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Match Me Abroad Season 2

Match Me Abroad Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Match Me Abroad, the latest sensation on TLC presents a unique twist on conventional reality dating shows. Currently, fans eagerly await Match Me Abroad Season 2. This captivating program draws inspiration from popular shows like 90 Day Fiance, following the journey of American singles who have become disillusioned with dating in the United States.

In their quest for love, these individuals venture abroad and enlist the help of matchmakers to assist them in finding their soulmates in foreign lands. Throughout this unconventional dating process, a strong bond of trust develops between the matchmakers and the singles, fostering an intriguing dynamic.

Match Me Abroad Season 2

What Will Be The Plot For Match Me Abroad Season 2?

The series is shot in various picturesque destinations, such as Prague, Colombia, and New Jersey, among others. With the help of Match Me Abroad, singles in these countries embark on a journey to find love.

Guided by skilled matchmakers, participants are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and break free from the clichés they often embrace.

What Will Be The Plot For Match Me Abroad Season 2?

Through this process, the participants of the show discover their genuine soulmates, which distinguishes it from other dating programs. What sets Match Me Abroad apart is its unique approach of matching each individual with a partner from a different continent, highlighting the significance of interregional connections.

This aspect enhances the entertainment value and creates an air of suspense, captivating the audience throughout the program.

The Cast Of Match Me Abroad Season 2

The cast of Match Me Abroad Season 2 will predominantly consists of Katarina Memcova, Juan Nino, and Nina Kharoufeh. Despite her Palestinian heritage, Nina considers New Jersey her home. She takes great pleasure in the responsibilities of her profession and finds joy in connecting individuals through matchmaking.

On the other hand, Kharoufeh possesses extensive expertise in intracontinental, intercultural, and religious weddings, constantly staying updated in these areas. Their dedication and expertise greatly contribute to the success of their careers and the satisfaction of their clients.

The Cast Of Match Me Abroad Season 2

Juan Nino, a unique blend of a realist and a romantic, believes in the power of fate when it comes to finding true love. Born in Prague, Katarina Memcova finds immense joy in her work as she helps individuals discover genuine happiness. With an impressive track record, she proudly showcases her high success rate.

As for the list of singles who will be joining Match Me Abroad Season 2, the producers and broadcaster have not yet made it public.

When Will Match Me Abroad Season 2 Be Released?

On May 14, 2023, TLC debuted the first season of Match Me Abroad. Currently, there have been no official announcements or rumors concerning the release date of potential second season of the show.

Nonetheless, there were circulating speculations indicating that the creators of Match Me Abroad are considering a revival for another season. TLC recently confirmed the renewal of Match Me Abroad Season 2.

When Will Match Me Abroad Season 2 Be Released?

Please note that at present, there is no official confirmation regarding the release date rumors surrounding Match Me Abroad Season 2. Concrete plans for the second season have not been established as of now. We predict that a second is projected to occur no sooner than 2025.


Contrary to the prevailing belief that matchmakers have become obsolete in the modern era, Match Me Abroad challenges such assumptions and proves that matchmaking remains a contemporary and significant concept.

The show effectively showcases the relevance of matchmaking by highlighting the continued demand for it among young individuals.

These matchmaking programs further enhance the appeal and glamour associated with this innovative approach to finding love.

Are you planning to watch the second season of Match Me Abroad?

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