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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Review: Will Deku Return To UA?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Review: Will Deku Return To UA?

“Meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of a hero” marks the beginning of My Hero Academia Episode 23, “Deku vs. Class A” The latest episode is filled with flashbacks of Season 1 to Season 5 and will make you feel nostalgic.

But hey! Before we move on to discussing the My Hero Academia Episode 23, let’s first recap the previous episode to understand why Class A wants to take Deku back to UA.

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In the previous episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, we saw Deku and other heroes investigating Harabori Woods in search of All-for-One’s whereabouts. They learn that the place was just another setup by All-for-One to provoke Deku.

Deku feels enraged after witnessing Lady Nagant’s death and fights off villains through exhaustion. He gets so busy that he even forgets to eat and sleep. Deku’s classmates from Class A already know Deku to take the initiative to bring him back.

As they reach the location, they see Deku on the verge of getting defeated by Dictator, another jailbreaker. What happened next is covered in the review below.

Class-A’s Arrival

Class: A arrives just in time to save Deku. Deku, instead of feeling glad, ignores them and tries to escape. Class A determined to bring him back and go for a head-on battle against Deku.

We know that Deku is the strongest of all and can take his classmates down, but he will not do it because he will never hurt his friends.

My Hero Academia Episode 23 Review

Deku Will Never Hurt His Friends

It’s evident from the scene where instead of shaking off Mineta from such a height, Deku uses his quirk to place him down safely. It’s also confirmed that his classmates do not want to hurt him, so they chase Deku instead of attacking him with lethal weapons. It starts to get nostalgic as we see many flashbacks and the power of friendship again.

Deku Will Never Hurt His Friends

We have no right to judge Deku’s decision because, from his point of view, he wants to make sure that his friends remain safe and sound. The peak into the character’s moments as they hurl themselves into Deku’s path is excellent.

The pacing felt slow but was only noticeable once you realized that 80% of the episode covered the classmates’ efforts to bring back Deku.

“You Say Run Again”

Whether it was Tokoyami or Ojiro, we got to see all his memories with them. Bakugo and Iida steal the spotlight. In the previous season, we saw how Deku stopped Iida from going down the path of vengeance, and this season Iida returns the favor by extending his hand to Deku. The perfect icing on the cake heard “You Say Run” again.

"You Say Run Again"

Bakugo Apologizes To Deku

The breaking point for Deku would be when Bakugo apologizes for all he did to him to feel superior to Deku. This particular episode is psychological and reflects how most teenagers usually act in reality.

Bakugo Apologizes To Deku

The best part for me would be when Bakugo finally calls Midoriya by his name, “Izuku,” instead of “Deku,” which breaks Deku, and he finally feels relaxed. The last blow of Bakugo breaks Deku’s shell and stubbornness and brings him back to a self when he can rely on his friends again.

Deku Returns To UA

Deku finally gives in to his friends’ efforts. He soon faints and wakes up near UA. Upon waking up from sleep, Deku mentions leaving again, but his friends tell him to rely on them this time.

Deku Returns To UA

As he enters UA, we see a crowd screaming and booing at the principal’s decision to bring Deku back to UA. As Deku turns to leave, Ochacko stops him by holding his hands. This episode was good but could have been better; let’s see what happens next in the series.


My Hero Academia Episode 23 might not be exciting for those; who were anticipating a superpower slugfest, but the drama and gripping story were enough to break our hearts watching our favorite Deku cry his eyes out after a very long time.

The episode was undoubtedly thrilling and brimming with a long-awaited pay-off, which landed magnificently, and yes, Deku must take a bath after this episode for sure. You can watch My Hero Academia Episode 23 on Crunchyroll.

In the comments section below, let us know what you think of the My Hero Academia Episode 23.

My Hero Academia Episode 23 Review: Will Deku Return To UA?

Director: Kenji Nagasaki

Date Created: 2023-03-25 00:38

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