Inside Job Part 2: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

If you enjoy conspiracy theories and are convinced that something is always wrong with the world or we are stuck in some kind of simulation, then Inside Job is the show for you. Lately, adult animation has taken off after the release of shows like Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, and Big Mouth. Animation isn’t something that children watch, it’s now for everyone! 

The first episode of Inside Job aired on the 21st of October, 2021 and after the success of this series, the viewers will be getting Inside Job Part 2 in 2022! A 79% rotten tomatoes rating for part one put this animated show on the frontline and everyone is curious to know what’s in store for their favorite eccentric characters. So, here’s everything you need to know about Inside Job Part 2, from the plot to the cast, and much more: 

What is the Plot of Inside Job Part 2?

Inside Job follows a government organization called Cognito Inc, whose job is to manage all the conspiracy theories in the world. We’re talking about everything from the lizard people, to the Illuminati, to apparently Avril Lavigne dying and what we see now, is her clone. Imagine something bizarre and then multiply it by a hundred. The main character of the show is Reagan Ridley. She’s anti-social, she works too hard, and the first thing you notice about her are her dark circles. Ridley also has a dependent father and a very dysfunctional team, and we’re hoping we see more of all this in Inside Job Part 2. 

The Plot of Inside Job Part 2

The first part of Inside Job ended with a cliffhanger, so we’re hoping Inside Job Part 2 picks up from there. Reagan has a lot to deal with this season, there are many changes in Cognito Inc and her life that need to be taken care of. It is expected that Reagan’s father will play an important role this season and we will get to witness some crazy conspiracies come to life. It will be interesting to see the aftermath of the end of Inside Job Part 1. 

The Cast of Inside Job Part 2

Inside Job has some very interesting and bizarre characters, who have been voiced by some talented and well-known actors and actresses, all across the board. Most of the cast is expected to reprise their roles for Inside Job Part 2, and as of now, all characters are set to return as well! Here is a list of the cast members for Inside Job Part 2:

The Cast of Inside Job Part 2
  • Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley
  • Christian Slater as Rand Ridley
  • Andy Daly as J.R. Scheimpough
  • Clark Duke as Brett Hand
  • Tisha Campbell as Gigi
  • John DiMaggio as Glenn Dolphman
  • Brett Gelman as Magic Myc
  • Bobby Lee as Dr. Andrew
  • Chris Diamantopoulous as Robotus

Adam Scott will be joining this incredible cast, which means he will be reuniting with Lizzy Caplan, who has previously played his love interest in movies. It will be interesting to see their dynamic in Inside Job Part 2. 

When and Where Can You Watch Inside Job Part 2?

The wait isn’t too long, so if you need to catch up on Inside Job Part 1, now is the right time! Inside Job, Part 2 has an official release date of the 18th of November, 2022. Only a few days until we dive into the world of all things crazy. Although, given the state of the world, let’s not rule out everything! The series will be available to stream on Netflix, where you can also watch the first part!

Is There a Trailer for Inside Job Part 2?

The first look of Inside Job Part 2 shows that the series will pick up from where it left off in part 1! Reagan’s father, Rand, has now taken over Cognito Inc and Reagan clearly isn’t taking the news so well. This first look shows us a completely different side of Reagan: drunk, eating Toblerone, and dissing the government, but hey, at least she still has her dark circles! Cognito Inc has completely changed under Rand’s management and we hope that Reagan will bring it back to how it used to be.

Netflix also released a clip where Reagan goes to a meeting called Anonymous Anonymous, where we also catch a glimpse of Adam Scott’s character, Ron Statler. Sure, the two of them don’t get off on the right foot, but could we see a possible enemies-to-lovers situation? Only time will tell!


Adult animation has taken over Netflix with shows like Big Mouth, Chicago Party Aunt, Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, Archer, and many more. Inside Job is another brilliant addition this mix, and we can’t wait to see how Inside Job Part 2 unfolds and teaches us about this all the conspiracy theories in the world. We hear minions are real too!

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