MCU Blade: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More

MCU Blade: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More

This year we saw the end of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the creators made some crucial announcements about Phases 5 & 6, which had some very interesting titles that have got the fans really excited for the future of Marvel. On this website, we’ve made it a point to cover all of Phase 5, but there is one title that remains, and we’ll admit it, this one might just be the most unexpected and mysterious title, which is why we left it for the very end. We are sure you’ve guessed it by now, and that you are just as curious about it as most people. Today, we’ll be discussing Blade, and walk you through everything you need to know about it.

Blade will be the thirty-sixth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the twelfth installment in Phase 5 of the MCU. And for those of you wondering whether Blade is new to this franchise, that is not the case, but we will discuss that in a little more detail further into the article. So, sit tight as we walk you through the upcoming superhero movie, Blade, and everything you need to know about it, from the plot to the cast, to the release date and much more:

Is MCU Blade a Reboot?

As we mentioned before, this upcoming movie isn’t exactly new to the franchise, and we don’t just mean the comics. One of the main reasons fans were surprised about Blade being announced as a part of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because it is a reboot, and we haven’t seen much of that within the MCU. So, this is definitely a change of pace, and we won’t know until its release whether or not this was a good idea. Nevertheless, previously, Wesley Snipes played Eric Brooks in three Blade movies in the 1990s which were based on popular comics. The reboot Blade will serve as a revamp of the older movie series, and with a new cast. While fans loved Wesley Snipes in the original movies, the new lead will hopefully more than make up for Snipes’ absence in the franchise. It will be interesting to see whether or not this reboot works in favor, and how it fits in with the other titles released in Phase 5.

Is Blade a Reboot?

What is the Plot of MCU Blade?

Considering the fact that Blade is possibly still in production, we won’t have any concrete plot details any time soon. Hopefully, if we’re lucky, there will be a synopsis or some hint about the plot closer to when Blade finishes filming, or at least, closer to its release date, which might be a while. Until then, we are here to speculate, and we are almost certain that Blade will be an origin story. If you’re a comic book fan, you already know a fair share about Blade’s origin in the comics and how the character went on to become a vampire slayer to avenge his mother. This character, Eric Brooks, was first introduced as a supporting character in Marvel Comics’ The Tomb of Dracula #10, and while we don’t think Marvel Studios will be taking all their inspiration from that comic, there could definitely be some parts of it that make it to the movie, Blade.

What is the Plot of MCU Blade?

Eric Brooks is half-human and half-vampire, and it will be interesting to see his journey from the very beginning, and how he grew up, took up the name “Blade” and started the journey of avenging his mother because we know, Marvel Studios loves a good avenging story. However, is it possible that Marvel Studios might just skip over the origins and get right to the interesting and juicy bit, just like they did with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies? It will be a treat to see just how they deal with Blade as a movie and as a character, especially since this is a solo movie. Blade has also previously been a part of the Avengers in some of the comics, and has teamed up with the likes of Morbius and Ghost Rider as well. After his solo run in the upcoming movie, will Eric Brooks aka Blade appear in other Marvel Studios movies? Perhaps Avengers: Secret Wars or Avengers: The Kang Dynasty!

The Cast of MCU Blade

Fans were most curious to know who would be replacing Wesley Snipes in the reboot of Blade, and there will be no disappointment here because it is none other than Mahershala Ali, who was the first confirmed cast member for Blade, and rightfully so! Mahershala Ali is an Academy Award recipient, best known for his work in some of the biggest movies of the last decade including Moonlight, Green Book, Swan Song, and Hidden Figures amongst several others. This wouldn’t be Mahershala Ali’s first appearance in marvel, as he has previously played the villain Cottonmouth in Luke Cage and a very brief role in the Eternals as Blade. While Cottonmouth is irrelevant to Blade, it will be interesting to see if his appearance in Eternals links to the upcoming movie.

The Cast of Blade

The other cast members who will be joining Ali in Blade are Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre. There have been rumors that Antony Starr could play Dracula in the upcoming movie, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. While we are certain that several other cast members will be joining Blade, ultimately, this is a Mahershala Ali movie.

Could it be possible that previously existing characters from the MCU might also appear in Blade? If we had to guess, we would say Doctor Strange aka Benedict Cumberbatch might make an appearance in Blade, however, this is purely speculation.

When and Where Can You Watch MCU Blade?

Originally, Blade was set to release in 2023, but this movie has been through several delays in terms of writing and production after the original director stepped down, and by the looks of the new release date, it is still in production. As of now, the new release date for Blade is the 6th of September, 2024, however, this could be delayed depending on production, but we’re hoping that doesn’t happen. Normally, when one title gets pushed, the ones around it also get affected, and that’s the last thing the fans want. When Blade does release, it will have a theatrical release, along with eventually being available to stream on Disney+. Blade has been through a lot of changes when it comes to the director and writers, however, they seem to be on track for now, and we can only hope that it stays this way.

Is there a Trailer for MCU Blade?

Blade is still under production and because of all the delays that it has faced in the last year, there isn’t an official trailer as of now, and we won’t get to witness one until 2024. So, fans will have to be a little patient when it comes to Blade, however, if you have waited this long, you can wait for just a little longer.


After going through its ups and downs, Blade will finally be on our screens in 2024, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that. If you have any theories or speculations about Blade, do let us know in the comments. We would also love to know, which Phase 5 project are you most excited about, is it Blade itself, or maybe Thunderbolts, or Daredevil: Born Again? because there’s plenty to choose from!

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