Love Is Blind Season 5

Love Is Blind Season 5: Release Date, Cast And Everything We Know

On March 24, 2023, Love is Blind season 4 on Netflix made its debut. Even though we’ve only seen it just recently, viewers are already interested in what will happen next. We’re all eager to find out whether Love is Blind season 5 will air. Regarding Love is Blind season 5, we have some exciting news to share with the audience.

Even though we don’t yet have the full image, we do know a lot about what will take place in the upcoming season of the show. As we discover more, we’ll update this story. Love Is Blind’s return for season four served as the ideal reminder of why it is one of our all-time favorite Netflix series.

It truly has it all with its love triangles, public shows of affection, and somewhat awkward encounters. Here are all the specifics we know about the fifth season. It contains all the information about the storyline, cast, and release date that you might be interested in.

Is Love Is Blind Season 5 Renewed?

More After season 4, Love is Blind season 5 will be released. The fifth season of Love is Blind has begun streaming on Netflix. Seasons 4 and 5 of Love is Blind was formally revealed by Netflix a year ago.

Although we were already aware of this, it was wonderful to receive formal confirmation of the new seasons. That was before we had even watched the third season of the well-known television show.

Is Love Is Blind Season 5 Renewed?

Therefore, Love is Blind season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix, and we have some production-related updates to offer. Vanessa Lachey announced that Love is Blind season 5 would begin shooting in the spring of 2022.

We have to presume that Love is Blind season 5 has already wrapped up filming because we are aware that these seasons don’t typically take a full year to produce.

What Will Happen In Love Is Blind Season 5?

Fans of the popular Netflix dating series can anticipate a repeat of earlier seasons. To discover their future partner, 40 contestants join the show. These candidates go on blind dates in “pods” as part of the experiment itself.

They can hear and communicate with their partners there without actually seeing them. Following a series of speed dates, the participants rate their dates in order of importance. The number of dates they go on is on a list that eventually grows smaller, but the duration of the dates themselves increases.

What Will Happen In Love Is Blind Season 5?

Given that Love is Blind is a television show, its format will remain the same as in the past. The format might receive some fresh shocks as the only potential change. People enjoy watching tales with twists and turns, which is one explanation for this. 15 men and women who regularly appear on the show are looking for love.

They are matched up similarly to speed dating, but later on in the show, they have the option of going on longer outings. If they decide to get married, their meetings might last longer and they might even actually meet.

Following their engagement, the couple takes a vacation at a resort where they spend time getting to know one another. They get to get to know a few of the other couples as well.

Where Will Love Is Blind Season 5 Take Place?

When Love Is Blind was renewed by Netflix for Seasons 4 and 5 in March 2022, the streaming service announced that each new season would be set in a different city with new singles.

The reality relationship show’s first season took place in Atlanta, while Season 2 took place in Chicago. The third season took place in Dallas.

The new group of singles in the fourth season is also searching for love in Seattle. Where then will Season 5 be set? Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what that will be.

However, given Netflix’s history of picking densely populated cities across the nation as their filming sites, viewers could anticipate anything from Los Angeles to New York City.

When Will Love Is Blind Season 5 Be Released?

Love Is Blind Season 5’s potential debut month can be predicted even though Netflix hasn’t given a precise date for the premiere. The last three seasons of the reality romance series were made available on the streaming service five to eight months apart.

When Will Love Is Blind Season 5 Be Released?

From February 2022 through October 2022 and March 2023, respectively. The release of Season 5 could occur any time between August 2023 and November 2023, based on the previous seasons’ release schedules. Let’s hope for the end of the summer of 2023. Once we have more information, we’ll keep you informed.

The Cast Of Love Is Blind Season 5

30 singles searching for love in the pods are most likely to appear in Season 5 of Love Is Blind. To determine the precise roster, though, would be premature. Within ten days of the start of each new season, Netflix usually reveals new competitors. So make sure to check back for information as more becomes accessible.

The Cast Of Love Is Blind Season 5

Nick Lachey, an actor, TV presenter, singer, and TV personality, hosts the American reality television show Love is Blind. Vanessa Lachey, an actress, TV presenter, beauty pageant champion, and fashion model, will also serve as the event’s host.

In addition, this reality show is produced by Chris Coelen, Ally Simpson, Terrance Villarreal, Sam Dean, and Eric Detwiler.


Chris Coelen and Kinetic Content created the reality matchmaking show called Love Is Blind. On February 13, 2020, it made its Netflix premiere as a part of the three-week event.

In the societal experiment depicted on the show, single men and women look for love online and become engaged without ever meeting in person.

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