Is The Boys Season 4 releasing In December? What We Know So Far

Prime Video’s series, The Boys, was first released in 2019 and since has gained a huge fan following for a lot of different reasons. The Boys follows the superhero genre, but with an interesting twist. The cast members are a bunch of talented actors and actresses from across different movie and television industries who have come together to make The Boys one of the most popular series in recent times. However, the main reason that The Boys has been talked about so often is because of its controversial, bold, and gruesome nature. This show isn’t for everyone but let us not be fooled, because it has garnered enough success to make it to another season, which leads us to The Boys Season 4.

The Boys Season 3 ended with a bang and was a pretty explosive season, which left the fans eagerly waiting for The Boys Season 4. While there is still a lot of information that is unknown as the creators are holding the cards close to their chest, we’ve managed to gather as much information as possible to tell you more about the highly anticipated upcoming season, and what’s next for some of your favorite and crazy characters. So settle in as we tell you everything you need to know about The Boys Season 4, from the potential plot, to the cast date, to the release date and more:

What Will Happen in The Boys Season 4?

The Boys is essentially a parody of the superhero genre, in fact, most superheroes, or supes, as they call them, are inspired by Marvel and DC superheroes. When the seasons rolled out and more characters were revealed, all fans could point out were the counterparts in other popular franchises. The Boys as a series doesn’t shy away from making a mockery of some big names, while also having some incredibly bold themes, and also nudges at the political climate of the United States of America from time to time. So without a doubt, there will be a lot more of this in The Boys Season 4. The Boys Season 3 finale was action-packed and had far too much going on for it, however, one of the main things that happened was Homelander introducing Ryan to the rest of the world, as his son. The showrunner, Eric Kripke has confirmed that this subplot was the setting point for The Boys Season 4, so whether you love or hate him, you will be seeing a lot more of Homelander in The Boys Season 4.

What Will Happen in The Boys Season 4?

Kripke goes on to explain that Ryan has two choices, Homelander or Butcher. If Ryan goes along with Homelander, that is a huge threat to the entire world, because we know for a fact that Homelander will turn Ryan into another version of himself, and no one wants that. However, if Ryan chooses Butcher, that would mean that Ryan can be used against Homelander, which would definitely be the biggest advantage. As of now, Ryan seems to have sided with Homelander, but as The Boys Season 4 progresses, we hope Butcher manages to be the father figure that Ryan needs, ultimately defeating Homelander in the process. Undoubtedly, this will be the main premise of The Boys Season 4, however, as always, there will be several other subplots, definitely one including Victoria Neuman and possibly introducing newer Supes!

The Cast of The Boys Season 4

When viewers first started watching The Boys, they weren’t expecting a lot of familiar faces, but as the seasons went on, the fans have grown to love the characters, but also know that it isn’t wise to get attached to any character in this franchise. Death is extremely frequent in The Boys, one minute someone is living their life, and the next minute their guts are spilled all over the streets. So, it is safe to say that not all characters from the previous seasons will be reprising their roles for The Boys Season 4, but there are certainly a few who will! Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Antony Starr, Chace Crawford, Claudia Doumit, Colby Minifie, and Cameron Crovetti are expected to return and reprise their roles in The Boys Season 4.

While we are all incredibly excited to see the old characters return to our screens, fans have been speculating about new Supes who will be joining The Boys Season 4. It has been confirmed that Susan Heyward and Valorie Curry will be joining the cast as Sister Sage and Firecracker respectively. The creators have been fairly secretive and haven’t gone into too many details about their characters and how they will impact the story. However, we are assuming Firecracker will most likely be a parody of Marvel’s Human Torch aka Johnny Storm. As for Sister Sage, her powers might be similar to those of Marvel’s Shang-Chi, so we see some clear Marvel mockery or inspiration, whatever you’d like to call it this time around too. There will be a few more surprises along the way and we can’t wait to see what or who those might be!

The Cast of The Boys Season 4

When and Where Can You Watch The Boys Season 4?

Just like the previous seasons, The Boys Season 4 will be available to watch on Prime Video, and while you’re waiting for the upcoming season, you can refresh your memory and watch the previous seasons. The Boys Season 4 was in production sometime in August 2022, so it is safe to say that it won’t release anytime this year, but we can expect the new season to release in the fall of 2023! Once we have a confirmed date, we will make sure we update this section.

Is There a Trailer for The Boys Season 4?

So far, there is no official trailer for The Boys Season 4, although, for those of you who don’t know, there is a new spin-off series of The Boys releasing soon, titled, Gen-V, and you can read everything about it here. Hopefully, this keeps you busy until we have more information about The Boys Season 4.


The Boys really did cause an uproar and undoubtedly has become one of the most popular and trending shows of the last few years, and continues to be talked about even now. The Boys most certainly is an acquired taste, but once you start watching it, you will be hooked. Do let us know in the comments which Supe you are most excited to see in The Boys Season 4!

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