Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale: Was Love Truly Blind?

Everyone had certain expectations before the finale episode of Love is Blind Season 3 was released, but this episode has shocked everyone to their core. A lot happened in Love is Blind Season 3 Episode 11 and we’re here to unpack all of it with you. P.S this article will contain spoilers for the season finale, so proceed only if you’ve either watched the episode or if you don’t want to spend your time watching it and just need to know what happened. 

Will the finale answer the age-old question: Is love blind? Or will it stand as a testimony that love requires more than just two people falling in love, sight unseen? Five couples made it to the end, but how many will say yes at the altar? Is there a happy ever after written for these couples? Find out everything here! 

A Quick Recap of Love is Blind Season 3

We will keep this as short as possible because we know you’re eager to know who said yes, and who said no. So far, the previous episode of Love is Blind had SK and Raven standing at the altar, where SK said no, while Raven was set to say yes. It was a heartbreaking moment that no one was ready for, especially Raven and SK’s mother. The episode swiftly moved on to the next wedding: Bartise and Nancy. The show decided to leave the viewers on the cliffhanger after Nancy said yes to the love of her life, Bartise. But did he say yes? Keep reading to find out.

A Quick Recap of Love is Blind Season 3

What Happened in Love is Blind Season 3 Episode 11?

The much-awaited season finale picked up from where they left off, it was Bartise’s turn to say “I do” or “I do not” and he chose the latter. It shocked the families and the audiences. Nancy walked out, followed by Bartise. Nancy’s family saw this coming from a mile away because they knew Bartise wasn’t ready for someone like Nancy. There was heartbreak all around, especially for Nancy’s mother and her younger brother. Bartise did try explaining his decision to Nancy and hoped that they could continue working on this after this show, but Nancy shut him down. The fans feel for Nancy but know that it is in her best interest to be with someone ready to love her unconditionally, and it wasn’t Bartise. 

What Happened in Love is Blind Season 3 Episode 11?

After Nancy and Bartise, the show progressed to Alexa and Brennon. The couple who had a smooth sailing journey. They never fought. They never argued. While they did have a few differences when it came to lifestyle and finances, they didn’t affect their relationship too negatively. As Alexa and Brennon got ready for their wedding, both of them were sure about their answers and there was no sign of cold feet on either of their ends. As they both stood at the altar, the viewers knew what was going to happen, and it did. Alexa and Brennon both said yes! It was a beautiful moment, with plenty of respect paid to Judaism by Brennon and his family. This couple proved that love truly is blind as they both let the realities of being husband and wife sink in. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this couple as they begin a new chapter of their lives. 

Alexa and Brennon

Cole and Zanab were fan favorites and although they had their ups and downs, the good moments conquered it all. As the couple got ready for their big day, Zanab surely had her reservations even though she knew in her heart that she and Cole would have a loving marriage and that he would always make her laugh. Cole on the other hand was nervous but still confident about how he felt toward Zanab. As the two stood at the altar, viewers weren’t sure of what was going to happen.

Cole and Zanab

But everyone was taken aback when Zanab said no, along with accusing Cole of gaslighting her, humiliating her, and single-handedly breaking her confidence. There was a scattered round of applause from Zanab’s friends as she walked away. Cole did not take this well, and neither has everyone on social media. Zanab’s Instagram has been filled with hate since the episode streamed while Cole is being supported. You will have to watch the reunion episode to find out more about where they stand! 


After Cole and Zanab, fans needed something to cheer themselves up, which leads up to Matt and Colleen. This couple has probably seen the most downs and Colleen was probably the least sure among all girls in the last episode. But when the couple stood at the altar, after some emotional moments with their families, there was nothing but love between them. For a moment, all our hearts skipped a beat, but when both Matt and Colleen said “I do,” it was one of the best moments of Love is Blind Season 3. The couple had the sweetest reception with Colleen smearing cake on her husband’s cheek and then licking it off. It would be fun to see where the couple goes after this! 

Matt and Colleen


We wish all the couples said yes and had a happily ever after but that wasn’t the case. Some decisions shocked the viewers more than others and everyone is posting their opinions online. Do let us know in the comments which couple you were rooting for and how you feel about the Love is Blind Season 3 finale! Also, is love blind? 

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