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James Gunn's Superman and Supergirl REVEALED: David Corenswet and Milly Alcock casted in DC Universe

James Gunn’s Superman and Supergirl REVEALED: David Corenswet and Milly Alcock casted in DC Universe

Well, DC fans this will come as the biggest jackpot to you, people!! DC has finally found its Supergirl. Milly Alcock has been finalized for the role of Supergirl in the DC Universe. Both the actress and CEO James Gunn have been ecstatic about the new venture into a new beginning.

James Gunn and Peter Safran were amazed by Milly Alcock’s audition for Supergirl

The DC bosses took ‘The House of Dragon‘ actress audition along with Meg Donnelly. She was selected for the role of Kara Zor-El, who happens to be the cousin of Clark Kent. With actor David Corenswet being the first choice for Superman, it is hazy to say that Supergirl will be featured in the movie, happening in Spring.

Chances are, the shoot for ‘Supergirl’ might commence in the fall or later this year. The scripts for both movies are underworks. James Gunn was impressed by the actress’s performance and told THR(The Hollywood Reporter) that he is happy to have Milly Alcock onboard. He said-

Milly is a fantastically talented young actor, and I’m incredibly excited about her being a part of the DCU…

James Gunn and Peter Safran were amazed by Milly Alcock's audition for Supergirl
PIC credits: DC comics

He mentioned that he had seen Alcock’s work in ‘The House of Dragon’ and was blown away by her varied audition and screen tests for DC’s ‘Supergirl’. He even appreciated the character that the actress embodied by comicist Evely and screenwriter Nogueira.

Gunn also gave away some spoilers from Supergirl‘s potential story. He said that the story of Kara would be different from the story of Superman. He said that Kara had a tough childhood and later is sent to Earth, unlike Clark who was brought up in an affluent family and lots of love.

Taking about David Coreneswet is set to play Superman in ‘Superman Legacy’. The movie is slated to come on July 11, 2025.

Superman Legacy
PIC credits: DC comics

Milly Alcock was recently seen in the prequel to Game Of Thrones, ‘The House of Dragon’ both seasons as Rhaenyra Targaryen on HBO Max originals. Fans are super excited about the movie. Hopes are higher than ever. Mark the calendar for an ultimate experience from the DC universe.

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