Mayans Season 5

Mayans Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

As Mayans Season 5 is expected to be the final installment of the biker drama, it’s the end of the road for EZ Reyes and the rest of the gang. Fans should be very eager for what lies next because the series is unquestionably going out in style. Kurt Sutter and Elgin James co-created the Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans.

It has carried on the tradition of its predecessor. It provides viewers with a fun blend of drama, crime, and action. With all of that, it is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited TV Shows, which will end in 2023. Here is everything you need to know about Mayans Season 5 before it airs its final episodes.

What Will Be The Plot For Mayans Season 5?

The Mayans Season 5 will feature EZ leading the club into battle with the Sons of Anarchy. His future, the future of the club, and the future of the Santa Padre charter are all in jeopardy.

Many of the other members, including EZ, think they should start up their drug business again and go to war with the Sons of Anarchy.

The head of the table, Marcus Alvarez, believes otherwise, and arguments about it have become heated. After season 4, Creeper attempts to turn himself in after his girlfriend Kate was exposed as an informant.

He could, however, also turn the club on. This tension will probably continue until Mayans Season 5 and possibly beyond.

What Will Be The Plot For Mayans Season 5?

Additionally, there is a storyline involving Angel and Adelita’s child. The show’s setting will alter if a baby is present. Angel’s concern for the child’s well-being will take precedence, and it may conflict with the club’s requirements and objectives.

Could Angel leave his responsibilities to the Mayans? Keep an eye out for that one in your rearview mirror.

Undoubtedly one of the character’s more shocking experiences was the season finale. EZ Reyes usurped the person who, for the most part, has held the position of authority in the franchise.

Beginning with Mayans Season 5, JD Pardo’s on-screen persona will take over. While the official synopsis is still largely unknown, a conflict with the Sons of Anarchy seems unavoidable.

The Cast Of Mayans Season 5

JD Pardo will resume his leadership role following his audacious takeover in the Season 4 finale. Sarah Bolger, Edward James Olmos, and Clayton Cardenas will also be with him.

In an interview, Pardo talked about the dramatic confrontation between his brother Cardenas’ Angel and EZ Reyes. JR Bourne, Danny Pino, Carla Baratta, Michael Irby, and Emilio Rivera will all be joining them.

Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, Vincent Vargas, Gino Vento, Emily Tosta, and Vanessa Giselle will also be present. Sarah Bolger talked to TV Insider about the startling events of Season 4 as she anticipates Mayans Season 5.

The confrontation between Cardenas’ Angel and EZ Reyes from Pardo was particularly tense.

The Cast Of Mayans Season 5

The two brothers were seen gazing at each other very honestly in one instance. According to Bolger, this is the point where there is a noticeable shift in the show’s tone.

He believes that experience significantly altered the tone of all the relationships, including those between the brothers. Bolger also said that it would be devastating for her character to lose her sister and child.

Additionally, this might have a significant impact on her personality in the following chapter. Cardenas also thinks that his Mayan identity Angel Reyes may be about to undergo a shift.

Furthermore, he claims that he is thinking about a life outside of it for both himself and his family. Moreover, he believes that the potential is alluring to him.

When And Where To Watch Mayans Season 5?

The fifth and final season of Mayans M.C. premieres on Tuesday, May 24, on FX. Ride into summer with the drama. The US TV viewers can see it at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The first two of the season’s ten episodes will be presented on Premiere Night.

The remaining episodes will be made available each week. The most recent episodes of the FX original series Mayans M.C. debuted on the cable network.

When And Where To Watch Mayans Season 5?

Customers in the US who want to watch the show life will require either a standard pay-TV subscription that includes FX or a live TV streaming service like FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV that carries the channel.

The next day, episodes will also be accessible on Hulu, where Mayans M.C.’s other seasons are also streamed. Mayans M.C. is accessible to individuals living outside of the US on Disney Plus worldwide and Star Plus in Latin America.

Is There A Trailer For Mayans Season 5?

FX released a trailer in advance of the new season, which will conclude the journey, to generate excitement for the two-episode season premiere.

The trailer opens with a dark tone. The Santo Padre M.C.’s camp, led by Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, appears to be unsatisfied. Already, there are more casualties. By his admission, EZ is currently involved in a winner-take-all conflict.

He tells his men, “We are in a war that we have to win. In this war, Isaac Packer, also known as King of Meth Mountain, and his band of Sons of Anarchy are up against EZ.

The tension in this dispute is at an all-time high, and EZ also needs to deal with his brother. While their disagreements seem to get worse, Angel is far from convinced by his choices.

Mayans M.C. | Season 5 Official Trailer | FX

EZ learns that there is a mole in his organization in addition to the problems he is having with his brother and the impending war of sheer bloodshed. The idea of going to battle with the Mayans appears to be exciting for Packer and the Sons of Anarchy.

In a face-off, Packer tells EZ that he won’t leave until someone passes away. The boss of the Santo Padre M.C. is now concluding that there is no other way to overcome the Sons but via bloodshed.


There appear to be many reasons for fans of the FX crime thriller to be thrilled about the show’s future. Additionally, it appears that Mayans fans will have some downtime before the fifth season of the show premieres. They’re in luck because Hulu has the entire series available for streaming.

Fans may catch up on Season 4 or go big and watch it all in one spectacular binge session because every episode is available on the streamer. Are you excited for Mayans Season 5? Let us know in the comment section below.

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