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'Argylle' Director Matthew Vaughn Deems It Absurd for DC's 'Supergirl' to no Director finalized Yet

‘Argylle’ Director Matthew Vaughn Deems It Absurd for DC’s ‘Supergirl’ to no Director finalized Yet

Matthew Vaughn wants his team if he directs a DC movie!!

The much-hyped movie of DC ‘Supergirl’ has once again streaming as trending on social media platforms. The femme-superhero movie has found its lead in Supergirl Milly Alcock of ‘House of Dragon’ but no information about the direction.

‘Argylle’ director Matthew Vaughn calls it absurd that DC has not finalized its director but the cast is ready.

‘The director should cast’- Matthew Vaughn seems amazed by DC’s decision

The ‘X-Men-First Class’ director recently talked about, his interest in Marvel and DC. He expressed his desire to direct Alcock in the DC movie. He said that being a big fan of both the superhero production houses, he would love to direct a movie for both but seemed a little surprised about DC bosses who have not got a director but casting for roles has begun. He said-

I’m a huge fan of Milly Alcock. A huge fan…“Met with her for this other project… she turned me down… Then again, I do find it very weird that they haven’t got a director. That surprised me because you shouldn’t cast a movie — the director should be casting the movie…

Chances are James Gunn is financing and directing the movie himself but no information is yet being announced.

James Gunn's Superman and Supergirl REVEALED: David Corenswet and Milly Alcock casted in DC Universe
PIC credits: Instagram, DC

Vaughn also mentioned in the podcast that he was once offered to direct ‘Flash’ but had a condition that he would cast characters himself. He says that if he is directing a movie, then it will be his team, and casting Milly Alcock is his priority.

He even manifests that it will be an honor to work for DC movies and is Gunn and Safran’s big fan.

Milly Alcock
PIC credits: HBO max

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