Love is Blind Season 3 Recap and What to Expect From the Final Episode

It’s that time of the year again when we find out whether or not love is truly blind. What started as a social experiment has gone on to become one of the most popular reality shows all over the world. Love is Blind is now on its third season and ten episodes are out already, and one last episode remains. The suspense has been driving all the viewers crazy, everyone needs to know who says “I do” and who walks away from the altar. 

In this article, we will talk about all the couples whose journeys we have been following along with a little recap of what has led them to their final decision. We know curiosity killed the cat, so we’re here to help you prevent that! The five couples that have made it to the end have been through their share of ups and downs, and here’s everything you need to know about them, the final episodes, and the grand finale: 

What Happened In The Episodes Leading Up To The Finale of Love is Blind Season 3? 

Whether we fell for Nancy’s laugh, or Cole’s charm, each of these ten people has created a place in all our hearts and minds since the show began. You’ve seen them laugh, cry, fight and make up, and their journey almost felt like yours. These last few weeks have been a rollercoaster for them, and episodes 8, 9, and 10 of Love is Blind Season 3 have been a shocker. A lot of unexpected things have happened and we’re here to debrief, couple by couple.

Raven and SK: Cultural Differences and Long Distances

Starting with Raven and SK. The Nigerian King and the American Princess, it was a love story that everyone was invested in. We all had our doubts about them, with SK’s culture and traditions and Raven’s lack of comprising. However, they took a turn for the better in the final few episodes. Sparks were flying when they had their final date, despite Raven being a little apprehensive about how SK’s mother wasn’t fond of the idea that Raven’s family wasn’t involved in the wedding. Despite that, they powered through it, in fact, at the bachelorette party, Raven was missing SK and didn’t care for the strippers around her.

Raven and SK: Cultural Differences and Long Distances

This was the only couple whose decision was showcased in episode 10. Yes, we were just asked shocked at you when SK said no, leaving a heartbroken Raven who was going to say yes. The aftermath will be a mystery until the reunion episode, but we were truly rooting for them.

Nancy and Bartise: Lack of Physical Attraction to a Happily Ever After?

Moving on to Nancy and Bartise, we loved them in the pods but after Malibu, everything started unraveling and fans weren’t so crazy about this couple. In fact, Bartise’s Instagram was filled with how he isn’t good enough for her, while Nancy was shown a lot of support for standing up for herself. The last few episodes went differently from what everyone had envisioned. We were expecting more arguments and discussions, but instead, they got permanent bracelets and the perfect last few days. However, is that enough for both of them to say yes?

Nancy and Bartise: Lack of Physical Attraction to a Happily Ever After?

Episode 10 ended on a cliffhanger after Nancy said “I do.” Is Bartise on the same page with her after he had a breakdown when he read Nancy’s letter to him before the wedding? Does he think she deserves better? We won’t find out until the finale, but we do hope it will be worth the wait. 

Alexa and Brennon: Prenups, Luxury, Religion and Never Repeating the Same Outfit Twice

The only couple who has had no major arguments or fights this season are none other than Alexa and Brennon. They were the first to be engaged in the pods and since then it has been a fairytale. This makes us wonder, is it all too good to be true? Brennon has agreed to sign a prenup for Alexa, he has also said he’d convert to Judaism and raise their kids with the same religion as well. Whereas Alexa has focussed more on making sure he has the right outfit and in the most recent episodes, after a romantic gesture from Brennon, Alexa admitted that it was only a 64% yes from her end. Brennon looked a little hurt but he covered it up with a laugh and was glad he was more than halfway there.

Alexa and Brennon: Prenups, Luxury, Religion and Never Repeating the Same Outfit Twice

After the end of the 10th episode, we got a glimpse into the finale, where Brennon wasn’t feeling like himself and it almost looked like he wasn’t ready to say “I do.” Are the lack of conflicts going to catch up to this couple and will it all come crashing down at once? 

Zanab and Cole: Pray Together, Love Together and Laugh Together

Zanab and Cole became fan favorites in no time, but Cole did disappoint fans when he admitted to his attraction towards Colleen. Although that didn’t end very well, Cole and Zanab have come a long way and since made every effort to make Zanab believe that she was the only girl for him. Things were looking up for the couple and Cole even decided to make Zanab a lovely meal, but that’s when it all went wrong.

Zanab and Cole: Pray Together, Love Together and Laugh Together

A small disagreement led to Cole accusing Zanab of having a bad attitude and asking her if she was bipolar. Undoubtedly, Zanab was very upset and walked out, only for Cole to bring her back. The night ended with a kiss but we don’t feel that was enough for them to say yes. Cole’s family has agreed to meet Zanab, but only after the wedding, which means they won’t be present for it. This couple has been through hell and back, but will they come out of it stronger and married? 

Matt and Colleen: Will He Ever Stop Walking Away and Will She Say Yes?

Lastly, we have Matt and Colleen, the couple who had some of the biggest fights and these last few episodes didn’t look very good for them either. Matt finally met Colleen’s parents and although they approved, we aren’t so sure Colleen does. In fact, when Matt took her out of their final date, Colleen admitted that at that moment, it was a no for her. Maybe love isn’t enough for them to pull through this.

Matt and Colleen: Will He Ever Stop Walking Away and Will She Say Yes?

From the final episode’s glimpse, neither Matt nor Colleen looks thrilled, and we can or Colleen look very thrilled and we can definitely expect some drama there. Matt has previously been married and it ended horribly, that has led to his issues with Colleen, and while she has been incredibly patient with him, we aren’t sure if she’s ready for a lifetime of Matt’s anger issues and him walking out on her constantly. 

What Can You Expect From The Grand Finale of Love is Blind? 

There’s a lot about to happen and the rest of the episodes so far will seem very tame in comparison. The  11th and final episode of Love is Blind will begin with Bartise and his answer. Will he say “I do?” Or will Nancy be heartbroken by the end of it? We are guessing the one couple who might have a drama-free, smooth-sailing wedding is Cole and Zanab, however, the teaser of the 11th episode could be the creators trying to mislead us into thinking all is good with Zanab and Cole. But we are still rooting for this gorgeous-looking couple who laugh together, pray together and love together.

We can expect some major drama with Colleen and Matt. Their entire journey has been dramatic so we don’t see why the end wouldn’t be. And as for Brennon and Alexa, will Brennon have cold feet? While Alexa seems calm and collected, will her 64% come down to 0% or go up to a 100%? It’s only a matter of time until we find out what’s going to have with the four couples. Until then, maybe lurk over their Instagrams for some possible hints and clues, because that’s what we’re doing! 

What Can You Expect From The Grand Finale of Love is Blind? 


There’s no doubt that there will be more seasons of Love is Blind after the raging success of this show worldwide. However, could Love is Blind be the one season where no one says yes? That would definitely be incredibly interesting to see, but only time will tell. Make sure you watch the final episode of Love is Blind on the 9th of November, only on Netflix! 

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