John Mulaney Baby J

John Mulaney Baby J: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

There is nothing more satisfying than changing plans, but this is one occasion you should mark on your calendar. It is a John Mulaney Baby J world premiere. The third Netflix comedy special from John Mulaney will soon be available to stream.

The show comes after its siblings Kid Gorgeous and The Comeback Kid, the latter of which won Mulaney an Emmy for outstanding writing in a variety show. In 2019, the comedian additionally made the children’s musical comedy special John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch available on Netflix.

As part of his From Scratch tour, the comedian has also recently given performances in the US, Europe, and Australia. Here is all the information we want you to know about the upcoming show John Mulaney Baby J, from the release date to the trailer.

What Is John Mulaney Baby J All About?

Mulaney’s third Netflix special, following Kid Gorgeous in 2018 and The Comeback Kid in 2015, will be John Mulaney Baby J. His 2019 musical variety show, John Mulaney, and the Sack Lunch Bunch also broadcast on the streaming site. Over the past few years, Mulaney has been on kind of a personal voyage.

In May 2021, he filed for divorce from his then-wife, Anna Marie Tendler, after entering rehabilitation in December 2020. His recovery from alcoholism as well as his bond with Tendler has been the subject of touching comedies. It appears in several specials, including The Comeback Kid and New in Town. Mulaney started developing romantic ties with actress Olivia Munn soon after getting divorced.

What Is John Mulaney Baby J All About?

Malcolm, a boy, was born to the couple in November 2021. In other words, since his previous stand-up special, Mulaney has seen some fairly significant shifts. This covers divorce, parenting, relapse, and restored sobriety. He’ll undoubtedly have a lot to say on John Mulaney Baby J, some of which may be too much for him to handle, as he admits in the teaser.

Mulaney’s most recent From Scratch tour date at Boston Symphony Hall was where Baby J was recorded. Alex Timbers is in charge of the direction, and David Byrne of the Talking Heads provided the soundtrack. His first Netflix original since Kid Gorgeous at Radio City in 2018 is the current special. Additionally, it’s his first since he got out of rehab in 2021.

Everything About John Mulaney

American writer and stand-up comedian John Mulaney is most known for his contributions to the late-night live television show Saturday Night Live. He is a producer as well as an actor. In the American TV comedy series Mulaney, which he also created, he portrayed the title role.

He played a fictionalized version of himself in that role. Due to unfavorable reviews, the show was discontinued after one season. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and at the age of seven had the chance to try out for his first movie role. His acting career was put on hold, nonetheless, due to his parent’s opposition.

Everything About John Mulaney

He worked as an office assistant at Comedy Central for a while after receiving his diploma. He rose to fame thanks to his writing and stand-up performances on Saturday Night Live. He received a lot of praise for his writing, which led to an Emmy nomination.

He has performed as a stand-up comic on various shows like The Chris Gethard Show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He has appeared in a few productions as a guest actor, including the American comedy TV series Difficult People.

When And Where To Watch John Mulaney Baby J?

Baby, he is back. Yes, John Mulaney is just releasing a brand-new stand-up comedy special. Netflix will start streaming the new special on April 25, 2023. Mulaney’s third comedy special on Netflix and first stand-up special in five years.

When And Where To Watch John Mulaney Baby J?

The Netflix special was captured on camera at Boston’s Symphony Hall in February 2023, during Mulaney’s From Scratch tour. You don’t want to miss what will undoubtedly be a delightful comedy special, so be sure to mark your calendar, set an alarm, and free up some time in your schedule.

Is There A Trailer For John Mulaney Baby J?

Is There A Trailer For John Mulaney Baby J?

The first teaser trailer for the comedian’s next special, John Mulaney Baby J, has already been made available on the platform. Mulaney teases the audience with one of his timeless anecdotes in the little film, promising a night full of laughs.

John Mulaney: "Baby J" | Official Teaser | Netflix

Just keep in mind that tale is one John Mulaney is willing to tell us as we consider and absorb how annoying, wasteful, and unlikeable that story is, he advises. In a brief teaser video containing a clip from the show, Mulaney jokes about this. Below is a link to the John Mulaney Baby J official trailer.


Over the past few years, Mulaney has established himself as a top choice for voice acting in addition to working on his next stand-up special. In the forthcoming seventh season of Big Mouth, the comic will return as Andrew Glouberman.

The upcoming comedy is special will undoubtedly expand Netflix’s already substantial library of comedies. Are you anticipating the premiere of the show? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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