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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22 Review: Enraged Deku

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22 Review: Enraged Deku

My Hero Academia Season 6 undoubtedly going strong with its plot and mind-blowing animation. For fans who do not get time to watch the anime or want a recap of the episodes, for them we have shared a well-structured, recap combined with a review for a better understanding of My Hero Academia Season 6 latest episodes.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22, “Friend” has been released already, and we will share the summary along with the previous episode recap below.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21 Recap

In the previous episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, we saw Deku clashing against Lady Nagant, a very intimidating battle indeed. As Deku keeps using his powers and tries to locate Lady Nagant, All might get attacked by villains appointed by the All for one. As Deku finally closes off the distance between Lady Nagant, she shoots at Chisaki to distract Deku.

Deku successfully saves Chisaki and then defeats Lady Nagant. During the battle, Lady Nagant reveals the secrets of the public safety commission; which led her to become a villain in the eyes of the public. All for One knowing that Lady Nagant may betray him, he gave her a quirk with a bomb that explodes taking her life.

Hawks arrive at the place and ask Lady Nagant for information while she is at the death’s door. Lady Nagant uses her leftover strength to tell them that All-for-One will attack in two months and that she was supposed to bring the target to the mansion in Haibori Woods.

All-for-One Predictions

Deku along with other superheroes arrives at the mansion in Haibori Woods. Deku rushes inside the mansion only to find it empty without any traces of Shigaraki or All-for-One.

Suddenly, a projector-like device gets played in which All-for-One mocks Lady Nagant and her inability to bring the target. He also reveals that he had already predicted the incident as he knows Deku very well, who does not gives up on people like Lady Nagant.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22 Review

All-for-One makes an exciting point in the conversation; villains are the people who suffer from setbacks in life and get discarded by society due to regulations. Now, this could become a debatable topic because All-for-One is not completely wrong as they are not able to fit into the community, so they are trying to make their society of villains.

Lastly, he ends the conversation with an explosion saying Deku is his next target and he will make him suffer bit by bit.

Heroes Discussion

The top superheroes discuss among themselves what to do next. Hawks says that no more information can be gathered from Lady Nagant; as she is in extremely critical condition. Edge Shot recommends Endeavour share Deku’s secrets with other heroes to help with their investigation.

Heroes Discussion

Endeavour refuses as he shares the news of Death Arms’ resignation due to citizens booing and criticism. Death Arms here is an example that many heroes are retiring and there’s a shortage of heroes to keep the public safe; hence they cannot ask other heroes for investigation. Plus if Deku’s secret gets revealed then the whole world will resent him and will try to dispose of him making Deku’s life in danger.

Deku Does Not Need Protection

Deku keeps on fighting villains and defeats them without taking any rest or eating food. All Might try to convince him to eat food, but Deku already sets off for a villain hunt while All Might feels responsible for the burdens shoved upon Deku.

Deku Does Not Need Protection

The relationship between Deku and All Might is very close to a father-son relationship. All-Might’s love and protection have been beautifully captured in the episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6.


While Deku gets rid of villains in the city, a rumor sparks of a hero who is covered with blood and looks like a villain rather than a hero but saves people from the villain. Deku while on one of his citizen-saving mission gets called All for One’s underlings. The people get scared and run off declining Deku’s help. This makes Deku enraged with hatred against All-for-One.


Deku Vs The Dictator

While lost in the chain of thoughts, Deku finds himself in front of the Dictator; one of the jailbreakers from Tartarus. In the hopes of getting information from him, Deku prepares to fight, but Dictator uses citizens as puppets to defend himself which also prevents Deku from attacking as well.

Deku Vs The Dictator

Deku’s Friends’ Plan to Bring Back Deku

Meanwhile, Deku’s friends after receiving Deku’s letter decide to find him and bring him back to UA. They march to the principal’s office and requested the principal to set up a meeting with Endeavor.

Bakugo tells Endeavor that keeping Deku with All Might can be risky because Deku is crazy and will keep fighting saying “He’s fine” following All-Might’s symbol of peace, so All-Might won’t be able to stop him and that only his friends can bring him back to UA so that he can relax and prepare for the ultimate battle.

Deku's Friends' Plan to Bring Back Deku

Endeavor lets the students have the GPS location of Deku, as they reach the place on time, they see Deku in a miserable condition who has exhausted himself and still acts like a stubborn child not ready to go back. The episode ends with his friends trying to convince him, while Deku prepares to escape from their sights.


The episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6 are getting enthralling by the second and we are eager to know what will happen in the next episode. Whether Deku will go back to UA or will his friends go back empty-handed, will be revealed in the next episode of My Hero Academia Season 6. You can watch the latest episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6 on Crunchyroll.

If you want more reviews like My Hero Academia Season 6, then; don’t forget to comment on the name of the anime in the comments section below.

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