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Lucky Hank: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

Lucky Hank: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

After the conclusion of Better Call Saul less than a year ago, Slippin’ Jimmy McGill actor Bob Odenkirk is returning to AMC with Lucky Hank. The distinguished actor is now confronting a different form of existentialism in a brand-new series. Trading cartels and flashy suits for a financially strapped institution with subdued middle-American style.

In addition, Odenkirk is at the top of his game in the mid-life crisis story as the ideal chronicler for life’s absurdities seen through the eyes of a cranky but hilariously self-aware professor.

Odenkirk should never be taken for granted just because you see him on TV, no matter where he turns up. Here is everything we know about Lucky Hank, the upcoming AMC, and the Bob Odenkirk project.

What Is The Plot Of Lucky Hank?

The 1997 book Straight Man by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Richard Russo served as the inspiration for Lucky Hank. The series’ original moniker, “Straight Man,” was shared with its source material until the beginning of January 2023.

Both the novel and the television series feature William Henry Devereaux Jr. He serves as the improbable interim head of the English department at the severely underfunded Railton College, located in Pennsylvania’s rust belt. Devereaux, who is going through a midlife crisis, must exert every effort to keep the faltering school alive.

The ups and downs of his life, his daughter’s persistent pleading for money, and pompous people bringing up “necrophilia” have worn him out. Hank is perplexed by the happiness obsession that is shared by privileged students who compare their works to Chaucer’s.

According to him, the majority of adulthood is suffering. Lucky Hank finds our reticent protagonist at the heart of a milieu all too relatable, as the town and its residents have gradually lost their charisma while slipping into obscurity.

What Is The Plot Of Lucky Hank?

He is documenting suburban defeatism and private conversations about happiness. After becoming angry with a student and going off on his employer, Railton College, Hank steps into a major misfire. Calling it “mediocrity’s capital,” the authorities are pressured to fire him.

Furthermore, it is in this interaction between the two that we observe the layers revealing themselves and discover that Lily is also doubting her reality as Hank’s life falls apart.

She starts to reflect on her own decisions as the vice principal of a nearby high school while harboring aspirations of living outside of their neighborhood. Enos’ portrayal of Lily is captivating to observe as she balances Odenkirk’s Hank, who is spiraling downward.

The dynamic between the two is soft and approachable, created out of quiet chaos, and they are entrancing as a yin and yang.

Is There A Trailer For Lucky Hank?

Lucky Hank has already had a few trailers that are guaranteed to pique your interest in the show. The opening of the one-minute teaser features the voiceover of Hank Devereaux before cutting to a close-up of his visage. In comparison to his appearances as Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman, or in his most recent films, Odenkirk’s appearance for this character is a total change.

He wears spectacles, a thick, well-kept beard that is beginning to gray, and a receding hairline like Hank. Additionally, this immediately conveys the vibe of an experienced educator.

Lucky Hank Starring Bob Odenkirk | Official Trailer | AMC+

The clip’s general tone strikes a balance between seriousness and dark humor, which seems to be the direction the story of the show is taking.

A goose strutted past his office door to a colleague hitting him in the face with a binder and breaking his nose. The comedy in this drama series seems to be much understated. On February 15, Lucky Hank’s full-length trailer was eventually released.

When And Where To Watch Lucky Hank?

According to AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV will all be airing the Lucky Hank debut on Sunday, March 19, along with the AMC TV network and the AMC Plus streaming service.

The pilot segment had a special showing on March 11 at the South by Southwest Film Festival before the TV premiere. There are going to be eight segments of Lucky Hank. Each episode should last between 40 and 60 minutes.

The Cast Of Lucky Hank

Bob Odenkirk’s portrayal of Saul Goodman in the television series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul will always be remembered. Odenkirk accomplished a masterful transformation of a character who in the original series was viewed as a total jerk into a sad figure.

This makes William Henry Devereaux Jr.’s upcoming role as Lucky Hank’s main man all the more alluring. Along with Better Call Saul, Odenkirk has lately appeared in The Post, Little Women, Long Shot, and the action film Nobody.

The Cast Of Lucky Hank

Mireille Enos co-stars in Lucky Hank alongside Odenkirk. She portrays Lily Devereaux, who was his wife. The Killing is arguably where Enos is best known for her work. Additionally, she appeared in the films Big Love, World War Z, and Hanna.

Tom Bower from Raymond & Ray, Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks, and Oscar Nunez from The Office are among the other performers who have roles in the show. Sara Amini from Future Man, Diedrich Bader from Office Space, and Chris Diamantopoulos from Silicon Valley also appear in the series.

The other cast members are Shannon DeVido from Difficult People, Alvina August from Animal Control, Cedric Yarbrough from Reno 911!, and Suzanne Cryer from Silicon Valley. In addition, Lilah Fitzgerald, Jackson Kelly, and Arthur Keng appear in Lucky Hank.


Due to its incisive social commentary and hyperbole that serves as a wondrous ode to mediocrity, Lucky Hank is a show that sticks out on its own. Under Peter Farrelly’s direction, it is humorous, some of it is quite somber, and a lot of it dries.

The quirky workplace drama-comedy will have viewers giggling one minute and laughing aloud the next.

Not to mention, being charmed by an ensemble that is incredibly complementary to Odenkirk’s unfiltered, nuanced honesty and sincerity.

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