Netflix Announces Ultraman CG Animated film Release Confirmed

Netflix Announces Ultraman CG Animated film Release Confirmed

Its time to get back to your childhood with Ultraman as the Netflix team has announced a new Ultraman CG animated film which will be coming in 2024, this is a big event and to know more you must stick till the end as we will reveal the cast, exclusive information and more.

What’s so Special about Ultraman CG animated film?

Tsuburaya Productions revealed that they are going to produce a new Ultraman movie in partnership with Netflix. By looking at the staff and crew you can make that this movie has both Japanese and Western staff coming together

Ultraman Synopsis

Ken Sato returns to Japan after a baseball match when he founds a mantle of savior of Earth and a superhero none other than Ultraman, he fights many evil monsters and successfully defends the Earth but quickly he finds more things than he asked for.

Ken is forced to raise a baby kaiju who is his greatest enemy. Ken must now find a balance between his duty and his father.

Netflix Announces Ultraman CG animated film Release Confirmed

Ultraman CG animated film Release Date

Netflix has already debuted an Ultraman anime based on the manga written by Eiichi Shimizu which started in April 2019. This year we are also getting the final season of Ultraman which is set to premiere on July 10, 2023, and the film will be released in 2024.

Ultraman CG animated film Cast & Staff

The cast and staff list has not been shared yet, but once it gets revealed, we will surely update you with the same.

Ultraman Hero Characters

Ultraman Blazar

An Ultraman that Gento Hiruma transforms into. He is a Giant of Light that came from M421, a blazar far away from Earth.

When Gento strongly desires power for the sake of justice, the transformation item, Blazar Brace, appears on his left arm. While strongly imbuing his wishes into the crystal Blazer Stone, which holds the power of light, he then loads it into the Blazer Brace and transforms it into Ultraman Blazar.

Ultraman Decker

The Giant of Light that protagonist Kanata Asumi transforms into. His basic form is called the Flash Type, and he can Type Change into the physically powerful Strong Type and the supernaturally powerful Miracle Type.

Ultraman Regulos

A mysterious Ultraman held captive by the Absolutians. He learned the Cosmo Beast Style on Planet D60, a space martial art said to be the strongest in the universe.

His right arm’s crest holds the power of the Lightning White Tiger Fist, and his left crest is the Flaming Red Dragon Fist.

Ultraman Hero Characters

Ultraman Z

A rookie Ultraman who looked up to Zero and became his disciple, working hard for his position. Although Zero recognizes Z’s talent and potential, he says that in his current state Z is only “half or maybe one-third” of a fully-fledged hero.

Tough and athletic, Z always operates at full power. Z also has a humorous side, as he is unused to Earth’s culture and sometimes uses words incorrectly. Although Z is inexperienced and still developing, he’s a passionate hero who loves peace and justice more than anyone.

Ultraman X

This production of “ULTRAMAN X” depicts the magnificence of communication and encounter of the unknown through the two persons with different characteristics who change themselves for the better as they work together to face a crisis on the earth.

One is Ultraman that descended from space and put its spirit into the “Xdevizer” which is the different form of the multi-device held by the “Xio” member of the earth defense team, the other is the protagonist “Daichi Oozora” who uses the item.

It portrays the importance of the power of the connected hearts through two differently directed things intersecting and connecting highlighting “the communication with the unknown.”

Is there any Ultraman CG animated film Trailer Released Yet?

Till now only an announcement has been done and we hope to see the trailer by January 2024.

Is there any Ultraman CG animated film Trailer Released Yet?

Where to Watch Ultraman CG animated film?

Apart from being on Netflix, it will be aired on various Japanese TV channels.


It’s not the first time Tsubaraya has worked with the Western team. He has worked on a previous project Hanna Barbara. The writing team is very talented consisting of Caroline and Kubo.

With all this movie Tsubaraya is making up for the lost time by joining with Western people and making the movie outshine on an international scale.

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