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My Name is Mo'Nique

My Name is Mo’Nique: Release Date, Plot And Everything Else

The Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Oscar winners are putting old tragedies in the rearview. Her brand-new stand-up comedy special, My Name is Mo’Nique, is one of the many new ventures she has partnered with the streamer on. It is loaded full of heartfelt emotion and tales that will make you cry.

The announcement that Mo’Nique will be bringing her comedic talents to Netflix signals a happy but unexpected end to a protracted dispute between the celebrity and the streaming service.

Here is everything you need to know about the forthcoming My Name Is Mo’Nique comedy special.

What Is My Name Is Mo’Nique All About?

It’s time for Mo’Nique to make her triumphant return with the Netflix stand-up comedy special My Name is Mo’Nique. It promises to deliver the attitude and character that have made the actress a longtime favorite of the audience. The special will also help viewers comprehend how the artist became the person she is today.

Everything from Baltimore’s rough streets to recalling her Grandma Mimi’s advice about males will be discussed. It will also explain why she accepts the occasionally harsh realities of life. Mo’Nique leaves nothing to chance and exposes everything about herself with her special brand of candor, fearlessness, and humor.

What Is My Name Is Mo'Nique All About?

In her historic comeback to the stage, Mo’Nique gives a powerful stand-up show that defines her career. It will be chock full of heartfelt emotions and tales that will make you cry. She further guarantees that you will comprehend her motivations by the conclusion of the show.

Throughout the entire trailer, the crowd breaks out in fits of laughter. There were even potential celebrity sightings in the crowd. It’s lovely to see that Mo’Nique has gained the industry’s backing and enduring respect from her supporters.

When And Where To Watch My Name Is Mo’Nique?

Mo’Nique and her husband and business partner, Sidney Hicks, executive produce the comedy My Name is Mo’Nique, which is directed by L. Frazier. The comedy special goes out to the public on April 4, 2023.

Is There A Trailer For My Name Is Mo’Nique?

The original trailer for Mo’Nique’s Netflix special, My Name is Mo’Nique, has been released, bringing the release date closer than ever. In the trailer, Mo’Nique is seen once again making jokes that are representative of her life and worldview, for which she rose to the title of “Queen of Comedy.”

Is There A Trailer For My Name Is Mo'Nique?

The streamer released a behind-the-scenes peek at the special last month. During this, Mo’Nique expressed her appreciation for her long career and said she wished her fans could get to know her better.

She also promises in the video that after viewing her comedy special, we’ll understand why she called it My Name Is Mo’Nique. She also admits that this particular one is personal. She’s been amusing for 32 years, and she’s appreciative of that talent.

My Name is Mo’Nique | Official Trailer | Netflix

However, thanks to this performance, we can comprehend why she swings the way she does. She also admitted that there are some things that she will say in this comedic special that she originally planned to save for her final moments. So this will be a fun journey, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Everything Else About Mo’Nique

The Best Supporting Actress Academy Award went to Mo’Nique. It was for her performance in the drama movie Precious from 2009. The title character in the film, played by Gabourey Sidibe, is a young woman who lives in a challenging circumstance with a violent family. She gives birth to two children as a result of her father’s mistreatment of her.

In addition, Precious’ parents pretend to be excellent parents to get more money from the government. When it is discovered that Precious’ father passed away from AIDS, things become even more difficult. This indicates that the female is also HIV-positive.

Everything Else About Mo'Nique

Additionally, to provide a stand-up performance for Netflix, Mo’Nique will also appear in their upcoming movie, The Deliverance. Lee Daniels is the director of that movie, which will relate to the tale of Ebony.

She is a woman whose kids allegedly started possessing demons. Social worker Mo’Nique will assume the part. She will make an effort to assist the family by performing several exorcisms to deliver the children from the grip of evil.


Mo’Nique is a phenomenal talent who has established herself in both television and cinema. She has received well-deserved praise for roles in comedic and dramatic ventures.

Her fan base has grown over the years, and we believe her followers will adore these new Netflix endeavors.

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