Longest Third Date

Longest Third Date Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

The official trailer for the upcoming documentary about two strangers’ impromptu journey to Costa Rica is now available on Netflix. However, after having to postpone their date because of the global pandemic, the journey turns out to be a compatibility test. An unexpected societal experiment combined with a contemporary rom-com is the Longest Third Date, according to the description.

It is executive produced by Jordana Hochman, Sarah Howell, Eric Hoberman, Jon Katz, Brent Hodge, Stephen Ruddy, Darin Friedman, and Mike Ang. Longest Third Date is directed by Brent Hodge. It is produced by Civilian 7 Entertainment and ITV America.

Here is all the information we currently have on the Longest Third Date.

What Is The Longest Third Date All About?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused tremendous hardship for billions of people worldwide. Matt Robertson and Khani Le, a certain daring pair, are one of them. For those who aren’t familiar with the couple, Matt and Khani were just ordinary Americans.

However, they shot to fame when the global lockdown transformed their weekend getaway into the Longest Third Date of their lives.

Their story has garnered extensive media coverage. Additionally, Netflix will shortly feature their story in a documentary that will be broadcast on the service. When Matt and Khani were paired on the well-known dating app Hinge, they chose to go on their first date. Sparks flew between them on their first meeting, and they went on another.

What Is The Longest Third Date All About?

Then, on their third date, the adventurous couple made a unique choice to travel to Costa Rica for an enjoyable weekend. The time frame was March 2020, when the COVID pandemic was still in its infancy.

Furthermore, no one could have predicted how deadly it would turn out to be or how much of an impact it would have on the entire world.

What could go wrong with a few enjoyable days? Unfortunately, when nations started closing their borders all over the globe, Matt and Khani were left stranded at the hotel.

Their return journey was canceled and the hotel where they were staying started to close. The two were unable to book a quick flight back to America as a result.

When And Where To Watch The Longest Third Date?

Longest Third Date will be released on Netflix on April 18.

Is There A Trailer For The Longest Third Date?

Is There A Trailer For The Longest Third Date?

The documentary’s trailer makes it clear that it will delve deeply into the couple’s experience. Additionally, it will include travel-related events that were recorded on their smartphones. Khani and Matt alternately describe how the strain of the situation affected them.

Longest Third Date | Official Trailer | Netflix

They also discuss how they managed to survive the longest date of their lives, which lasted a record-breaking 79 days. It appeared that their partnership would benefit from the pandemic in unexpected ways.

The new couple, however, found it difficult to make it to better times because their separate worries never fully subsided.

Everything Else That We Know About The Longest Third Date

The couple decided to record their data using their smartphones, which is what Netflix used for the documentary The Longest Third Date. For a weekend, the two spent time at an all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica. They were forced to remain in Central America after their return trip was canceled.

There were undoubtedly a few times when Robertson felt overburdened, he admitted in an interview. You suddenly find yourself living in a foreign country during a pandemic with someone you barely know after everything had been routine up until that point. They chose to take this as an opportunity to get to know one another better.

Everything Else That We Know About The Longest Third Date

They stayed in a treehouse and even a tent in the forest over the course of the following few months. It cost them nearly $1,000 each when they could eventually go home. The two finally returned in June 2020 but chose to carry on with the new journey they had unintentionally gotten themselves into.

To visit the former’s homeland of Maine, they decided to travel by road. After meeting his family and friends, everyone welcomed them with open arms. In February 2021, they made it back to New York and decided to live together.


Netflix has already provided us with several excellent documentary releases this year, including Waco: American Apocalypse and Pamela, a love story. We have to admit that as time goes on, we find ourselves more drawn to documentaries like these.

This may be a result of growing older. The narrative of the Longest Third Date had the feel of a real-life romantic comedy being performed in front of us.

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