Link Click Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and More

Link Click Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Trailer and More

Link Click Season 2 will be coming back in Summer 2023, yes you heard it right, the very Chinese anime which made us eagerly wait for another sequel is finally arriving in summer!

Japan usually produces the most popular anime, followed by South Korea or America. However, there is a unique Chinese anime called Link Click that stands out in terms of its story and origin.

Link Click Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and More
credits: Link Click anime

Link Click Season 2 Release Date

It premiered on April 30, 2021, and was directed by Li Haoling in Mandarin. The first season has already been released, and we are now eager to learn more about the second season. Therefore, let’s begin without any delay.

The first season of Link Click began airing on April 30, 2021 and concluded on July 9, 2021. There were a total of 12 episodes, including one special released in 2021.

The fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement regarding the second part. We have good and bad news for you.

Link Click Season 2 Release Date
credits: Link Click anime

The good news is that it finally got the green light for another season and the bad news is that Link Click Season 2’s precise release date has not yet been disclosed.

Studio Lan appears to confirm that the second season of Link Click will begin sometime in the middle of the summer of 2023 in a video marking the show’s second anniversary.

The three main characters’ second-anniversary outfits are displayed in the video along with first-season footage. This video contains significant spoilers for the first season of Link Click, so beware.

As Link Click is a Chinese anime hence the sources of news are limited and coverage is comparatively low compared to other Japanese anime.

Link Click Plot & Expectations

The story of Click Link follows a young boy named Xiong Dun who lives in a world where virtual beings called “souls” coexist with humans. Xiong is known to be a skilled gamer who became involved in a conspiracy program named “Click Again”.

He finds himself within the virtual reality and tries to connect the dots to solve the mystery before he gets caught up in the dirt of the Click Again conspiracy. The anime has been appreciated for its storytelling and creative world-building.

Link Click Plot & Expectations
credits: Link Click anime

The plot of season 2 is unclear and cannot be predicted, but once they share more information on it, we will make sure to update it here as well.

The majority of the earlier characters might return for the second season. You can also view the trailer for the second season to learn more about the characters.

Link Click Season 2 Cast & Staff

The cast and staff have not been revealed yet, but by looking at the video we can tell that many original cast will be returning for another season.

Alejandro Saab – Cheng Xiaoshi
Zeno Robinson – Lu Guang
Brandon McInnis – Lu Hongbin
Caitlin Glass – Xu Shanshan
Cherami Leigh – Doudou
Christopher R. Sabat – Xiao Li
Clifford Chapin – Liu Lei
Daman Mills – Liu Min
Felecia Angelle – Liu Meng
Jād Saxton – Lin Zhen
Morgan Lauré – Yu Xia
Ricco Fajardo – Chen Xiao
Suzie Yeung – Qiao Ling
Xanthe Huynh – Emma/Wú Lìhuá

Is there any Link Click Season 2 Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, a trailer has been released already which is available on youtube.

Link Click [Season 2] - Official Trailer | English Sub

Where to Watch Link Click Season 2?

You will be able to watch it on Hulu as Crunchyroll has not licensed the anime yet.


In conclusion, fans of the Chinese anime series, Click Link, can look forward to the release of its second season. With the release of the first season in April 2021, viewers eagerly anticipate the continuation of Xiong Dun’s adventures in the upcoming season. Stay tuned for further updates on the release date of Click Link Season 2.

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