My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Deku's Encounter With Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia Season 6 has begun, and episode 20 is out already! In My Hero Academia Season 6, episode 20. We will finally get to witness a one-on-one battle teaser between Deku and the best sniper in history, Lady Nagant. 

This battle has left fans with expectations of heroic battles in upcoming episodes. My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 20 will contain many spoilers and events, so you may skip and watch the episode for yourself before I spill out the beans.

Killing Someone is the Only Way to Save Them

The My Hero Academia Season 6, episode 20, starts at a hospital where Grand Torino lies in bed. He tells Deku it is Grand Torino’s fault because he must kill Shigaraki (Grand Torino’s Grandson). He apologizes for burdening Deku with his unfinished family business. Grand Torino advises Deku not to hesitate to kill someone because sometimes it is the only way to save them.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

Torino hands Deku his cape, and Deku pulls it over his back and walks out of the hospital in his original hero costume. He finds Endeavour, Best Jeanist, Hawks, and All Might waiting for him; then, he sets off on his quest to save the world. My Hero Academia Season 6 opening song gets played.

Deku’s Encounter with a Mutant

A fox-like girl mutant searches for shelter and gets surrounded by civilians who assume her to be part of the villain league and attack her. As she gets scared and screams for help, Deku saves her from being hit by the weapons.

Deku then asks the civilians to leave her because she does not seem to be a villain, as evidenced by her expressions and kind behavior. The civilians, convinced by Deku’s words, leave them alone.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

Deku hands her the umbrella and asks what she is doing here. The mutant says that she planned to stay home till things would get settled down, but several incidents at her place made her look for shelter.

While they are speaking to each other, a car stops in front of them, and All-Might comes out with a bento box and hands it to Deku, asking him to refill his energy. Deku thanks him for dinner, then runs off to look for other casualties.

Can Deku Unleash One-For-All’s Power?

Deku looks at the city from a high place. The avatar of Daigoro appears and tells Deku that the scene is very similar to Daigoro’s past when people used to live in fear. Deku mentions that Dabi, Nomus, Shigaraki, and others have disappeared into their hair, leaving no clues behind, which has become one of the hurdles in their mission of defeating the villains.

The police already have their hands full with jailbreakers which has delayed Shigaraki’s investigation. Deku gets flashbacks of when he faced Shigaraki and realized that not even Endeavor and other heroes could stop him. The responsibility of ending Shigaraki depends on whether he will be able to unleash and control the one-for-all power.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

The scene shifts to the dream-like state of Deku, where all the past users of One-for-All are present. Yoichi Shigaraki, the first user, asks the second and third users to help them unleash one-for-all’s full power to defeat All-for-One once and for all. After much discussion, all the users agree to share their powers with Deku to defeat All-for-one.

Civilians’ Hatred Toward Heroes

We see that Endeavour hides behind the pillar while a villain keeps attacking him. He blames Drednet for distributing such weapons to civilians. Best Jeanist and Hawks arrive at the location to capture other villains.

Endeavor finishes off the villain by shooting him with the ignite arrow and ever defeats the person with ignite arrow while the villain loses consciousness; he says that it is Endeavour’s fault.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

When the heroes finish capturing the villain and send them off to jail, the civilians rally against them and throw things at Endeavor, hawks, and Best Jeanist, blaming them for the condition of their lives. They say it’s the heroes’ fault that they could not finish Shigaraki and let the jailbreakers loose.

Who is the Hired Gun in My Hero Academia Season 6?

In the second half of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20, Deku, while speaking to All-Might over the phone, a bullet appears from nowhere and crushes the phone. The GPS goes off, which alerts All-Might, Endeavour, and other heroes.

As soon as they know Deku is in trouble, they head to his location. After destroying Deku’s phone, the sniper orders him not to move, and if he moves, she will finish him off.

Looking at the bullet’s pink and blue fiber, Deku remembers Hawk saying that All-for-One and Shigaraki cannot steal One-for-all yet because the scientist has been captured and they have no other way to keep up with the body and All-for-One’s power.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

Hence, they will try to make Deku’s body a vessel for which he must be captured alive. To capture Deku alive, Hawk predicts that Lady Nagant, his senior, may be hired for this job. It’s confirmed that Lady Nagant, the former public safety commissioner, is the hired gun by All-for-One.

Lady Nagant vs Deku Teaser

While Deku runs away, he recalls Snipe Hero’s interview in which Snipe said that Lady Nagant is a human sniper who can shoot precisely up to 3 km.

Deku realizes it could be deadly if other heroes arrive, as Lady Nagant may cause irreversible damage or casualties.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

He decided to defeat her on his own. He calculates the distance between Lady Nagant and him and decides to close off the distance instead of running away. While shooting at him, Lady Nagant remarks that it is the first time that someone dodges her fourth bullet.

Lady Nagant Meets All-for-One

At the time of jailbreak, Lady Nagant rescues Shie Hassaikai, another powerful villain from previous MHA seasons. All-for-One appears from nowhere and assigns the mission of capturing Deku alive to Lady Nagant.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

Lady Nagant asks the reason for getting assigned to a mission while other jailbreakers are allowed to go wild. All-for-One says that she has already killed her ally before, and her desire to destroy the hero society makes her perfect for the role.

He asks her to isolate Deku and try taking him out while it rains. The My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20 ends with a cliffhanger.


We hope to see Lady Nagant’s quirks and how she plans to capture Deku alive in the next episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode. We can’t wait to see Deku unleash his one-for-all powers in upcoming episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6. My Hero Academia Season 6 is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll, don’t forget to watch the latest episodes because the story has become more interesting.

Let me know your thoughts about My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20 through the comment section below.

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