering if there will be In The Dark Season 5 to address any unresolved issues.

Well, the fifth season of In the Dark won’t happen. In case the show was canceled after filming, the authors planned two alternate endings. Consequently, fans experienced a satisfying conclusion rather than a cliffhanger.

Yes, there was some moral and other ambiguity, but the plot had no unresolved issues. Unfortunately, In the Dark won’t get a fifth season, but you can watch the first four right now on Netflix.

What Would Be The Plot For In The Dark Season 5?

The CW’s In the Dark’s fourth season finale aired on September 5. Murphy Mason, who is portrayed by Perry Mattfeld, is a blind lady investigating a friend’s murder. She is thrown into a situation that never goes as she had planned.

The events of the season 3 finale continue in Murphy’s prison when the series finale starts. Murphy is involved in yet another situation that rarely turns out as anticipated.

Eventually, she is put on trial and agrees to become a CI for the police, but her story is not always a happy one. When Max dies in the penultimate episode of In the Dark, the series makes one of its worst decisions.

As he tries to enter the lift, Max, who had just saved Murphy from the unsuccessful fundraising attempt, is shot. In In the Dark Season 5, it is painful to see Murphy realize what has happened and what has been taken from her.

What Would Be The Plot For In The Dark Season 5?

Murphy loses her lover, Max, and vows to discover the person responsible. She breaks into his flat in the middle of the night to kill him, but he escapes. She hunts him down to a cabin in Missouri with Felix’s help, where she stabs him three times.

After cleaning herself up and taking off her damaged clothing, she runs into Felix again, and he questions her about why she is wearing tie-dye.

Things will become more serious for the characters in In The Dark Season 5. The first season of the show was cheerful and entertaining, but Season 5 looks to signal a change in tone.

Given how much they adored the past seasons, we can tell that fans may anticipate some significant stories and character growth. We’re not sure if you’ll get to watch Season 5 of the show, though, as it’s been canceled.

The Cast Of In The Dark Season 5

An exceptional cast is present in the well-known crime series In The Dark. The series’ primary protagonists will be seen by us. Murphy Mason’s main role was portrayed by Perry Mattfeld.

She is a 20-year-old blind woman who gets involved in several criminal activities. Together with her friends and devoted guide dog Pretzel, she also solves mysteries.

In the independent comedy movie A Little White Lie, Mattfeld played the lead role. She also appears in the drama movie Mending the Line, with Succession actor Brian Cox.

Murphy’s roommate and best friend Jess, a Guiding Hope veterinarian who frequently gets entangled in Murphy’s plans, was portrayed by Brooke Markham. Murphy always has Jess’ assistance.

The Cast Of In The Dark Season 5

Additionally, Markham made an appearance in an episode of the Beyond the Dark horror anthology series. She plays the lead in Shaky Shivers, a comedy-horror movie.

She also appears in the newest Ken Jeong movie, A Great Divide. Max Parish, the proprietor of a food truck with more to him than meets the eye, was portrayed by Casey Deidrick.

He becomes Murphy’s main love interest in the show. Since the end of the show, Deidrick has primarily maintained a low profile. In the show, Morgan Krantz portrays Felix Bell.

He initially comes across as a bother to Murphy, who has to put up with him while he works at Guiding Hope. However, as the show goes on, he develops into a reliable friend and ally.

When Will In The Dark Season 5 Be Released?

There hasn’t been any recent information on the drama series‘ renewal for another season. The production crew hasn’t released any public statements either. This implies that viewers and fans cannot look forward to the upcoming season. It was also made known shortly after the fourth season’s debut that it would be the show’s last.

When Will In The Dark Season 5 Be Released?

Since they had only made preparations up to the fourth season of the drama series, the production crew halted working after that. On September 5th, 2022, the fourth season’s final episode debuted and is now streaming on The CW. This indicates that the fifth season of “In The Dark” has no set release date.


Since they won’t know what will happen next, viewers are more intrigued by these shows. Keep up with our website to learn about many more such shows that are currently airing and coming soon.

As a result, if you want to watch In the Dark, start doing so right now because it has gotten many favorable reviews and good ratings. Do you wish to watch In the Dark Season 5? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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