Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar Review- An Explosive Ending

It is the moment we have all been waiting for and we are glad it happened before Valentine’s Day because although this was Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar, there wasn’t a whole lot of love there. Love is Blind Season 3 was hands down one of the most dramatic seasons so far, and not just between couples, but contestants all across the season. Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar was something everyone was waiting for, because even after the show ended, a lot happened between some couples, and everyone wanted the tea, and now that it is all out in the open, we have mixed feelings about all the couples, even the ones we once rooted for.

Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar Review

Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar had a total of three episodes, which were more chaotic than the previous one, but while not all contestants came out of it smiling, at least the viewers got their fill of drama and frankly could go for another round at this time. Sadly, Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar officially marks the end of Love is Blind Season 3, but you can follow your favorite contestants on Instagram to keep up with their love lives and everything in between.

So here were our thoughts about each couple and Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar in general, and why you need to go ahead and watch it right now:

Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar – Drama, Drinks, and Disappointment

All three Ds were covered in Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar, so there was never a dull moment. Without a doubt, whether you looked at the whole season or their Instagram’s, the most successful couples were Alexa and Brennon. Well, those of you who have been rooting for the couple should know that the two of them have made it to the end and are hoping to start a family soon.

While everything seems all right on the surface, and that is something both Alexa and Brennon emphasize, Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar showcased some bits that were maybe being swept under the rug. For example, the relationship between Alexa’s father and Brennon doesn’t seem all that great, despite Brennon and his whole family converting to Judaism for Alexa’s family.

Besides that, Alexa has faced criticism over her weight gain, but we truly think she looks beyond fabulous and her look at her birthday party was truly stunning. Brennon is facing some serious backlash from Love is Blind fans for how he spoke to Cole, and we truly hope the two men sort their differences out soon enough.

Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar

Now that we have mentioned Cole, we might as well swiftly move over to Cole and Zanab who had the most explosive season for all the wrong reasons. Their ending took the internet by storm. Despite being one of the most dramatic couples on the season, Cole and Zanab were shockingly the least dramatic couple on Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar.

All viewers were expecting some sort of an apology from Zanab, but we believe they need to make peace with the fact that the apology is never coming, and at least not on the screen, since the show is over now. Cole however did get a chance to speak his mind, and Zanab had a little feedback too.

By the looks of it, both of them are growing, just not together, and that’s truly all we want. Zanab has also openly spoken about therapy and her journey towards healing, and we hope that the internet isn’t too harsh on her, especially like they were after Love is Blind Season 3: The Reunion. We did think that Cole seemed a little hopeful when it came to Zanab, but either way, it didn’t end in a fight, and while that wasn’t too great for viewership, it was exactly what the two of them needed.

Cole and Zanab

Speaking of explosive couples, let’s move on to Nancy and Bartise. When Nancy said yes at the altar, and Bartise said no, it led to a lot of anger and tears. The internet, Nancy’s family, her friends, and frankly, us too, were hoping that Nancy would absolutely be done with Bartise and maybe in Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar, she would give him a piece of her mind, but it didn’t exactly go that way.

We find out in the episode that Nancy and Bartise have been trying to work on being friends for the last year, and the two seemed thrilled about it. However, that friendship comes crashing down when Nancy talks to her family and friends about it, who makes her understand that this friendship could be one of the worst decisions of her life. It doesn’t take long for Nancy to come to her senses, and she breaks off all ties with Bartise at Alexa’s birthday party.

We do wish she would have given him a harder time, but Nancy truly is too nice for that. Bartise truly did want a friendship with her but seemed to have respected the decision. He also has a reputation to uphold since he will be appearing in the upcoming Netflix reality show Perfect Match.

Nancy and Bartise

There is one couple who had been the talk of the town for the longest time, and we were really hoping that they would be able to show a stronger front in Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar and that never happened, and they will probably realize it when they rewatch the episodes.

Yes, we are talking about the infamous Matt and Colleen. Matt with his anger issues and Colleen with her forgiveness did not make the ideal pair, and even a year later, nobody but them is convinced that their marriage would work. In fact, we aren’t even sure if they think that it will work out.

Everyone has their theories about why Matt and Colleen continue to be married when they don’t even live together, but by the looks of it, the couple is looking forward to buying a house together.

We would recommend following Matt and Colleen on Instagram for any updates about their relationship or a dog or a house. Out of all couples from the very beginning, Matt and Colleen seemed like the least promising, and that continues even after Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar.

Matt and Colleen

Lastly, we have SK and Raven. This couple went through the biggest rollercoaster in Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar and we have a lot of sympathy for Raven, and none for SK.

The first two and a half episodes were all about Raven and SK trying to be together despite the long distance and it was working perfectly for them. This confused the fans because on Instagram, the couple had officially broken up, but the episodes were filmed a few months prior to the drama. SK and Raven seemed like the dream couple, and SK even planned a beautiful proposal with the perfect ring, but it was all too good to be true.

Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar ended with Raven recording herself a few months after the engagement to announce that she and SK were officially over after SK cheated on her. It was a truly devastating ending to Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar, despite Alexa and Brennon or Matt and Colleen being cute. Raven has been a fan favorite, and she has an army of followers who will surely give SK a hard time.

SK and Raven

All in all, Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar was a whole lot of fun. Whether it was the drama or all the drinks they drank, or even the shockingly disappointing ending. It made for a great episode and we can only hope that when Love is Blind Season 4 happens, it is at least half as much fun as this season was!

We highly recommend streaming the final three episodes and watching Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar to get your fill on everything that has happened in the last year.


Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar was better than we expected and if you are a fan of this show, then we highly recommend watching it.

If you haven’t caught up with Love is Blind Season 3, then you should be adding it to your watchlist right about now!

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