Love Is Blind Season 3

The first season of Love is Blind shocked people all over the world. Anyone and everyone was watching this reality show because it almost seemed too good to be true. Do you believe that love is truly blind? Whether your answer is yes or no, this show might make you think differently. Love is Blind is a reality show cum social experiment that revolves around the concept that strangers can fall in love with each other, sight unseen. After the first season, the show took off in terms of views, which landed them a second season, and now, in 2022, we have been blessed with another season. 

The show’s first seven episodes are out already, and the last four episodes are yet to be released. The reason Love is Blind doesn’t release all episodes together is to give the audience a real-time experience along with creating a certain amount of suspense, and it definitely works. Love is Blind Season 3 has had a crazy seven episodes so far, the couples have shocked us all in different ways, and we can’t wait to see what the final episodes have in store for us. Although we don’t know whether all couples will say “I do” we can give you a little background and what you can expect from these final episodes: 

Who Are The Couples This Season? 

After the initial few episodes of Love is Blind Season 3, a total of five couples ended up being engaged to each other, sight unseen. These five couples are Alexa and Brennon, SK and Raven, Cole and Zanab, Colleen and Matt, and, Nancy and Bartise. When these couples were in the pods, we were all rooting for them. However, after they took a look at each other, made their way to Malibu for a mini getaway, and then proceeded to step into the real world, things have been a little different. 

Each couple has had its ups and downs so far, and it has been a rollercoaster ride. Some of them, like Nancy and Bartise or Colleen and Matt, have struggled more than the others, and Alexa and Brennon still seem like they’re in their fairytale. But will the couples make it to the end? Will they all show up at the altar and say “I do”? While this is all unknown, these seven episodes have helped us decipher a little bit at least, and maybe our guesses will be right. 

Which Couple Are You Rooting For?

Every season of Love is Blind has a favorite couple, the one we’re rooting for from the very beginning. For example, in season 1 of Love is Blind, Lauren and Cameron were everyone’s favorites. That interracial couple stole each other’s hearts, and ours as well. Fans have expressed their views on how Love is Blind hasn’t had a couple like Lauren and Cameron, and while everyone did have their hopes for Love is Blind Season 3, so far, none of the couples seem like they’ll say I do. 

Let’s take Nancy and Bartise to begin with. Both of them started strong and Nancy even turned down another proposal for Bartise, but what was the right decision? So far, Bartise hasn’t treated Nancy in the best way possible, and all because she wouldn’t be someone he’d go for in the “real world.” Next, we have Alexa and Brennon, while they seem like they have potential, fans are doubtful about them being together long-term given their financial difference. Alexa’s lavish Israeli lifestyle isn’t very compatible with Brennon’s cowboy farm life. 

Love Is Blind Season 3 Couple

Moving on to Cole and Zanab, while fans were rooting for them in the beginning, the couple has seen far too many hurdles. From Cole’s parents not agreeing to be part of the process to Cole being attracted to Colleen, it’s been far too messy. As for Raven and SK, cultural differences, SK leaving to study at Berkeley, and Raven not willing to compromise, we’re a little apprehensive about their future. Lastly, Colleen and Matt, what started as the cutest fairytale has turned into a disaster between Matt’s anger and trust issues. 

Cole and Zanab

It would truly be a miracle if any of these couples said yes, but as of now, the ones most likely to are probably Alexa and Brennon. They’re both head over heels in love with each other, and if Brennon can move past Alexa not repeating an outfit and Alexa can move past Brennon not being too fancy, this marriage can actually work out. 

 Alexa and Brennon

What Might Happen in the Upcoming Episodes of Love is Blind Season 3?

The final episodes of Love is Blind season 3 will be the craziest ones so far, and that’s saying something. We expect Matt and Colleen to address their issues, and we are almost certain that we will see another episode of Matt’s anger towards Colleen, and will that prevent either of them from saying yes? Nancy and Bartise have a lot to discuss in terms of physical attraction and where they stand after the last episode. Will Bartise be honest about his attraction towards Nancy and will they make it to the altar?

What Might Happen in the Upcoming Episodes of Love is Blind Season 3?

Fans also want to know whether or not the final episodes will feature Cole’s side of the family who hasn’t appeared so far. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and we can only hope that the final four episodes get the job done.

Matt and Colleen

When and Where Can You Watch Love is Blind Season 3?

The first seven episodes of Love is Blind Season 3 are already streaming on Netflix, and as for the rest of the episodes, they aren’t too far away. Episodes 8, 9, and 10 will be available to watch on the 2nd of November. These episodes will cover wedding dress shopping, final fights, and tears, you simply can’t miss these episodes. As for episode 11, the one which will tell us who made it to the altar and said yes, will premiere on the 9th of November. So make sure you have your guesses in before that day. 

Is There a Trailer for Love is Blind Season 3? 

The official trailer for Love is Blind Season 3 gives us a glimpse into the lives and stories of all contestants on this reality show.

Love is Blind is all about trust and vulnerability, and then the journey of overcoming all hurdles before they decide to say yes to a lifetime of happiness. This trailer is all the convincing one needs to stream this show on Netflix right away and just in time for the final episodes.


Love is Blind might change your opinion on love, marriage, and everything in between. This show helps us understand how most relationships today can be superficial and surface level, and how important it is to dig deep, sight unseen, in order to be truly vulnerable and maybe find the love of your life. We would love to know in the comments who your favorite couple is and who you are rooting for in Love is Blind Season 3!

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