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Mckinzie Valdez

Mckinzie Valdez Net Worth(2022), Age, Relationship Status, Family and more

When you think of TikTok, several influencers flash in your head. Mckinzie Valdez is one such popular American TikToker who rose to massive fame within a short time. Her Instagram account has a huge number of followers and even in her personal life, she has achieved a list of accomplishments. This includes being a successful state-level athlete and a champion in running.

A person so fit and good, is very likely to be admired by a massive chunk of people across the globe. She currently aims to grow further as a social media personality and inspire others to be one.

Mckinzie Valdez Biography

Mckinzie Valdez Biography

When was Mckinzie Valdez born?

Mckinzie was born on June 30, 2004. Her zodiac sign is cancer, the water element. 

Which is Mckinzie Valdez’s birthplace?

Mckinzie born in North Carolina, USA.

What is Mckinzie Valdez’s religion by birth?

Mckinzie is Christain by birth. 

Childhood, Family and Career

Childhood, Family and Career

She is born to a beautiful family of four- her father, mother and a sibling brother. She always dreamed of fame and rose to it at an early stage on the TikTok platform. There is not much detailed information about her parents and brother available at the moment but she keeps posting pictures of them online. In a recent picture, she was seen celebrating her brother’s birthday with her family where it shows five people with a cake smiling at the camera.

She is also seen with her sister Jamie Valdez chilling on a beach in two pieces. Her chilled attitude and approach towards life have led to several people living similarly despite the troubles. She has inspired thousands of people to live life beautifully while celebrating it with her loved ones.

What is Mckinzie Valdez’s current height?

Mckinzie Valdez’s current height

Mckinzie is 5 feet 2 inches tall which is 1.58 in meters.

How much does Mckinzie Valdez weigh?

Her weighs 50 kgs as per the year 2022 which is 110 lbs in pounds.

What is Mckinzie Valdez’s age as per 2022?

She is 18 years old as of 2022.

Physical appearance

Physical appearance

Mckinzie Valdez has a light brown and black hair color with a longer length than average women. Her eyes are brown in color and her body measurements are 34-26-36. She has a piercing in her ears. 

How many followers does Mckinzie Valdez hold on TikTok?

Mckinzie Valdez holds 205.7k followers on the TikTok platform currently. She has a total of 3.9 million likes and she follows 111 people online. Her id is “mckinzie.rae”.

Relationship and dating status

Relationship and dating status

Mckinzie Valdez is a young and beautiful girl of 18. It is very obvious for people to be curious about her dating status. But being so young, she considers chasing her dreams a better option and remains single. She has never dated anyone as per a few reports and doesn’t aim to date in the coming years until she finds the right one.

There is no picture of her with any male boyfriend indicating her active relationship. She is unmarried and considers her pet dog her kid. 

What is Mckinzie Valdez’s Net Worth?

 Mckinzie Valdez’s Net Worth

Mckinzie Valdez has a net worth of more than 1 million US dollars today. She only aims to move further with her dreams and goals to increase her net worth. Her biggest source of income is her social media handles with thousands of followers.

Fun facts about Mckinzie Valdez

Fun facts about Mckinzie Valdez
  1. She is very fond of iPhone and currently uses the recent model of the brand.
  2. Skateboarding is her favorite activity. 
  3. Her favorite destinations include beaches and natural places.
  4. She had braces on her teeth during childhood.
  5. She loves flaunting her figure with two pieces and trendy clothes.
  6. She is very fond of driving motorbikes.
  7. Morning walks are among her daily activities. 
  8. Her room is full of fresh flowers as she loves the fragrance.
  9. She is very fond of nail extensions and artificial nail art. 


Mckinzie Valdez is an American social media star from Texas who has gained popularity recently with thousands of followers online. She is a famous digital artist who has wooed fans in just a few attempts on the popular platform TikTok where numerous people across the globe share their skills and art. Her photos on Instagram has thousands of likes and comments today.

The above articles elaborates upon who she is on a personal level as well as her minor details like birthdate, birthplace, living country, parents, siblings and more. It further brings light upon her dating status and her aim to date further in life.

It also provide details about her high net worth in a short timeframe which is more than a million US dollars today. Lastly, some of the fun facts like her love for skateboarding, different destinations, brands and motorbikes have been stated. 

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