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'Saltburn' Actor Jacob Elordi Laughs Off 'The Kissing Booth' Comments in SNL Opening

‘Saltburn’ Actor Jacob Elordi Laughs Off ‘The Kissing Booth’ Comments in SNL Opening

The Saturday Night Live aka SNL is one of the most loved late-night shows that features celebs and artists performing skits and giving funny monologues. In the recent episode of SNL the Saltburn actor Jacob Elordi was featured opening the night show.

Things heated up and went viral after the actor’s movie The Kissing Booth grabbed some attention at the event.

Jacob Elordi
PIC credits: SNL, NBC

The Kissing Booth became the center of mockery at SNL

NBC’s Saturday Night Live showed the ‘Priscilla’ actor giving a steamy yet funny monologue on his latest movie ‘Saltburn’. The actor brought up the scene in the movie where he and his costar Barry Keoghan went viral on TikTok.

After Elordi’s monologue audience interacted with him. A woman just wanted to glance at him; after which the cast member, Sarah Sherman, called his movie a gross movie to watch.

Jacob replied by saying that the movie is not meant for all and she said,

What the hell is a ‘Saltburn’? I’m talking about ‘The Kissing Booth.’ Two people kissing on the mouth… ew!”

The Kissing Booth became the center of mockery at SNL
PIC credits: Netflix

This got the audience go crazy with laughter and the actor himself could not resist giggling. He acknowledged and said that sometimes it seems weird when you think of it.

Here take a look-

The theme of ‘Saltburn’ is closely related to the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ story. The dark things that Felix’s family hides escalate the story to another level.

PIC credits: Prime video

In addition to his recent successes, the versatile actor also took on the iconic role of 1950s legend Elvis Presley in the autobiography of Priscilla Presley. His talent extends to the small screen, with notable appearances in Netflix’s ‘Euphoria.’

Moreover, audiences have seen him portray Noah Flynn in ‘The Kissing Booth’ sequels. Elordi is poised for upcoming roles in ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’ and ‘Oh Canada,’ showcasing his diverse range and continuous contribution to the world of cinema.

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