Line Of Duty Season 7

Line Of Duty Season 7: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Jed Mercurio and World Productions are the creators of the British police drama series Line of Duty. Fans are eagerly expecting the release of Line Of Duty Season 7 after six successful seasons.

The first series of the BBC’s broadcast debuted on June 26, 2012. With a sizable audience, it was its best-performing drama series in 10 years. On February 12, 2014, the second season of the show debuted on television.

Following its tremendous popularity and favorable reviews, the BBC ordered two more seasons. The third season premiered on BBC Two on March 24, 2016. The next three seasons were in the meantime shown on BBC One. Everything you need to know about Line of Duty Season 7 is provided here.

Line Of Duty Season 7

What Will Be The Plot For Line Of Duty Season 7?

What would transpire in a future Line Of Duty Season 7 is difficult to predict with certainty. But now that the mystery behind ‘H’ has been cleared up, Line of Duty will need to take some fresh turns if it wants to continue to be a hit.

However, we believe Mercurio will still have lots of creative ideas if he wants to continue. The season 6 conclusion delivered the answer to the case that has plagued AC-12 for years, just as many fans had hoped.

It revealed who ‘H’ or ‘The Fourth Man’ was. We’ve reached the end of a plot that has been developing since the drama’s very beginning with Ian Buckells being revealed. We spotted a sign for it when Ted’s evidence wall appeared at the end of the episode.

It was complete with character mugshots from the first season being removed. There’s no reason why AC-12 can’t come back with another case right now.

As a result, it would undoubtedly push the show forward. The identification of Buckells as the Big Bad appears to be a logical conclusion in many ways. Adrian Dunbar, who starred in Line of Duty, hinted that the H plot might not be resolved completely.

Despite AC-12’s great operation, there remain concerns for its future. These concerns are separate from the H of it all. Also moving on unabatedly is Chief Constable Osborne’s dismantling of the force’s anti-corruption teams.

What Will Be The Plot For Line Of Duty Season 7?

The epilogue reveals that he is giving important positions of authority to those who are close to him, including Patricia Carmichael. Although this would suggest that the situation is over in certain aspects.

This might also be seen as a tantalizing seventh-season setup. This might come after Steve, Kate, and Ted struggle to retake command of the squad. There would undoubtedly be greater barriers in their way than ever before preventing them from apprehending bent coppers.

Even while they may have found their top man, there are undoubtedly still a good number of bad apples that need to be removed. Chief Constable Philip Osborne, who many fans still consider to be the most senior bent copper of them all, does appear to be a subject that Mercurio is willing to explore more. It is obvious that there is potential there if they choose to investigate it, but it is too early to predict if they will.

The Cast Of Line Of Duty Season 7

Thankfully, all three members of the AC-12 team survived season 6. We, therefore, have high hopes that Martin Compston as DI Steve Arnott, Adrian Dunbar as Superintendent Ted Hastings, and Vicky McClure as DI Kate Fleming will all be back in Line Of Duty Season 7. Scottish actor and former professional football player Martin Compston. In Line of Duty, he portrays the Detective Inspector for the Anti-Corruption Unit.

Theatrical and television roles have made Northern Irish actor, director, and singer Adrian Dunbar well-known. An English actress, model, and presenter by the name of Vicky Lee McClure.

She gained notoriety for playing Lol Jenkins in Shane Meadows’ movie This Is England. Additionally, it is likely that Shalom Brune-Franklin’s portrayal of DC Chloe Bishop, the AC-12 newcomer who worked the hardest, will return.

Nothing is guaranteed, though, as the city’s anti-corruption units are merging. In addition, Anna Maxwell Martin’s DCS Patricia Carmichael would undoubtedly make a comeback.

However, the actress claimed in an interview that she has no inside knowledge regarding whether the show would be renewed or even if she will.

The Cast Of Line Of Duty Season 7

However, what about the upcoming guest lead for Line of Duty? Lennie James, Keeley Hawes, Daniel Mays, Thandiwe Newton, Stephen Graham, and Kelly Macdonald are just a few of the guest performers who have joined the season thus far. Only Hawes has appeared in more than one season of Line of Duty out of this all-star cast.

Jo Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald, who survived the sixth season, could be able to accomplish the same. However, given that her story ended with her being placed in witness protection that seems a bit implausible.

Line Of Duty Season 7 star will undoubtedly be chosen by Jed Mercurio from among other top TV actors, but we’ll have to wait and see.

When Will Line Of Duty Season 7 Be Released?

There is no set date for the premiere of Line of Duty season 7, and the BBC has not yet given the go-ahead for any additional episodes. However, rumors that a three-part special run of episodes was in the works first surfaced in December 2022. A strong impression that there was unfinished business about Line of Duty was reportedly conveyed to the publication.

When Will Line Of Duty Season 7 Be Released?

Adrian Dunbar, one of the stars of the thriller series, said he is confident that the public wants it even if creator Jed Mercurio hasn’t revealed anything. They are therefore crossing their fingers. It would be beneficial if we could hear something in the coming weeks or months. We probably won’t see the seventh season of the show on our televisions until late December or early 2024, and that’s a big if.

Is There A Trailer For Line Of Duty Season 7?

For Line Of Duty Season 7, no trailer has yet been made available. The whole first and second seasons of this well-liked criminal drama are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Additionally, watch Inside Line of Duty if you want to learn more about the detective profession. Every episode ends with a special behind-the-scenes segment that is televised. Nevertheless, as soon as we learn anything new about the trailer, we’ll update this post.

Is There A Trailer For Line Of Duty Season 7?


There is currently no extra information regarding Line Of Duty Season 7 available. However, when it airs the following year, fans can look forward to nothing but dramatic sequences and gripping stories thanks to Jed Mercurio’s return as showrunner and writer. Throughout the entire series, a diverse group of actors has been utilized.

Fans and watchers alike may relax knowing that the upcoming seventh season of AC-12 will be even more enjoyable to watch as we wait impatiently for it.

Do you wish to watch Line of Duty Season 7? Which was your current favorite season? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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