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Jenna Ortega's 'Miller's Girl': Dark Central Intrigues Critics

Jenna Ortega’s ‘Miller’s Girl’: Dark Central Intrigues Critics

Jenna Ortega’s Miller’s Girl was released yesterday. The verdict for the success of the movie is also out. The thriller-drama depicts the life of a student who transpires a love story with her professor. She tries to seduce him into believing that he likes her but after being rejected, she plots a revenge plan.

Fans and critics have shared their opinions about the movie. The critics have given their opinion and have appreciated Jenna Ortega’s acting in Miller’s Girl.

'Miller's Girl'
PIC Credits: Jenna Ortega in Miller’s Girl

Critics appreciate Jenna Ortega’s character in Miller’s Girl

Jenna plays the character of Cairo Sweet who is believed that her English professor has a crush on her. She is quite talented which gets the professor’s attention. A pure student-teacher relationship becomes dark when Cairo indirectly expresses her infatuation for Miller. She weaves a creepy story to avenge her disapproval from her professor.

A critic has presented Jenna’s impeccable acting that gives out Wednesday vibes in the movie. He wrote,

Miller’s Girl is worth the watch, though you may still feel hungry when it’s over. When critiquing a film’s validity and power…though you may also want a little more when it abruptly ends.

Another critic brought a light two perspectives of Miller’s Girl; one before the essay and the other after the essay. The mediocrity of Miller who switches from becoming a writer to teaching, starts to feel intimidated by Cairo.

Critics appreciate Jenna Ortega's character in Miller's Girl

The movie voyages into a realm of forbidden love from a student who goes in the wrong direction. The abrupt ending in the movie feels incomplete yet generates curiosity. The critic said,

Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman give beautiful performances, but not even their compelling portrayal of these characters can save the film from abandoning its sense of care when deciding the fate of their characters.

A user wrote, ‘Love reading all the insanely good reviews Jenna is getting for Millers Girl. She is always the standout’; post the movie release.

The movie has yet to be rated by the audience but with such reviews from critics, the movie seems very enjoyable.

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