Mulligan Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

The creators of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and 30 Rock are coming up with a brand-new adult animated series. Netflix will release Mulligan in May 2023. The plot, cast, first look, and Mulligan’s Netflix release date are all information that we have available.

Sam Means and Robert Carlock are the creators of the upcoming adult animated comedy series Mulligan on Netflix. As co-runners, the two are joined by executive producers Tina Fey, David Miner, Eric Gurian, Scott Greenberg, and Joel Kuwahara.

Mulligan was made by Universal Television, Little Stranger, Inc., Bevel Gears, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Bento Box Entertainment in collaboration. A recent first-look video for the series was also released on YouTube via Netflix.

What Will Be The Plot For Mulligan?

Netflix, a streaming service, recently made available the Mulligan summary. It claims that Mulligan takes place after an alien onslaught that decimated Earth. In addition, a motley crew of survivors must rebuild society from scratch.

It’s a chance for mankind to learn from its past errors and do things correctly this time. Are they destined to make the same blunders as humanity? Can they fix things this time, or? Alien invasions are the subject of countless science fiction tales. They typically conclude with the heroes creating some sort of safe refuge once the aliens have been vanquished.

What Will Be The Plot For Mulligan?

They don’t discuss how to repair things after aliens took over and wrecked everything, though. The new animated series Mulligan’s main idea is this. The upcoming Sam Means and Robert Carlock Netflix original centers on a gang of survivors led by Matty Mulligan, an average guy.

With his extraordinary abilities as a regular guy from Boston, he manages to defend the planet against extraterrestrial invasion. Soon, he must take charge of what is left of humanity and try to rebuild the earth into something better.

The Cast Of Mulligan

The character “Matty Mulligan” played by Nat Faxon is a Bostonian working-class regular guy. Matty defended Earth against the alien invasion by himself. However, now that he’s in charge of humanity, he’s well over his head.

He simply desires Lucy more than he desires to be loved by everyone else. However, in both cases, he will have to take a break from thinking about himself and consider someone else.

Chrissy Teigen is the “Lucy Suwan” who fell in love quickly with Matty during the attack, making her the de facto First Lady at the moment. They only recently met, however, and it turns out they don’t share any interests.

She is a beauty queen who fervently cherishes the image of America that is shown in beer advertising. If she can only figure out how she wants to use her newfound power to genuinely assist in repairing the earth.

The Cast Of Mulligan

The super-scientist and single mother “Dr. Farrah Braun” played by Tina Fey is in the military. As a working mother, she is still attempting to juggle everything. She is yet still brushed off as merely a female scientist in a society that really shouldn’t have time for that sort of thing. One of Matty’s most trusted advisors and the sole living historian is “Simon Prioleau” who is Sam Richardson.

“Senator Cartwright LaMarr,” who appoints himself vice president, is played by Dana Carvey. LaMarr is a political chimpanzee who is eager to restore everything to the way it was when men like him were in charge.

The honorable general “Axatrax” is Phil LaMarr. The only alien that survived the invasion was Axatrax, who is now being held captive by the less intelligent humans who overcame him.

When And Where To Watch Mulligan?

When And Where To Watch Mulligan?

We can confirm that Mulligan will be released globally on Netflix on Friday, May 12th, 2023.

Is There A Trailer For Mulligan?

The Earth is nearly destroyed as aliens attack the Earth, according to Mulligan’s bizarre premise, which is depicted in the movie’s trailer for the release. Matty Mulligan is the only one who can save the planet. He is a working-class man who defeated the alien armada by himself. He simply mimicked a few action movie motions to do this.

Is There A Trailer For Mulligan?

The most useful item in the toolbox isn’t Mulligan. However, as a result of his valiant deeds, he rises to power and is given the responsibility of reestablishing civilization. Unfortunately, Mulligan’s feeble mind might find this endeavor to be too difficult.

Faxon recently voiced Elfo in Disenchantment, demonstrating his extensive skills in humor and animation. First Lady Lucy Suwan is collaborating with Mulligan in his mission to reconstruct the planet. During the apocalypse, Lucy, a Miss America hopeful, has a brief affair with Mulligan. She has no idea that their brief affair will give her total control.

Mulligan | First Look | Netflix

Lucy, who believes in the American equivalent of beer advertising, wants to use her newly discovered political voice to make the world a better place. She is doing it despite not knowing how to do it. Teigen appeared in The Mitchells vs. the Machines, a critically acclaimed animated feature on Netflix.


The show, which has been under development since 2020, is set on Earth after alien invasions have largely destroyed the world. The survivors must now work to reconstruct society.

Mulligan should be at the top of your watchlist if you enjoyed 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you’re anticipating the forthcoming show, let us know in the comments section below.

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