Insomniacs After School: Release Date, Plot, and More

What is Insomniacs After School? To answer that lets first understand more about insomnia. Most of us do suffer from insomnia (lack of sleep/ sleep disorder), and the reason could be anything, it can be due to anxiety, stress, or; to binge-watch an interesting series.

Now no matter the reason, the inability to fall asleep could be troublesome as our physiological processes start to deteriorate, Enough of scientific talks; let’s get back to the main topic – Insomniacs After School anime.

Unlike, anime like Chihayafuru, K-on, Hyouka and Sket Club, Insomniacs After School anime comes up with a unique concept of re-establishing a club just to get a nap under the star-lit sky. The anime emphasizes friendship, romance, and slice of life, and we can’t wait to watch another anime refresher this summer.

 Insomniacs After School Release Date

Insomniacs After School or Kimi wa Hōkago Insomunia is a Japanese slice-of-life manga series with a pinch of romantic elements written and illustrated by Makoto Ojiro. Insomniacs After School manga is being serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits since May 2019.

The anime television series adaptation of Insomniacs After School by Liden Films will air in April 2023, plus a live-action film adaptation is also set to premiere in June 2023.

 Insomniacs After School Plot

The plot is simple yet fascinating, especially manga readers will know about the story in depth which we will discuss later in the review section below. A high school student named Ganta Nakami is an insomniac residing in the small city of Nanao. 

Ganta, due to his sleeping disorder gets all cranky with his classmates and ends up getting alienated by others. During the school festival, he learns of the Astronomy Club observatory and decides to use the place to take nap at night. 

Insomniacs After School anime plot

Ganta does not even feels a bit concerned after knowing that someone died in the laboratory making it haunted and an avoidable place at night. He tries to catch a nap in his school’s abandoned astronomical laboratory and meets a girl named Isaki Magari. 

Isaki Magari is also an insomniac with a sociable and carefree personality, as time passes the two start to create a bond of friendship leading to the re-establishment of the dysfunctional astronomical club. From the story itself, we can say that the slice-of-life anime revolves around two characters with sleep disorders and how they grow close while trying out different ways to catch a nap.

 Insomniacs After School Cast

As there are not many characters involved in Insomniacs After School and the story heavily focuses on the bonding between two main protagonists so we are expecting minimal casts, the cast has been revealed by the studio and famous voice actors who played in Kaguya-sama, Tokyo Revengers, Spy x family, One Punch Man, and Dr. Stone will be joining the series as well. Check out the list of cast shared below for more details.

Japanese Staff

  • Director: Yuki Ikeda
  • Series Composition: Rintarou Ikeda
  • Script: Rintarou Ikeda
  • Music: Yuki Hayashi
  • Original creator: Makoto Ojiro
  • Character Design: Yuki Fukuda
  • Art Director: Tatsurō Ōnishi
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Director of Photography: Megumi Himeno
  • 2D Work: Michiko Nakamura
  • 3D Work: Yoshimasa Yamazaki
  • Art Setting: Akihiro Hirasawa
  • Color design: Emiko Onodera
  • Editing: Mai Hasegawa (EditZ)
  • Theme Song Arrangement: Homecomings (ED)
  • Theme Song Composition:
  • AIKO (OP)
  • Ayaka Tatamino (ED)
  • Theme Song Lyrics:
  • AIKO (OP)
  • Yuki Fukutomi (ED)
  • Theme Song Performance:
  • AIKO (OP)
  • Homecomings (ED)

Japanese Cast

  • Gen Sato as Ganta Nakami
  • Konomi Tamura as Isaki Magari
  • Haruka Tomatsu as Yui Shiromaru
  • Lynn as Motoko Kanikawa
  • Mamiko Noto as Usako Kurashiki
  • Natsumi Fujiwara as Kanami Anamizu
  • Seiichirō Yamashita as Tao Ukegawa
  • Shō Karino as Rui Haida
  • Sumire Morohoshi as Mina Nono

Japanese companies

  • Animation Production: LIDEN FILMS

Is there any Insomniacs After School Trailer Released yet?

Yes, a trailer was shared along with the announcement of the Insomniacs After School anime release date. You can watch the trailer on Youtube and we are expecting the production house to release two more trailers in the future, so make sure to watch them to get an idea of what the anime will look like.

Where to Watch Insomniacs After School?

Insomniacs After School will broadcast on Japanese TV channels and Crunchyroll will stream the anime after 1 hour of the live broadcast. People can watch it on Crunchyroll or HIDIVE depending on the region.

Insomniacs After School Short Manga Review

Kimi wa Houkago or Insomniacs After School as mentioned before follows two high school students who become friends through shared struggles with insomnia and a newfound interest in astrophotography. The romance between the two MCs is wholesome, realistic, and left to be explored further. The romance is sweet, unlike other manga this one does not use erotic visuals to keep readers engaged. 

The pacing and the interactions feel natural and balanced. Since the story isn’t primarily focused on romance or their romantic developments but on insomnia. That said, readers would always feel a sense of progress in their relationship and a clear connection between them like they are fated to be together. 

Insomniacs After School manga review

Apart from the bonding between the two main characters, the story also shifts the focus to side characters superficially while keeping the main limelight on the protagonists. The story highlights the beauty of the mundane events of an insomniac student. 

The series is not filled with intense drama or humor but it does dive into the realistic hardships of students and candidly portrays them. The manga provides a bitter-sweet sensation which makes it stand out so much. 

The art or storytelling was well prepared, and it did not solely rely on dialogues but; rather focused on sharing scenes of the serenity of night skies. The manga gives off cozy vibes that make you feel at home. Overall the manga is worth reading, and the anime is highly anticipated.


We cannot wait for the illustration of night skies to be turned into animations, the visuals will be soothing to the eyes and calming for the soul. People who want to watch anime before going to bed then they can keep this one on their watchlist.

Let us know which anime genre you like most in the comments section below.

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