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Kamonohashi Ron: Release Date, Plot, and More

Kamonohashi Ron: Are you a fan of the timeless brilliance of Sherlock Holmes? If so, you’ve come to the right place to embark on a new adventure in the world of Japanese anime with Kamonohashi Ron.

While the classic detective series may have concluded its iconic run, the spirit of deduction and mystery-solving lives on in the realm of anime, just as we’ve seen in recent hits like Moriarty the Patriot Season 1 and 2.

For enthusiasts of thrilling murder mysteries and those eager to delve into the enigmatic world of Kamonohashi Ron, we’ve assembled all the essential information you need.

From an intriguing plot to release dates and tantalizing spoilers, join us as we unravel the mysteries that await in this captivating anime series.

Kamonohashi Ron: Release Date, Plot, and More
credits: crunchyroll

Kamonohashi Ron Release Date

You will be surprised to know that the official date has been confirmed and it will premiere on October 2, 2023. The countdown has already begun as there are less than 15 days left for the release now. Keep reading if you want to know more about the anime.

Kamonohashi Ron Plot & Expectations

The official website has shared the plot details which we have shared below:

“At BLUE, the world’s top detective training school, there was once a genius who had a unique talent and was seen as promising for the future.

“Ron Kamonohashi, who has been rumored to be a genius since BLUE opened, was expelled from BLUE and given the title of detective'' due to an incident that occurred while she was at BLUE, and because she had a fatalflaw” as a detective.

credits: ANN

Forbidden. Five years later. As Ron spends his days feeling discouraged and bored, Detective Todomaru Isshiki from the Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division comes to visit him, asking for his cooperation in a serial murder case, and Ron’s time, which had stopped, begins to move again.

Isshiki Todomaru, a “pure idiot”, learns of Ron’s suffering and offers his support out of kindness. Ron calls him “Toto,” and senses that there are endless possibilities for the two of them to investigate together, so he appoints Toto as his partner. Ron solves the mystery and Toto investigates.”

Kamonohashi Ron Cast & Staff

The cast & staff list has also been provided below:

Japanese staff

  • Director: Shōta Ihata
  • Series Composition: Wataru Watari
  • Music: Yo Tsuji
  • Original creator: Akira Amano
  • Character Design: Masakazu Ishikawa
  • Sound Director: Yayoi Tateishi
  • Director of Photography: Yasuyuki Itou
  • Art Setting: Maho Takahashi
  • Color design: Yuki Hayashi
  • Editing: Toshihiko Kojima
  • Image Board: Kenji Masuda
  • Music producer: Chieko Mizutori
  • Theme Song Performance:
  • hockrockb (ED)
  • Unison Square Garden (OP)

Japanese cast

  • Junya Enoki as Totomaru “Toto” Ishiki
  • Yōhei Azakami as Ron Kamonohashi
  • Taku Yashiro as Spitz Feier
  • Yōko Hikasa as Amamiya

Where to Watch Kamonohashi Ron?

The delivery information has been revealed on their official website already. The anime will be broadcast on channels like Tokyo MX, BS11, etc. and you can also stream it on Netflix or Disney Plus.

Is there any Kamonohashi Ron Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, two short teasers have been released already on YouTube.

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective - Official Trailer


Do not worry we will also share the episode guide soon so make sure to bookmark the page to get the latest updates on anime.

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