Maybe I Do: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Marriage is an institution based on trust, loyalty, and love. We all know that, don’t we? Well, for a long time now, Hollywood has taken the concept of marriage and created several movies around it. In fact, there are enough movies on this topic for it to even become a subgenre in itself. Every time there are new movies with a similar concept, sometimes they throw in a little divorce, infidelity, or an incorrigible mother-in-law. We really thought we had seen it all, but with the upcoming romantic comedy, Maybe I Do, everyone’s mind is about to be changed.

Maybe I Do is an upcoming romantic comedy directed by Michael Jacobs, who has previously worked on series like Boy Meets World and Girls Meet World, so Maybe I Do definitely seems like an interesting change of pace in terms of writing and directing a feature movie, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table. Although Maybe I Do is a romantic comedy, there are some horrors, but not in the way you might imagine, and we’ll explain more of that in the plot section of this article. Keep reading to find out more about Maybe I Do, from the plot to the cast, to the release date, and much more.

The Plot of Maybe I Do

If the introduction hasn’t given it away yet, and the title as well, Maybe I Do will revolve around the concept of marriage, with a few twists, turns, hurdles, and any other rocky way you can describe a journey. The official synopsis of Maybe I Do reads as follows:

“Michelle and Allen have reached the point in their relationship to consider wedding bells and decide it’s time to introduce their parents to each other. But to everyone’s surprise, the parents know each other far too well – intimately well!”

If you think that Michelle and Allen deciding on whether or not their relationship will move forward to the next step is the biggest issue in Maybe I Do, then you are very wrong. One of the most daunting steps of any relationship is meeting the parents, and Michelle and Allen should have crossed that bridge sooner because things are about to get messy. Both sets of parents are in some complicated marriages, and it is safe to say unhappy marriages. All four of them are seeing other people, and this wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world if they weren’t seeing…well, you get the drift. However, if you don’t understand what we’re saying just yet, the trailer that we talk about later will clear things up.

The Plot of Maybe I Do

Maybe I Do will be a romantic comedy, as we mentioned before, and with a concept like this, there will be several awkward moments, but in the end, it all comes down to Michelle and Allen. They will surely find out their parents’ secrets, and when they do, will it pull them apart or bring them close together? It is only a matter of time before we find out!

The Cast of Maybe I Do

While the plot of Maybe I Do is extremely exciting and funny, loaded with a bunch of mishaps and humor, the cast of this upcoming romantic comedy might just steal the spotlight from the plot! Saying that Maybe I Do has an ensemble cast might just be an understatement because this movie has some legendary actors and actresses who have been around for a while now. We’ll start with the lovely couple whose relationship seems like the most stable one in this movie, and that is Michelle and Allen, who will be played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, so we are starting off strong. You might recognize Roberts from tv shows like American Horror Story or Scream Queen or movies like We’re the Millers or Holidate. As for Luke Bracey, he has appeared in movies like Point Break and Monte Carlo. This will be Roberts’ and Bracey’s second romantic comedy together, the first being Holidate. So, the on-screen chemistry is locked in!

Moving along to the parents of Michelle and Allen. On Michelle’s side, we have none other than Diane Keaton and Richard Gere, who need absolutely no introduction, and the same goes for the folk on Allen’s side, where we have Susan Sarandon and William H. Macy. Like we said before, calling all of them together an ensemble cast would be an understatement. It will be a treat watching all these cast members get together on screen to teach us a few lessons on love and marriage! You can also see Keaton appear in the upcoming movie, Book Club: The Next Chapter.

The Cast of Maybe I Do

When and Where Can You Watch Maybe I Do?

It looks like we’re starting the year on a positive and happy note with a lot to laugh about because Maybe I Do will be released in the month of January, which means you can go ahead and mark your calendars because the wait isn’t too long now. Maybe I Do will officially release on the 27th of January, 2023. Maybe I Do will be available to watch in theatres worldwide, and hopefully, after a while, it will also be available on some streaming service, however, we have no update on that so far.

Is There a Trailer for Maybe I Do?

The official trailer for Maybe I Do was released recently and frankly, it is a hoot and a half! Just as the plot suggests, the trailer reflects all the craziness that we are about to witness in the upcoming romantic comedy, Maybe I Do. It gives us a glimpse into just how crazy marriages can get, and how unknowingly, despite having the right intentions, people manage to make things worse for themselves and their loved ones. Of course, since this is a romantic comedy, there are plenty of funny moments sprinkled across the trailer, and the cast looks better than ever.

While the main couple of Maybe I Do are Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey’s characters, the parents take the cake with some brilliant one-liners and portray some clearly flawed marriages. If the plot didn’t convince you enough to watch Maybe I Do, the trailer will get the job done.


So, whether or not you believe in marriage, and whether or not you love romantic comedies, we highly recommend watching Maybe I Do, because it has a different spin on the whole institution of marriage, which may or may not crumble by the end of the movie, however, we’re hoping it’s a happy ending! Do let us know in the comments which cast member you are more excited to see in Maybe I Do because there are surely plenty to choose from!

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