HBO Max Movies And Shows Releasing In April 2023

Without a question, HBO Max is one of the most well-known streaming services available today. It offers fans a wide selection of enticing and popular movies and TV shows. The Suicide Squad, The Batman, Mad Max: Fury Road, Black Adam, Chornobyl, The Staircase, and other films are all included on this platform.

Numerous popular and fan-favorite TV shows, including Friends, Rick and Morty, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and others, are available on HBO Max. The fact that this streaming service has captivating material for both young and adult audiences is one of its greatest advantages.

It also provides users with a fantastic on-demand collection. On HBO Max, several hugely well-liked movies were released in March 2023. It features several films such as Ghost Ship, Sinister, Selena, The Kid, Make Your Move, and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Similarly to this, the platform is releasing several suspenseful films in the upcoming month of April.

HBO Max Movies And Shows

Royal Crackers: Season 1

The tale of Royal Crackers is told in the newest Adult Swim animated comedic series. When the tyrannical business founder Theodore Hornsby Sr. falls into a coma, the once-successful snack company is in danger of collapsing.

The remaining Hornsbys worked to restore Royal Snacks to its former glory while he was away. However, they lack talent and economic sense.

Royal Crackers: Season 1

As a result, we don’t believe they’ll do a very effective job. Meanwhile, HBO Max will debut on April 3 and Royal Crackers will join Adult Swim’s animated roster on April 2.

However, the first episode is available on Adult Swim’s main YouTube channel for no charge to interested viewers. Theo and Stebe, brothers, believe a viral marketing effort will save their dying father’s cracker empire in the debut episode.

The Winchesters: Season 1

The main characters of this Supernatural precursor are John and Mary Winchester. They are Sam and Dean’s parents, two demon hunters. The show recounts the untold tale of how John and Mary met, from Dean’s point of view. It also describes how they risked everything to save not just their relationship but the entire world.

The Winchesters: Season 1

You may want to watch it if you’re a devotee of the long-running show. Soon, HBO Max will offer The Winchesters. According to the broadcaster, the first episode of season one will air on April 6. Whether it will reappear for a second season is still unknown.


Alicja is the subject of the Polish adolescent mystery series #BringBackAlice. Influencer Alicja goes missing and then turns up under mysterious conditions a year later. What’s her whereabouts? She can barely recall anything because she has lost her memory. However, it quickly turns out that Alicja wasn’t the only woman who vanished that day.


The sibling of the missing woman begins to wonder if Alicja holds the key to finding his sister. One of the most eagerly awaited Polish dramas on HBO Max is #BringBackAlice. It was produced by the same group that brought you “Ultraviolet” and “The Pact.”

Barry: Season 4

Our favorite hitman-turned-actor Barry Berkman wound up in jail at the dramatic Season 3 finale. Has Barry’s opportunity to make amends finally come? We don’t know, but we’re confident you’ll be watching to find out when the fourth and final season premieres on HBO Max this April on April 16.

Barry: Season 4

Every man must atone for his sins at some point in his existence. In the fourth and final season of this renowned HBO series, depressed hitman turned wannabe actor Barry Berkman must therefore do just that.

Barry Season 4 | Official Trailer | HBO

The dark comedy has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards over the span of three seasons. The series fans have been eagerly awaiting any information on the fourth season since the stunning cliffhanger conclusion of Season 3, and it is almost here.

Fired On Mars: Season 1

HBO Max will debut its second brand-new animated show this month on April 20. This existential workplace farce is located on the Martian campus of a cutting-edge technology firm. SNL favorite Pete Davidson will be a part of the vocal cast for the animated series, which is based on a 2016 short film.

Over at HBO Max, a lot of exciting initiatives are in the works. HBO Max recently confirmed that it had ordered Fired on Mars. It is one of three new animated adult television shows that will help the streamer’s catalog in that area grow.

Doctor Who: Power Of The Doctor

This full-length adventure for the Time Lord features the concluding appearance of Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor. Although it is sad to see her go, the exit of series creator Chris Chibnall is less tragic. With his poorly written storylines and interference with the Doctor’s timeline, Chris offended a lot of Doctor Who followers.

Doctor Who: Power Of The Doctor

Before Ncuti Gatwe, the actor from Sex Education, takes over the part for the holiday season, David Tennant makes his comeback as Doctor Who in November of this year. HBO Max will start broadcasting it starting on April 23, 2023.

Love & Death

Another series focusing on Texas housewife Candy Montgomery premieres months after Jessica Biel portrayed the role. After using an axe to murder her closest friend, Candy, a churchgoer, was charged with murder. Elizabeth Olsen from WandaVision is playing the lead part when she makes a comeback this time.

Love & Death | Official Trailer | HBO Max

This account of the murder case that stunned the country also stars Jesse Plemons, Patrick Fugit, and Olivia Grace Applegate. According to the preview, Candy and Allan’s relationship will be the main subject of the show. Before diving into the darker aspects of what truly happened, it is. On April 27, Love & Death will be accessible on HBO Max.

Warner Bros. 100 Years

Warner Bros. 100 Years

The company behind classic films like The Wizard of Oz, Cool Hand Luke, and Dirty Harry is called Warner Bros. Additionally, they made Tom and Jerry: The Movie available to everyone. The effect of the studio on moviegoers is being commemorated on its 100th anniversary. On April 28, the celebration will air on HBO Max.

Moonage Daydream

David Bowie, a legendary musician, is the subject of this cinematic odyssey by visionary documentary director Brett Morgen. Live performance videos, interviews with Bowie, and previously unreleased material from the late singer’s archives are all included in this biography.

MOONAGE DAYDREAM – Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

On May 23, 2022, Moonage Daydream had its world debut at the Cannes Film Festival. On September 16, 2022, it opened in IMAX and cinemas across the country. Additionally, HBO Max is scheduled to begin viewing it on April 29, 2023.

Other Movies And Shows Streaming On HBO Max

There are numerous other films and television shows available to stream on HBO Max in April 2023 in addition to the ones already stated. It contains Breathe, The Blue Lagoon, The Piece Maker, and Season 1 of Homegrown. The Brothers Warner, The Circle, Clean and Sober, The Cold Light of Day, and many more will also be available on the streaming platform.


The hectic season for television doesn’t slow down in April. Instead of taking advantage of the sunshine, consider remaining inside to watch all the interesting shows. Some of the best content to view is available in April.

Every major streaming service gets ready to add a tonne of new movies and TV shows to their lineups as soon as a new month begins.

Whatever your interests, you’ll have plenty to add to your favorites over the next four to five weeks.

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