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Kill Boksoon Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Kill Boksoon Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Kill Boksoon, a thrilling new Korean film from Netflix is returning. Given that it was having its world debut at the 73rd International Film Festival, the movie is eagerly awaited.

Korean dramas and movies have become incredibly well-liked and well-established in the foreign market over the past few years. Kill Boksoon appears like it will be another excellent piece of Korean entertainment from the director and cast.

In addition to this, the number of high-caliber suspense films has grown over the past few years. The most obvious advancement in terms of plotlines, directing, and cinematography has been seen here, along with terror.

The cast of Kill Boksoon and its gory plot strives to maintain the popularity of thriller entertainment. Here is all the information you require about Kill Boksoon.

What Is The Plot Of Kill Boksoon?

Gil Boksoon, a mother in the Kill Boksoon story, is pictured juggling her career and her adolescent daughter. She works as a contract killer, which is a challenging position to describe. Gil Boksoon can be seen mentioned to a person that she works for an event management firm.

The following shot reveals the real nature of her position. Boksoon manages a case containing numerous spy weaponry. She then continues to sip her beverage while admitting the irony of her work while raising a kid in front of her employer.

What Is The Plot Of Kill Boksoon?

She also thinks it’s a profession that’s simpler than raising kids. However, the remark also contains a hint of sadness. It is a way of life where it’s simple to murder people for cash on a contract basis.

The accompanying images depict Boksoon performing her duties in her element. Overall, it has a playful vibe despite the seriousness of the plot, which is comparable in depth to Netflix’s My Name. This implies that the action film will also have lighter parts to help break up the tension of the material.

Her convictions are unwavering, and she has a spotless reputation with her employer. However, she struggles to muster the motivation to keep working at this type of employment and renew her contract.

She now wishes to concentrate on her daughter and the issue troubling her. The actress can also be seen donning the attire required for typical work at a store. Is it a brand-new position or a cover for a brand-new contract killing? To learn more, one will have to watch when it debuts on Netflix.

The Cast Of Kill Boksoon

Gil Boksoon is played by Jeon Do-yeon in the Netflix series Kill Boksoon. A well-known Korean actress named Do-yeon received Best Actress at the 60th Cannes Film Festival for her performance in Secret Sunshine.

As a result, the Korean actor became the first from her country to receive an award in this area at the Cannes Film Festival. She is renowned for her performance in the films You Are My Sunshine and Untold Scandal, among others.

In addition to these, Jeon also contributed to the drama Emergency Declaration from 2021, which was also shown at Cannes.

The Cast Of Kill Boksoon

Koo Kyo-hwan, an established actor best known for his part in Parasite, plays Gil Boksoon’s rival in the film. He is a South Korean actor and director best recognized for his work on the movies Escape from Mogadishu, Jane, and Peninsula.

He received praise as well for his role in the Netflix original D.P. E Som and Sul Kyung-gu play the roles of Gil Boksoon’s employers. Actor Kang Soo-yeon is another well-known name in the film. He appeared in the Jung_E Netflix film. On the platform, it made its debut in January.

Furthermore, actor Hwang Jung-min, who appeared in Netflix’s Narco-Saints in 2022, will make a brief appearance in the film. Actor Hwang Jung-min is from South Korea. He is one of South Korea’s highest-earning actors and has featured in several blockbuster films.

Byung Sung Hyun, who is best known for helming The Merciless and the 2022 political drama Kingmaker, is the film’s director. Additionally, See At Film is the producer of Kill Boksoon.

Is There A Trailer For Kill Boksoon?

Kill Boksoon | Final Trailer | Netflix

The movie’s most recent trailer displays some slick and gory action. It also depicts a very fashionable underworld of crime and a few awkward moments that can arise when juggling parenting and a career as a murderer.

When And Where To Watch Kill Boksoon?

Kill Boksoon will be released on Netflix on Friday, March 31, 2023.


The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival received a formal invitation for the Netflix movie’s international debut. From February 16 to February 26, it was to take place. There, on February 18, the movie had its debut. Following this, the film will now debut on the service on March 31 along with Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2.

There is a ton of interest in the film because of the trailer and the fact that it will have its global debut at the Berlinale Special section.

Additionally, the movie’s well-known cast has sparked additional interest in the movie among potential spectators.

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